Sex for Boomers and Beyond: Keepin' it Spicy in the Golden Years

Sex for Boomers and Beyond: Keepin' it Spicy in the Golden Years

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As we age, people commonly worry that their sex drives may start to decline or their sexual prowess may change. One survey of seniors conducted in 2018 by the University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging showed that 40% of seniors are sexually active, while 73% reported that they’re satisfied with their sex life. And more than half said that a healthy sex life was important to their sense of well-being. 

With age comes some liberation. Many women in their late 60s and early 70s report experiencing a sort of sexual renaissance. Many factors that could contribute to this uptick in sexual satisfaction include freedom from worry about contraception, less stress from work and family after retirement and grown children, and ultimately, less self-consciousness due to “not giving a heck anymore” (according to one anonymous woman interviewed in her late 60s enjoying the swinging single life).

Older men also don’t need to worry about looking forward to a diminished sex life. The study shows that more than half of men over 65 report an “extreme” interest in sex. A look at HUSTLER Hollywood’s shopper demographics confirms this. Our customers vary greatly by age and gender, with a slight slant toward women and folks over 40. We’ve sold supplies to swingers in their 70s, provided lube for well-attended orgies for boomers, and have regulars in their golden years eagerly attending our workshops and bringing new friends each time.

Health Benefits

Getting older for many generally means the focus on health and wellness takes more precedence than ever. A healthy sex life can be a part of that. 

Whether it’s with a partner or solo, regular sex and orgasms offer mental and physical benefits alike. Studies show that satisfying sex lives diminish the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues, reduce stress, and improve sleep. It can boost your immune system, and the endorphin rush is a natural painkiller and mood elevator. One study found that those with an active sex life even look younger than their counterparts of the same age not having sex. 

Changes in Sexuality for Women

Due to hormonal changes and overall gradual symptoms of aging, new sexual issues may arise. But for the most part, modern science has come up with solutions for these potential problems.

For women, menopause may create some physical and emotional changes. Decreased estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness, which can make intercourse quite painful. Understand that the body’s natural changes mean you have to approach sex a bit differently. If you weren’t using lubricant before, it’s vital to incorporate it into your sexual routine. If you’ve been following along with the HUSTLER Hollywood blog, you know we’re lube champions; it’s usually the answer to any problem or concern. Don’t be afraid to include lube application as part of foreplay—taking turns applying lubricant to your partner’s genitals and your own is super hot and feels amazing. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing dryness or not, lube up!

As your body changes, things that once felt good may no longer feel the same, and vice versa. Sensitivity may decrease or increase in particular areas, make sure to check supplements that work best for you. What once required a heavier hand may now respond to a lighter touch. You may require much more foreplay than before to ensure intercourse is smooth and comfortable. If you’re facing decreased sensitivity, there’s plenty of products to increase the libido.

Stimulating gels increase blood flow down there, increasing responsiveness to touch and promoting the likelihood of orgasm. These clitoral and g-spot gels tend to feel either warming, cooling, or both. Hemp is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient that naturally heightens arousal and promotes the body’s natural production of moisture. Unless directions indicate otherwise, external stimulants are not meant to be a replacement for lube. Use in conjunction for maximum pleasure!

In addition to gels that increase sensitivity, there are also vaginal rejuvenation gels. These products not only encourage moisture production, but they also stimulate vaginal tissue to increase blood flow and temporarily create a “tighter” fit. The ingredients that increase blood flow make intercourse more pleasurable for all parties involved. And don’t forget the importance of Kegel exercises to keep pelvic floor muscles toned and prevent incontinence.

Changes in Sexuality for Men

Men commonly face lower testosterone and erectile dysfunction as they age. This is not rare at all, and in fact, one in five men over the age of 65 take medication that supports their sexual wellness.

Penis pumps are one of the oldest toys around. Used to improve men’s performance by helping folks with penises get it up, keep it up, and make it across the finish line. Pumps work by using vacuum technology to increase blood flow to the penis. An additional benefit is the temporary appearance of a thicker, veinier penis—what’s not to like about that? If you put a penis ring before using a pump, the blood that the suction has pulled to the penis will effectively stay there, allowing you to maintain an erection for several minutes until you can reach a conclusion. For more info on the proper use of penis pumps, see our how-to guide.

Sexual wellness supplements are another great option, particularly if you’re a guy on the go and can’t carry around a bulky pump. Male sexual supplements, colloquially referred to as “boner pills,” contain natural ingredients that may boost libido, testosterone production, and blood flow to the penis. Some pills are meant to be taken daily to build a sustaining, overall improvement in stamina and sexual energy. Others stay in your system for several days and are meant to be taken on occasion. HUSTLER Hollywood’s loyal customer base for these supplements proves their potency. Of course, some supplements are more effective than others. Look for supplements that have ingredients like maca root (balances hormones), Yohimbe (increases testosterone production), niacin (increases blood flow), and l-arginine (builds protein). 

Getting older does absolutely not mean your sex life is over. It’s just different, and like all areas of your health, it requires a bit more care and maintenance now. There is also proof that having sex helps balance hormones and leads to more sex! As long as the interest in maintaining a sex life is there, you can make it happen. You’re never too old to continue exploring your body and all the avenues for pleasure available.