Your Guide to Epic Ejaculation

Your Guide to Epic Ejaculation

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Picture this: you’re deep in pleasure, heading towards climax - only to be disappointed by a weak, minimal ejaculation. You may be wondering how to reach that “money shot” level of semen volume - here are a few ways to boost your load for epic ejaculation.


Do you know the difference between sperm and semen? Sperm is the male reproductive cell, produced in the testicles, and is only a component of semen. Semen is the white fluid that is ejaculated from the penis - consisting of sperm as well as fluids from other glands in the reproductive system.

While semen volume might seem trivial, it’s actually a marker of overall health and fertility. You can increase your semen volume with a few easy steps:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Hydration is the most important factor in semen production. Skip the sodas and sugary drinks - increased water intake is a surefire way to increase your load.
  2. Aim for regular exercise. Ejaculation strength will affect the volume of your semen! Improve blood flow to your pelvis with regular exercise for an added boost.
  3. Supplement your diet. Certain extracts, minerals and enzymes work to increase semen production. Rather than struggling to increase your intake of these through diet, we recommend Popstar Supplements - the first doctor-formulated supplement designed specifically to address all aspects of semen health, including volume.


Manufactured at a GMP certified, USDA organic & BBB accredited facility, Popstar supplements are high quality vegan supplements designed to increase semen volume, enhance the taste of your ejaculate, and support all key aspects of semen health.

Consisting of natural, semen-boosting ingredients such as pygeum (an herbal extract), lecithin (a lipid found in foods including sunflower seeds, soybeans and egg yolks) and zinc (an essential mineral found in shellfish, legumes and pine nuts), Popstar increases the production of seminal fluids for an increased ejaculatory volume.

Semen taste is a concern for a large percentage of men - this can also be improved with natural ingredients included in Popstar supplements. Bromelain, a group of enzymes found in the pineapple plant, has numerous anti-inflammatory properties AND is reported to improve the taste of semen. Popstar also contains fructose, which is the primary sugar used for sperm health and motility. Increased fructose is proposed to be the source of the sweet flavor of ejaculate.


Say goodbye to slow, dull and musty ejaculation - follow these steps to get that “money shot” every single time.