Eight Cool New Toys for Dudes

Eight Cool New Toys for Dudes

Sex toys for men traditionally lack in number and variety, but that is beginning to change. Check out some of the best new toys for boys.

Until recently, there seemed to be a double standard in the world of sex toys. The wide variety of toys for women was increasing, while men only had a small handful of choices. Standard male fare consisted of function-oriented accessories like cock rings and penis pumps, with only a Fleshlight for pure enjoyment.

Over the last five years, manufacturers of sex toys have made strides to develop cutting-edge, innovative new sex toys for men. The assortment of toys on the market for people with penises has grown by leaps and bounds. Here are ten must-haves for the imaginative guy who’s keen to try new things!

Arcwave Ion

The completely one-of-a-kind Arcwave Ion is the first of its kind to use air pressure to stroke. This sleek, high-tech-looking toy uses airwave pulsation to target the frenulum and pinpoint sensation along nerve endings that traditional masturbation and even oral sex can’t reach. The smart technology activates the toy as soon as it makes contact with your skin, making each stroke intuitive and in tune with your motions and desires. It’s perfect for the gent who has everything, has tried it all, and wants to experience deeper sensations than ever before.

Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

The Tenga Flip Hole has long been one of the most popular men’s toys, with its sleek, discreet design. The interior is basically an obstacle course of pleasure for your penis, with intricate, fascinating chambers, textures and patterns that will delight and surprise your member. The good people at Tenga took the Flip Hole to the next level by embedding two rumbly motors, one on either side of the hole, to stimulate your nerve endings while your penis makes its way through the sensation maze. It charges via dock while it sits unassumingly on your bedside table and comes with two single-use packets of water-based lubricant so you can see for yourself the difference that adding lube makes.

Zolo Warming Dome

One of the most common gripes we hear from men about male strokers is that they aren’t warm, taking away from any realistic sensation. For analog silicon strokers, this can be temporarily resolved by putting the toy in warm water. But for vibrating toys, aside from adding a bit of warming lube, you’re out of luck. So the Zolo Warming Dome is a real revelation. It does it all: With six vibration speeds and six patterns, it already goes above and beyond what most common strokers can do. But then, you can use the temperature gauge to raise the heat up to 106 degrees. The toy surrounds the head of the penis and stimulates the frenulum to imitate oral sex. Add water-based lube to make it feel as real as possible. Now that’s hot.

PDX Elite Hydrobator Vibrating Masturbator

Upgrade your self-love shower sessions with this incredible toy that uses the power of aquatic simulation, auto-stroke and vibration to give you one of the most powerful orgasms of your life with the easiest cleanup game in town. The internal tunnel accommodates any size shaft and is fitted with silicone and ribbed for your pleasure. The Hydrobator has seven speeds with the option to select automatic thrusting action and can be used with lube anywhere or in the shower, with its completely waterproof design. Three silicone cock rings come with the Hydrobator, making this an excellent tool for foreplay to help those with ED to get it up and keep it up before sex.

Clear Twin Turbo Strokers Attachment by XR Brands

Women everywhere are already hip to the secret of the Wand. If you want real power and nothing but, you choose a brand like Hitachi or LeWand to guarantee powerful orgasms time and time again. For men in the know who wish there was a male equivalent, now you can join in on the fun. This double-ended wand attachment channels the power of your lady’s wand, or you can use it side by side with another partner with a member! One side has a closed cup to encase the head of the penis; the other has an open end to increase suction. The soft rubber is lined with tendrils that add sensation and is stretchy enough to fit even the largest of members.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator

The guybrator isn’t “new” per se, but it is an improvement on one of the coolest and interesting products for people with penises out there. Invented in 2013, the prototype was inspired by an article about men who had suffered from spinal cord injuries and therefore may experience reduced or no sensation below the waist. Researchers found that with a proprietary combination of vibration and oscillation, these men could achieve orgasm. The Hot Octopuss inventors got to work and also made sure their new toy would be hands-free for those with mobility issues. Today, we have this incredible innovation that feels amazing and is super inclusive. This latest iteration was designed specifically with nonbinary people in mind. Wrap it around the shaft, stimulate the clit, stroke or just enjoy the sensations and find out why the Pulse is so beloved by everyone.

Aneros Eupho Syn Trident P-Spot Stimulator

Some men may be hesitant to try anal play, but this one is for your health. Aneros toys are recommended by medical professionals to promote and support prostate health. The slender, hands-free device can be worn during sex or masturbation or simply worn while you wash dishes or go around the house. Once inserted, the toy naturally rocks and massages the prostate with your natural motion, while the handles stimulate the perineum, meaning additional external massaging in addition to the internal massage. Within minutes, you’ll find yourself on the brink of an explosive orgasm. The Aneros Euphos feels good and is good for you. If you’re still not massaging your prostate yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

We-Vibe Verge Perineum Stimulating Cockring

For the guy who’s not quite ready to go all-in with anal play, a perineum stimulating device can still massage the prostate from the outside. We-Vibe’s powerful vibrations can show him the way, giving a powerful external prostate massage and leaving him hands-free to masturbate or play with a partner. The vibrations are powerful enough for a partner to feel when they’re being penetrated, virtually turning his whole nether region into a vibrator. The sleek design means and quiet motor means that he can even wear it under his clothes out and about—and a worthy master can control the toy via We-Vibe’s Bluetooth app from anywhere on the planet.