Hot Octopuss: A deep dive into the company that brought you the first GUYbrator

Hot Octopuss: A deep dive into the company that brought you the first GUYbrator

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While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of variations on objects for female pleasure, until recently, the market for men was sadly lagging. Options seemed to be either a tired “pocket pussy” or an unwieldy inflatable doll.

Hot Octopuss saw an opportunity to fill the gap and create a mechanism designed for male pleasure that amounted to something much more than jerking off into a fancy and complicated rubber tube. (No shade to the pocket pussy; they absolutely have their time and place. We just demand more variety.)

The founders of Hot Octopuss, best friends and Londoners Julia Margo and Adam Lewis, were “tired of the lack of imagination in the sex toy industry,” as well as annoyed with the stigma associated with male sex toy use—sort of a reverse double standard. Lewis was inspired by an article he read about men who had suffered from spinal cord injuries. The article revealed that regardless of sensation below the waist, vibration could effectively stimulate the penis to the point of orgasm. Scientists were using this technology to collect semen for in-vitro fertilization, but Lewis wondered if it could also be used for the pure purpose of pleasure. Lewis traveled to Denmark to meet with the researchers and ask their permission to replicate the “penile vibratory stimulation” they’d invented. 

With their origins in mind, the brand is still dedicated to accessibility and creating pleasure devices that genuinely work for everybody. Their products help people with penises who are unable or have difficulty with traditional (read: stroking) masturbation and people with vulvas who find penetration painful or difficult to achieve orgasm. Hot Octopuss has expanded its product line to include cock rings, finger vibes, variations of the original “guybrator,” the Pulse, with no plans of slowing down. They’ve won multiple awards, including the “Best Male Product” and “Best Boutique Pleasure Brand” from XBiz and ETO, and “Most Innovative Company” from Erotix. They continue to innovate to bring maximum pleasure to people of all body types.


In 2013, the Hot Octopuss crew released the “Guybrator,” the first toy to wrap around the penis and use vibration and oscillation to stimulate the penis. It can be used in conjunction with a stroking motion, but it wasn’t necessarily intended to be used that way. Lewis and Margo made sure the device would be operable hands-free so people with mobility issues could use it. They knew the Pulse would also be useful to people experiencing erectile dysfunction because the toy can be used on a flaccid penis to induce orgasm, whether or not an erection is achieved. After launching, Lewis said in an interview that they “had scores of people with disabilities and ED contact us and say that the Pulse had enabled them to reclaim sexual pleasure, sometimes for the first time in years.” 

Maintaining sexual autonomy can be a huge boost to individuals’ morale, and for some users who have disabilities that limit their ability to masturbate on their own, a toy that allows them to have an orgasm on their own accord helps preserve a sense of dignity, according to one letter Lewis received. The letter, from a member of the customer’s support system, said that the customer wasn’t able to move any part of his body except for his head independently. A staffer helps situate the Pulse and then leaves him to it. This customer is able to have agency over his own pleasure, which can be so essential to one’s sense of well-being and self-esteem.


Later versions of the Pulse were created to stimulate both the user and a partner. Hot Octopuss is truly aiming for inclusivity and is extremely queer-friendly. Many of their products work well for transgender and non-binary people and are specifically designed with out-of-the-binary thinking in mind. 

The Pulse Duo provided an alternative to penetrative sex, something so badly needed. People who experience vaginismus or other conditions that make penetration painful or difficult can benefit from using the Pulse with a partner; alternatively, it’s for people who simply don’t want to have penetrative sex all the time—or ever. The Pulse Duo is redefining the very definition of what sex is and ending the heteronormative idea that intercourse and penetration is the end-all-be-all or definitive action of sex itself. 

The Pulse III works by stimulating both partners simultaneously, positioned between their bodies so that traditional sex positions can still be mimicked, sans penetration, maximizing closeness and pleasure. It can be used in conjunction with penetration, of course, but it offers users the freedom to choose.

The Hot Octopuss team has also developed a unique finger vibe, the Digit. It comes with rings that help attach the vibe to the user’s hand, which can be helpful if gripping is an issue. The slender taper and insertable two inches distance vibrators from classic phallic models. They’re providing people with alternatives for their pleasure—penetration doesn’t have to mean inserting large, eight-inch realistic dildos every time; it can be something smaller, gentler and more manageable. It may sound simple, but the idea is actually quite revolutionary in the sex toy world.

Pulse Plate Technology

There are plenty of penis sleeves that come with a simple bullet attached. What makes the Hot Octopuss line stand apart is the Pulse Plate technology. It isn’t simple vibration; it’s oscillation, the very same technological principle used by those Danish medical scientists. The oscillation rapidly massages the nerve endings of the frenulum in a hammering pattern that can bring the user to orgasm, regardless of whether they’re erect or not. Vulva owners can also enjoy the patterns of Pulse Plate technology and enjoy delightful orgasms with or without a partner.