Life of the NYE Party with HUSTLER

Life of the NYE Party with HUSTLER

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It’s the end of 2023, and soon enough the clock will be ticking down to midnight as the excitement of a brand new year fills the air. This New Year’s Eve, set a sexy standard for the year to come. Here’s your guide to a sexy (and safe) celebration.

What’s The Plan?

Whether you’ll be partying with the crowds or celebrating in style in the comfort of home, you’ll want to ensure a good time is had by all. A house party (or one-on-one sexy soiree) will be energized by a naughty game or two. Try the Drink If… Game to break the ice and get things started. Get to know your companions on a deeper level with More Extreme Personal Questions - who knows what secrets the night will unveil?



Heading out? Bring the party with you using these oh-so-secret Booze Implants Hidden Flasks - giving you a sensual little lift AND helping you avoid those inflated drink prices. Remember to drink responsibly - arrange for a designated driver or use rideshare services!


Get Some New Year’s Action

Why not start 2024 with a bang? Prepare yourself for some on-the-go action with the MAXIM Pro Fit Condom (or grab the MAXIM Max Fit XL Condoms for those “larger than life” lovers). Pocket a few Love Water Snap + Slide Lube Packets for easy and instant lubrication - because wetter is always better. If you’re more orally inclined, the petite and purse-sized GoodHead Deep Throat To Go Spray helps you take it all. Ladies, guarantee yourself an orgasmic evening with a teasing Panty Vibe - discreet and quiet, these toys will be our little secret.




Remember - Safe Is Sexy

If you’ll be indulging in something a bit “harder” than alcohol this New Year’s Eve, party safe with Versea Party Safe Fentanyl Test Strips for reliable results in just five minutes. It’s always sexy to stay safe - take precautionary measures to ensure a super-sexy 2024.

Engaged in some unexpected fun on New Year’s Eve? Versea Empowered Choice is an emergency contraceptive to ease your mind - just take it within 72 hours (or 3 days) after unprotected sex. (*Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions or seek medical help)



Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year from HUSTLER Hollywood!