Socially Distance the Sexy Way!

Socially Distance the Sexy Way!

Bring spark to your sessions with these high-tech sex toys. 
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It’s been a challenging year for dating. Single folks have had limited options for going out and meeting new people, and phone sex starts to feel outdated. Couples in long-distance relationships feel the strain, and uncertainty about the ability to travel can be frustrating.

The end is in sight, and hope is on the horizon. But until then, you can overcome the distance with Bluetooth and app-controlled devices that can help you and your boo, no matter if they’re old or brand new, feel closer.

No GF? No problem! Plenty of these futuristic ‘teledildonic’ devices can be used with unique videos that synchronize with the toys for a truly virtually augmented self-love session. The future is now, and that means high-tech sex toys. Rejoice!

OhMiBod Fuse Bluetooth Dual Vibrator Powered By Kiiroo

A must-have dual stimulator, whether or not you’re in a long-distance relationship. Aside from the sleek, ergonomic design that hits all the right spots both inside and outside and the powerful vibrations that a partner can control via Bluetooth or app; this toy is compatible with other Kiiroo toys so you can actually simulate the motions of your partner as they use their Kiiroo product.

Lovense Max 2 Bluetooth Remote Control Male Masturbator

This toy has so many possibilities. Relinquishing control of one’s masturbation strokes to their partner is the ultimate Femdom fantasy. Lovense is paving the way to the future with their teledildonics, toys that are not only controllable from afar, but can connect with

FeelTech interactive products. That means that you can connect to specific content that will synchronize with the toy - POV videos become all the more realistic. It’s VR porn sans the goofy goggles! Like other strokers, the Max has a texture inner sleeve that feels oh so good, but unique to the Max. There’s also a realistic, customizable suction pump that combines stroking with sucking so it feels like you’re getting a warm, wet BJ any time you’d like. Or connect to your partner’s Lovense toy to match their motions and feel enveloped by the Max as they thrust a compatible toy inside themselves. What could be better?

Lovense Ferri

Perhaps one of the most potent wearable clit vibes on the market, the Lovense Ferri is a two-in-one toy in the sense that it can be used hands-free as a panty vibe, or used manually for a little added oomph when you’re not out in public. The panty vibe stays secure in your undies with a magnetic clip so you can pair with a skirt for worry-free wear. The toy can be controlled long-distance via app, and as well as being useful for out-and-about and remote play, you can also synchronize the toy with music or use an “alarm” setting so you and your partner can set it and forget it. It’s quite small and discreet so you won’t feel any discomfort when you’re rocking it at the club, and quiet enough to be worn in public places.

We-Vibe Jive

We’ve long sung the praises of We-Vibe for their revolutionary designs, cutting-edge technology, and above all, their use of motors that provide intense power and deep, reverberating vibrations that allow a climax to slowly build and then explode fabulously. The thicker, oblong side of the toy is meant to be inserted for internal stimulation while the wearer’s vaginal muscles contract and hold it in place while you go about your business - running to the grocery store, washing the dishes, or just lounging around at home while you chat with your lover. The quiet motor allows for discretion while outdoor dining or sitting on the bus. Meanwhile, they hold the “key” via We-Vibe’s We Connect app, which allows them to control the toy’s eight vibration patterns from anywhere in the world.

Lovense Edge 2

Wearable vibes aren’t just for vagina-owners! The Lovense Edge is a prostate and perineum stimulator that stays in place so that the wearer can move around while the toy tickles the tushy and the rest of the undercarriage. Use it as a foreplay toy to build up anticipation, rock the toy back and forth to bring yourself to a powerful orgasm, or use it for additional stimulation during a hand or blow job. By handing total control of the settings over to a lover near or far, live out your kinkiest fantasies and beg for more or less power.

We-Vibe Ditto

While you’re walking about or even sitting in the office (if you’re really naughty), you can have a dirty little secret of your own with this wearable vibrating anal plug. Let your lover give you a little buzz to let you know they’re thinking of you via the We Connect app that’s accessible and connects to your pleasure device from anywhere in the world. This powerful butt plug can be worn on its own or during sex and masturbation to enhance the experience. The butt is an equal opportunity orifice - everyone has one, so anyone can enjoy anal pleasure!

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Saddle up, cowguys and gals! This sex machine is the gift that keeps on giving. Watch your partner buck and ride while you control the machine’s vibrations and rotations - from in the same room or on a screen far, far away. Makes an excellent gift for your favorite camgirl with who you want to have a little more “hands-on” fun from a distance. The toy comes with two attachments - one that works best for clitoral stimulation, and one that works for g-spot and external stimulation, so you can bump and grind to your heart’s content, and put on a show for a lucky voyeur. All you need’s a cowboy hat and you’ll be the sweetheart of the rodeo.