Sexiest Toys For Trans Men & Women

Sexiest Toys For Trans Men & Women

HUSTLER® Hollywood sat down with transgender adult superstars Buck Angel and Eva Paradis, to talk about all things trans sex, from best toys for trans to ways trans people can have more fun with sex.

By: Buck Angel & Eva Paradis

Buck Angel sat down with Eva Paradis to discuss toys, trans sex, being trans, and more!


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Sex toys enhance and invigorate any sexual experience including for people who are trans, non-binary, and gender expansive. They extend our bodies’ natural pleasure potential, alleviate performance anxiety, and make having sex more fun! Being trans porn stars, Buck and Eva are often asked what kinds of toys to use, and many ask how they can explore their sexuality to feel more comfortable and satisfied.

Buck and Eva each recommended two toys that they like to use as often as possible!

Eva’s First Pick - OUCH INTRO BONDAGE KIT #6

bondage kit Eva and Buck angel

Eva is very open about being trans and talks a lot in her porn scenes. She likes to control, play around with, and dominate her boys and feeds off of the energy in the scene. She prioritizes her own pleasure and focuses on whatever makes her feel good. The Intro to Bondage kit is a great starter kit that comes with a lot of stuff to get you going. This Introduction Bondage Kit #6 by Ouch! is perfect for a dominant and submissive duo. This set includes a bonded leather collar and metal leash, breathable ball gag, furry metal cuffs, sex dice, satin mask, and feather tickler. As Eva puts it “It’s a must-have!”

Buck’s First Pick - The Realistic 6 Inch Cock

Realistic cock Eva and Buck Angel

As a man with a vagina, Buck Angel doesn’t have a big penis. However, like many trans men, he still loves to have penetrative sex with his partner. This toy is one of his favorites because you have the option to use it with a harness or by itself. Trans men like Buck, can also sometimes have enlarged clitorises (bottom growth can be an effect of extra testosterone), which may look like a small penis. Buck likes to remove the harness lock and insert his penis into the hole on the back, which gives him extra stimulation and feels incredible for both parties. 

Eva’s Second Pick - Zolo Thrustbuster

Zolo Thrustbuster Eva

It’s great to use your hands when masturbating, but it’s even better to upgrade those hands and their pleasure potential. How do you do that? With a toy like the Zolo Thrustbuster, which is a high-end masturbator sleeve, designed for penis play. The quality of this masturbator is amazing and feels totally natural. You can use water-based lube to accentuate the feeling as well.

When Buck asked Eva “Do trans women masturbate just like everybody else?” She replied “Of course! I have a penis and I love the pleasure. I love the feeling of the orgasm…It’s beautiful to actually feel comfortable in your own body and to know how to please yourself.”

Buck #2 - Buck-off™ Official Buck Angel® FTM Stroker

Buck-off offivial Buck Angel Stroker

Buck Angel created the Buck Off specifically for trans men, which means it’s geared specifically towards transgender anatomy. It’s super soft, with incredible suction, and feels great for any user with a penis or clitoris the size of a thumb.

“It’s so important that we really move forward in the world and start to incorporate trans people within the sex conversation. As trans people, we can do anything. The trans part, personally, has nothing to do with my sexuality - it’s just a part of who I am and how I present to the world. So one of the most important things you can take away from this video is ‘Don’t be scared of us sexually. We’re actually just like everybody else.’” - Buck

“You need to see us - and not just us - you need to see every single human on the earth as a human being. You’re allowed to be attracted to any human being” - Eva


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