Hot Holiday: Your Guide to a Sizzling Getaway

Hot Holiday: Your Guide to a Sizzling Getaway

‘Tis the season to get away from it all! For some, the holidays mean a chance to gather loved ones in your home, see family and friends, and reunite. For others, however, it’s an opportunity to get away from all that.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed facing the task of cooking for dozens of people or simply wish to avoid political “conversations” with your great-uncle, consider opting out and instead taking a romantic journey with your partner. Whether you have the option of a weekend getaway or can take a full-blown vacation, a great escape can give you the chance to maximize the romance and bring some sizzle if you’ve fallen into a winter-time rut.

Skip the guilt, let your people know you’re focusing on your relationship, and take a stress-free holiday where you can relax, reconnect, and revivify your romance.

Or perhaps you’re unattached and dreading your grandmother asking you again why you’re still single, as if it’s still 1930 and embracing your freedom is some sort of plague. Hop on a plane and jet-set to a steamy exotic locale! A vacation is the perfect opportunity for an adventurous, no-strings rendezvous with a seductive stranger; or who knows, perhaps you’ll even find love in an unknown place. When traveling, your inhibitions are often lowered already knowing you don’t ever have to return and face these folks again (unless you want to!).

Now’s your chance to flirt shamelessly. Take yourself to dinner, make eyes at a cutie across the room, head to a hotel bar, or look up pool parties or other group activities to do on Eventbrite. The world is your oyster!

Where to Go

If you’re feeling the wintertime blues, plan a trip to warmer shores. Feel the heat and show some skin while laying on the beach; or if you’re used to milder climes, hole up in a ski lodge and keep your lover warm while cuddling under the covers or soaking in the spa. 

For inspiration, here are a few suggestions for sexy spots to visit:

Palm Springs: Southern California’s desert oasis boasts extremely mild winters and natural mineral warm-water spas that will heal whatever ails you. Leave the kids behind because the area is home to hundreds of adults-only resorts where folks swim and recline in the nude. Palm Springs has a long history as a favorite destination for LGBT visitors, and you’ll find that it’s hard not to feel sexy when surrounded by other hot bods out to enjoy this all-inclusive paradise.

Las Vegas: You know what they say about this place and what happens here. Where else can you put on your skimpiest outfit (you know you have a form-fitting Vegas dress in your closet) in December, drink a three-foot-long Margarita, and find a place to dance well after the sun comes up? The ultimate party destination is perfect for thrill-seeking couples or sultry solo travelers searching for unforgettable experiences.

The Catskills: Really, any mountain resort town will do. Although not everyone loves a chilly holiday, it can be quite enticing to bundle up for some fun in the snow before going home to strip down, hit the sauna or hot tub, and start a fire with some friction. If you’re single, the slopes are a great place to make friends and meet other adventurous snow bunnies looking for a good time.

What to Pack

Besides your bathing suit, sunnies and slides, you have to be prepared for any sexy situation that may occur. Fill a go-bag with some sexy accessories, a toothbrush, and makeup remover wipes. If you’re flying solo, take it with you when you go out at night. You never know where you’ll end up! 

Don’t forget to pack:

Sexy lingerie: If you’re not normally into lingerie, well, a special occasion like a vacation means the time is ripe to get out of your comfort zone and dress up for the occasion. You can even really get into the Christmas spirit with Santa-themed lingerie. Your lover won’t be able to wait to unwrap that present.

Lube: Don’t leave home without it! Grab a few travel-size packets and stick them in your purse or wallet so you'll never be caught dry-handed.

Condoms: You know what these are for. Make like a scout and always be prepared with HUSTLER Classic Premium Condoms.

Cleansing wipes: These intimate cleaning wipes can get you feelin’ fresh before and after any surprise love-making sessions. They smell amazing, too- don’t be afraid to use them on your pits or face if skipping the shower is a must. 

Cock Ring: Portable & pleasurable, that’s what we look for in a travel toy! A reusable, vibrating cock ring can provide endless fun, especially when you’re on the go; not to mention it can help you sustain an erection for longer, which can be quite helpful when you’re a little jet-lagged.

Panty Vibe: This is the perfect travel toy. It’s discreet, quiet, small, your lover can control it with a remote, AND it responds to ambient noise and music, so you can be fully stimulated when you’re out on the town. Make date night that much more interesting.

What to Do

If you get sick of simply staying in your hotel room going at it, spice things up with these adventurous activities:

Join the Mile High Club: Why wait till you arrive at your destination? We’d never encourage anyone to do anything that’ll get you in trouble, but there’s no reason why you can’t have a little handsy fun while you’re traveling. If you’re feeling frisky on the road, pull over at a rest stop, climb into the backseat, and have your way—after covering the windows, of course. If you’re flying, it’s pretty hard to be discreet in the bathrooms (and they’re not the cleanest places), but you can pull a few blankets over yourselves and do some over-the-pants light petting, just to tease each other enough to decide to postpone sight-seeing and instead rush straight to your hotel room.

Role play: The pretend-pick-up, or random encounter with a sexy stranger, is a classic anywhere but can be especially fun on vacation. Don a wig, wear your sexiest lingerie under your winter coat, and re-enact a chance encounter with a sexy stranger. What a thrill, to feel everyone’s eyes on you as they watch the sparks fly (if you’re a good enough actor!).

Underwater sex: If your vacation rental has a private pool, now’s your chance to reenact the Showgirls swim scene. Be generous with the silicone lube - pool water can wick away your body’s natural lubrication, and silicone won’t easily rub off like water-based lube. Doing it underwater is about as close as you can get to zero-gravity sex. Buoyancy means more possibilities for positions- get creative and try holding your partner up, doin’ it doggy, and maybe even a floating 69.

Dance it out: Solo or with a partner, find a place where the music’s bumpin 'and spend the night twirling on the dance floor. It’s the perfect place to meet potential flings (or maybe even a unicorn, if you’re thinking about a threesome), and there’s something deeply romantic and sexy about grinding with someone you love, especially if it’s not a normal part of your routine. Worst case, you’ll have fun and get some exercise; best case, you’ll get lucky by the night’s end. Here’s where that panty-vibe comes into play, too! Now’s the time to take her for a whirl and feel her pulsate in time with the music.

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