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The Best Waterproof Toys to Use in the Bath or Shower

The shower can be a great place to spend a bit of time with your significant other. Especially if you live with a roommate or you have kids, sometimes the shower is really the only place you can be truly alone. Plus, with the sound of the running water and the closed door between you and anyone who might be around, it’s less likely that you’ll be caught. If you’re hoping to enjoy some time with your significant other in the shower or have some fun time to yourself in the bath, here are some toys you can safely bring in.

Waterproof Vibrators

Though vibrators are battery-powered, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to stay out of the water. Here are a few waterproof vibrators you can use.

This is a great classic vibrator that works well for masturbation or sex. It’s best for people who already have experience with vibrators, because it’s extremely thick and girthy.

What if you’re looking for a more portable option? That’s where this mini massager comes in. The massager is best for people who want a powerful and versatile toy specializing in external stimulation. 

Suction cup dildos work incredibly well for masturbation in the bath or shower. This is the best option if you want a vibrator that gives you access to hands-free excitement.

Waterproof Penis Toys

Directing some attention to your penis is an important component of many shower experiences. Whether you’re with a partner or by yourself, these toys can give you the excitement you crave.

With this two-in-one vibrator and cock ring, it’s easy to start seeing the benefits of cock rings. This toy is best for the beginner who wants to make sure both partners get something out of the toy.

What if you’re really excited for some new sensations? A cocksling may be what you’re looking for. This toy is best for anyone who’s interested in a more restrictive experience.

Masturbators are a completely viable option when it comes to sex toys for the bath or shower. Consider this option if you want to make your shower masturbation experience even easier and quicker.

Do you own a Main Squeeze masturbator? If so, consider purchasing this accessory. It’s perfect to mount your Main Squeeze masturbator to the shower or bath wall for a hands-free experience.

Lubricant for the Shower or Bath

Water might seem wet enough to substitute for lubricant, but in fact, it’s just not slippery enough. If you go into this experience without lubricant, you’re likely to be disappointed. Here are the pros and cons of many different types of lubricant for the shower.

Silicone lubricant is often the gold standard for shower sex. That’s because it doesn’t wash away very easily, which means you won’t have to constantly re-apply it. However, a major downfall is that you can’t necessarily use this lubricant with all toys. Check to see whether your toys are compatible with silicone lubricant before using it.

This is the lubricant of choice for silicone toys. It’s also prized for its ability to wash away more easily. However, that’s exactly the reason why many people don’t enjoy it in the shower and can’t really enjoy it in the bath.

Hybrid lubricants utilize two or more lubricant ingredients. Typically, that means silicone and water, but hybrid lubricants may also utilize oil or natural lubricants. This is also a useful option, especially because they can combine the benefits of many types of lubricant.

  • Other Lubricant Types 

These are the most prominent types of lubricant, but they’re far from the only types. If you’re interested in branching out into oil-based lubricant, anal lubricant, or something else, just check the ingredient list to make sure it’s safe to use with your toys.


Sex in the shower can be an amazing experience, and many people use it as a way to access some much-needed alone time with a partner. As long as you put down a mat in the shower and make sure you have the right waterproof toys, this can be an amazing experience. Browse through the various sex toys available at HUSTLER® Hollywood to see which waterproof toys you might want to take in the shower next time you and your partner need some time to yourself.