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Sending Nudes: How to Send and Receive Nudes the Right Way

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If you’ve ever had a partner you talked to online, you’ve probably at least debated the idea of sending nudes or asking for nudes. The thing is, not a lot of people know how to do it right. You might not ask because you’re worried about sounding like you only care about sex, or you might not want to send them because you’re not sure how to keep yourself safe from blackmail porn. Here’s how you can ask someone else to send nudes or send nudes yourself in a safer way.

Privacy in the Age of Tech

In today’s age, many people are worried about privacy. “Blackmail porn,” which is the practice of publishing someone’s private suggestive or sexual pictures because you’re angry at them, has made many people rethink their sexting decisions. How can you stay safe? 

  • Sending Nudes

If you’re planning to send someone else nudes, you need to take general precautions to keep yourself safe. Consider only sending nudes to people you trust and have known for a long period of time, or blocking out your face on all nudes you send so you’re not recognizable if things go south.

Many people choose to send nudes over an app like Snapchat, which automatically deletes pictures after a set period of time. Snapchat also sends you a notification if the other person is screen recording the chat or takes a screenshot of a picture. 

  • Receiving Nudes

On the other side, if you’re getting nudes from your partner, you need to make sure you’re being thoughtful in what you do with them. It should go without saying that you should never distribute private nude images or videos, but it’s more than just disrespectful: it’s illegal.

When you receive nudes, remember you’re getting them on the other person’s terms. Make sure you ask whether it’s okay to screenshot or download any pictures or videos you receive before you do it, and always be willing to stop if the other person decides they’re no longer interested.

Talking to Your Partner About Nudes

How do you start talking to a partner about potentially sending and receiving nudes? Try to lead into asking for nudes carefully — make sure the atmosphere in the conversation is conducive to a sexual nature before you ask about nudes. You don’t want to totally derail a conversation to ask about something sexual.

You might also want to send some of your own nude pictures if you ask for nude pictures from another person. This shows that you’re not just trying to “collect” pictures, and it can put the other person at ease when it comes to fears of blackmail porn. It can also be fun to take exciting sexy pictures no matter who you are or whether you’ve taken them before.

How to Take a Good Sexy Picture for Someone

This is where many people fall short. It can be difficult to take a good sexy picture for someone else, and some people end up in the trap of just taking a picture of their genitals or taking a picture in their underwear. What do you need for a good sexy picture?

  • Lingerie

Good lingerie should be an important part of a sexy picture. That goes for everyone: a bra and panty set can be just as sensual as a quality pair of men’s underwear. If you like to get a little kinky, don’t be afraid to incorporate some fetish lingerie into the mix as well.

  • Camera Positioning

Don’t try to be a porn director with your sexy video. Just find an angle that looks good for you. Many people find that an angle looking up from the bottom is great for people in a dominant role, and an angle looking down from the top is great for people in a submissive role.

  • Toys and Props 

Turn your nude picture into a nude video if you really want to spice things up. You can use a sex toy to make your partner really wish they were with you in your video, or offer a Bluetooth vibrator to let your partner control things no matter where they are.


Sending and receiving nude pictures is a perfectly valid way of expressing sexual interest in your partner. As long as you’re willing to do it in the right way, you can have a good time with it. Buy yourself some new lingerie at HUSTLER® Hollywood and get ready to look extra good in your sexy pictures.