More Bang for your Buck: The Best Romantic Toy Kits

More Bang for your Buck: The Best Romantic Toy Kits

Toy kits can be an incredible addition to your bedroom arsenal. Take a look at our list of some of the best, and get ready for action!

Next time you hit your local HUSTLER Hollywood to re-up on your romance survival items, consider buying a sex toy kit!

These sets, which typically consist of a few different types of toys and accessories, are amazing for so many reasons. Let us count them here.

Kits are great for beginners! If you’re not sure what kind of toys you like or what type of stimulation you’re after, many kits come with all sorts of toys with different functions, so you can try them all out and find out what you like. And there are plenty of advanced kits for those who are old hat at playing with toys—the OUCH! Advanced S&M set mentioned below comes with more than 15 pieces. Even the most sophisticated kinkster is bound to find something there that they haven’t tried before.

Gift sets are a great way to try a few different toys, or you can purchase with a friend and divvy up the components. However, you’ll probably have to fight over some of the fancier items! They’re also amazing for couples. Many kits have components for different types of anatomy, all in one—although some kits are certainly designed for you to pamper yourself exclusively!

Buying a kit is a great way to save a few dollars. Usually, you spend less buying a kit than you would buying two of the toys separately. Even our premium toy sets end up giving the purchaser a big discount, and some special extra goodies are usually thrown in on top!

Golden Moments Set

This ultra-luxe kit is truly a gift for the guy or gal who has everything. Sleek design, velvety black with golden accents, two HUSTLER Hollywood favorites, Womanizer and We-Vibe, have teamed up to create a special, limited-edition package with the most sought-after toys on the market. The Womanizer is the Cadillac of sex toys. The revolutionary suction technology was designed with clitoral stimulation in mind but can be used by anyone, anywhere they’d like some gentle sucking action. Use on nipples, the underside of the penis head, or even on the rectum for some rimming simulation.

The We-Vibe Chorus is the ideal couples’ toy. Originally meant to be worn during intercourse, it can be used in a variety of ways on a variety of body parts. The extra luxury feature of the Chorus is the button-less remote. Instead of fumbling for buttons in the heat of the moment, just give the remote a light squeeze to signal the need for more speed.

Pipedream Royal Rabbit Kit

Cover all of your bases—dot every I, cross every T, and plug every hole with Pipedream’s seven-piece set of toys. A powerful slimline vibrator comes with two interchangeable sleeves with varying textures so you can enjoy a plethora of sensations—textured for her pleasure, or enjoy dual stimulation with the rabbit sleeve. If you’re not feeling the vibe, try the realistic-feeling veiny dong. Work out your pelvic muscles with the Kegel exercise balls. And don’t worry, there’s something for him too. The stretchy, comfortable cock ring supports his erection and offers his partner some additional stimulation! This pleasure set has something to make everyone feel like a king or queen in the bedroom—and it’s affordable.

Le Wand Chrome Little Pleasures

No need for extreme internal stimulation? No problem! Le Wand’s pleasure kit comes with two external massagers. One fits ergonomically into the palm of your hand and can even be laid upon the vulva for hands-free enjoyment. The bullet can be used on its own or with one or both of the attachments that come with it—a cute little close-fitting, textured hat for extra sensation on the end and a sombrero that transmits vibrations to the clitoris and labia while the bullet itself sits inside the first inch or so of the vagina.

Sex & Mischief Our First Bondage Kit

Have you been considering dipping your toe into BDSM but aren’t sure where to start? This kit is perfect for bondage beginners! Before you get too heavy into whips and chains, this sensory deprivation starter kit comes with a heavy-duty blindfold to add an air of mystery and leave your partner quivering in anticipation; it also has ankle and wrist cuffs to restrict your lover’s movement and leave them at the mercy of your whims. Cuff them, blindfold them, then tickle, tease and please them however you desire.

Ouch! Advanced Bondage Set

Ready to take things to the next level? This advanced bondage set has absolutely everything one could ever need to carry out their kinkiest fantasy. The kit includes a hooded mask so you can achieve the freakiest possible look, a collar, cuffs, hogtie, Japanese rope so soft it will never chafe or tear your skin, a ball gag, nipple clamps, two types of floggers, a tickler and so much more. There’s even a door swing so you can try out your best Cirque du Soleil moves. Even if you’re not ready to use the more intense items, they’re nice to have on hand for possible future scenarios, and you’d be hard-pressed to purchase items of this quality separately for a reasonable price.

B-Vibe Anal and Massage Education Kit

B-Vibe is one of HUSTLER Hollywood’s most beloved brands because they place the utmost importance on health, safety, and education. They won’t give you anal toys and leave you to figure it out for yourself; this kit comes with an educational booklet to learn how to make the best use of your new toys and learn how to probe, massage and stimulate the p-spot, which has indeed been proven to effectively reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Along with the powerful wand (which can be used on a vulva as well), the prostate attachment, and the anal plug, B-Vibe also gives you a lube shooter, a douche and two types of gloves. Thoughtful of them, and reassuring that someone is watching out for your health!