12 Delicious Bedroom Treats for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

12 Delicious Bedroom Treats for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, tradition calls for ordering some tasty treats to share with your loved ones. Nothing says you care like fresh-baked brownies, a home-cooked meal, or a box of candy hearts.
So how can you incorporate this succulence into the bedroom? Why, by choosing some edible treats made for sensuality! Here are our top 12.

Exsens Warming Edible Intimate Oil

Give your next French kiss a whole new meaning with this delectable, sizzling massage oil made in the South of France. Available in an array of exotic flavors, including mint mojito, coconut and pina colada, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported Riviera-side with your lover, sipping a cocktail while exploring the warm, expansive southern region. Best of all, this serum is vegan and condom-friendly, meaning you can use it anywhere with anyone.

Earthly Body Edible Massage Candle

These candles are one of HUSTLER Hollywood’s most popular products of all time. The soy candle melts and transforms into a fragrant, delicious massage oil that you can pour directly onto the skin without fear of burning. It gently moisturizes, and the natural flavors never get tacky while you rub onto the skin. We love a two-in-one product, and these candles help set the mood with their glowing ambiance and finish the job by providing a soft, smooth glide your taste buds won’t be able to get enough of.

HUSTLER Deep Throat Spray

If you’ve dreamed of surprising your lover by delivering an AVN-worthy deepthroat performance but have been totally stumped by how your favorite adult starlets are able to get a big dick so far back in their mouth? The secret is at last revealed: HUSTLER’s Deep Throat Desensitizing Spray has a small amount of a numbing agent called Benzocaine that relaxes your throat muscles and eliminates the gag reflex.

Gummy Crotchless Edible Panties

Whether you’re turned on by the idea of leather panties or enjoy the taste of fruit snacks, this fruit leather thong allows you to have the best of both worlds! This delightful treat is a feast for the eyes and mouth. When your partner reveals their tasty little snack pack, you may be tempted to gobble it up quickly, but we recommend taking your time, using lots of tongue, and savoring each juicy bite.

Sweet and Sexy Posing Pouch

Remember candy necklaces? This posing pouch will ignite your sense of nostalgia, and you’ll be instantly transported with each sweet mouthful of candy beads. This posing pouch puts to bed the idea that edible undies are just for her. His package will never look more mouthwatering than it does encased in candy.

BJ Blast Popping Oral Sex Candy

A blowjob is already pretty mind-blowing. Add a little extra spice with these sweet candies that turn head into an explosive experience—for the giver and the receiver. Feel them tingle on your tongue and dance along the shaft of the penis, with dynamic stimulation unlike anything they’ve ever felt. Whether you choose strawberry, cherry, or green apple, you might catch yourself crunching on these fizzy confections even when you’re not performing oral!

X-Rated Valentine’s Hearts

These conversation-starting hearts may not be of much use inside the bedroom, but they’re a delicious way to show your partner exactly what’s on your mind! While some of the hearts are simply comments and compliments (e.g., “nice tits!”), others can be useful suggestions. Make a game out of it—remove one candy at a time from its container and take turns obeying their demands, whether it’s “lick my pussy,” “let’s fuck!” or “eat me!”

Strawberry Candy Ball Gag

Nibble your way to freedom! If you want to shut your partner up sweetly but sternly, this sugary snack will put your sub firmly in place. Pair with a blindfold for the ultimate experience in sensory deprivation, and buckle the ball gag firmly in place. If they’re a good little sub, soon gently sucking the sweet ball will reward them and give way, resulting in their luscious liberation!

Edible Pasties

These delicious nipple stickers are not for the shy and demure! The fun shapes are easy to stick on and can be placed anywhere you’d like your lover to pay extra attention to tasting. The flavors are delicious—strawberry and cherry come in their respective shapes, while spicy cinnamon is heart-shaped, for the occasion, of course.

Hung Male Enhancement Shot

Speaking of oral delights, this cocktail of testosterone-boosting ingredients like maca root, Tongkat ali, and niacin tastes great going down and provides erectile support and increased blood flow. He’ll be able to go all night with this stamina-improving shot, making for a Valentine’s Day (and night) neither of you will soon forget.

Intimate Earth Flavored Lubricant

This isn’t your side-of-the-road, store-bought, sticky, sugary cherry-flavored lube. This is the premium stuff, baby. Intimate Earth’s silky Pleasure Glides are all-natural and organic. Free of paraben, glycerin and aspartame, the brand uses stevia root extract in lieu of sugar to ensure that the glide never gets tacky and remains low calorie. Choose from Wild Cherries, Fresh Strawberries or Salted Caramel for an indulgent treat you may find yourself tempted to drizzle over ice cream—but it’s a lot more fun to drizzle over your lover’s body!