COVID-Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas

COVID-Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas

Even in the midst of the pandemic, there is plenty of fun to be had this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re going solo or already spoken for.

The last few months have been discouraging. Let’s face it: We’re going on a year of not being able to hug and kiss our loved ones outside our households, let alone strangers. But never fear—there’s still an opportunity for romance this Valentine’s Day! You just have to get crafty.

If you are one of the lucky ones who happened to get locked down with a loved one, you may be racking your brain for new ways to find the zsa zsa zsu. On the other hand, those cooped up with their mates may be quite envious of those feelin’ free and freaky in lockdown. Either way, this Valentine’s Day is going to require a little creativity. You can’t rely on the overpriced prix fixe menu at the stuffiest restaurant in town—and once you figure out how fun it can be to celebrate in alternative ways, you may never want to go back!

Virtual Date

If your lover is far away, or perhaps an abundance of caution is keeping your distance, have a virtual date! Set up your favorite video chat service, get dressed in your very fanciest (or sexiest) date night outfit, and order delivery from the same restaurant. Keep it light and tame by chatting and watching a movie together, or get a little risque with a love game. There are plenty of card games, dice games, and naughty truth-or-dare style games you can easily play virtually. If you plan ahead, you can order a set for both of your homes, or one person can roll the dice or pick cards for the other and read the directives out loud. Alternatively, you can both join an online poker game and turn it into a dirty striptease. Or you can keep it simple and take turns telling each other what you’d like to do when you see each other next and give each other an OnlyFans-worthy private show.

Picnic in the Park

If the weather suits, splurge on takeout from your favorite restaurant. They’ll be grateful for the business, and you won’t have to deal with being in an enclosed space. Take it to a romantic, quiet location with a view and enjoy. If you’re feeling quite bold, and confident you’ll be entirely alone while out in nature, bring the heat and pack supplies that’ll help you get it on in the wild. Pack a blanket, lube, condoms, and a small bullet vibrator so you can be fast, discreet and mutually satisfied. If you’re in a densely populated area where privacy is unlikely, surprise your lover with a panty vibe so they can get their rocks off outdoors, and you can control the speed and settings nonchalantly with an app on your phone!

Master and Servant for a Day

Some couples live 24/7 as a domme and a sub, so if you or your partner have ever been curious about what that’s like, try it out for a day! Decide between yourselves who will play which role, or if you want to switch it up, you can break up the day into chunks and switch back and forth. After you’ve picked out roles for yourself, dress the part! Mark your territory by “collaring” each other—gifting one another leather chokers or bracelets to show that your sub is spoken for! After discussing terms and limitations, then it’s time to turn the power over to the one in charge! Whether the sub is tasked with doing the laundry and scrubbing the floor, or kissing the feet and worshiping the master’s body, the array of possibilities for play is unlimited. Let your fantasies run wild for a day. You can find a great S&M starter kit with a few essential restraints and paddles to punish one another with, and you never know—you may find that you keep them around for a rainy day.

Take an Online Class

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, folks have come up with all sorts of outside-the-box ways to stay connected and spread knowledge. It’s a great way to support people who might not be able to teach in person, and you can learn something new with your partner, which is a great bonding experience. If you’re solo, you might virtually meet someone new. Whether it’s a yoga class, a cooking class, or heck, even a tantric sex workshop, your mind will be stimulated, and maybe your body will be as well!

Have a Socially Distanced Double Date

If you have a yard and are hoping to get together with a few friends, stay safe and outside. There are all sorts of activities you can enjoy together while staying masked up and at least six feet apart. Set up a projector and screen and have a double feature on a sheet draped over a branch or a blank wall. Have your friends bring their own chairs or pillows and blankets and offer pre-packaged drinks and snacks. Your guests can download a game like Head’s Up on their smartphones; the clues show up in big, bold font, so it’s easy to read from across the yard.

Self-Care Date

No romantic interest? No problem! Plan a special evening in and treat yourself. Buy a nice bottle of sparkling wine, queue up your favorite music, and pour a luxurious bath! Put your phone on airplane mode and dedicate the night to taking care of you—not doomscrolling, not refreshing social media, just being present with yourself. After your bath, luxuriate in a satiny gown or a Dreamgirl Satin Charmeuse Robe and Chemise Set, do your nails, eat some fancy snacks like fancy cheese and charcuterie, and dance around singing into your hairbrush. Light some candles, indulge your senses, and love yourself. While you’re in the spirit of loving yourself, you should get yourself a Valentine’s Day gift. And what better gift than a self-thrusting pulsator from the very company whose tagline is “Love Yourself!” You’ll soon find out why they’re called Fun Factory. You deserve it—treat yourself!