Unlocking The Female Orgasm

Unlocking The Female Orgasm

How to grab hold of that elusive “O.”

Did you know that surveys show up to 59% of women have faked an orgasm, and that up to 10% of women have never experienced an orgasm?

What makes reaching sexual climax so much more difficult for vulva-owners? Many factors contribute to these statistics - from comfort to communication, exploration to varied stimulation. Read on to learn our tricks for bringing yourself - or your partner - to their peak of pleasure.


If you can’t bring yourself to orgasm solo, you will likely have a more difficult time organizing with a partner. Just like with anything - practice makes perfect. Get comfortable exploring your anatomy and make your own body your best friend.

While some people can climax solely from internal penetration, surveys show that a staggering 81.6% of vagina-owners struggle to orgasm from vaginal sex alone. Clitoral stimulation can greatly increase chances of orgasm. The clitoris is the pleasure center of the vulva - located above the vaginal entrance. This tiny hotspot contains around 8,000 nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of the vagina. Test out clitoral vibrators for increased euphoria - we recommend trying out different strengths, patterns and sensations to find your perfect fit. Go for the Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager for world-famous powerful vibes. If you enjoy cunnilingus, we recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 Suction Vibrator for oral-simulating sensations.

Varying your masturbation techniques can open doors to new worlds of pleasure - don’t be afraid to try things out. Take your time and learn what arouses you most.


If penetration is right up your alley, you’ll want to seek out the G-spot. This erogenous zone is located about an inch inside the vagina, towards the belly button. When stimulated, it can result in erotically pleasurable sensations. Get familiar and comfortable with your anatomy using your fingers before moving up to G-spot toys like the Lovense Lush 3 - an ergonomically-shaped, remote controlled egg vibrator.

You can also explore the wide world of dildos for penetration exploration. From phallic dildos just like the real thing to non-realistic dildos in a variety of shapes and sizes. Play with sensation using glass or metal dildos - temperature play can add a new level of excitement to your masturbation.



A common misconception is that women cannot receive pleasure from anal stimulation - however, about one-third of those surveyed described anal play as pleasurable! People of all genders can receive pleasure from anal stimulation when done safely and correctly. Start small with a butt plug or anal training kit - don’t forget to use plenty of anal lubrication for a smooth glide! Work your way up to a vibrating toy, dildo or penis and enjoy the ride. Anal play can actually stimulate the A-spot - a different erogenous zone located deeper inside the vagina than the G-spot - leading to fantastic blended orgasms.


The pressure to orgasm can actually prevent you from reaching it - relaxation is integral to the ability to orgasm. Discuss your interests with your sexual partner in advance - have a sexy talk about consent and turn-ons and watch the sparks fly. Remember, it’s not a race! If you don’t climax right away, don’t give up - it may take time (and a few tries) to get there. Note what feels good in the moment, but try to focus on sensations rather than the end goal. 

Don’t be afraid to explore new things during your bedroom time! It may be nerve-wracking, but sharing your secret fantasies with that special someone could be the key to your erotic peak. Foreplay will help loosen you up and build arousal, so don’t skip straight to the act itself! Play with positions - many women enjoy the “Cowgirl” position because it allows them to focus penetration on their G-spot. Position aids like the Liberator Whirl Position Aid can help you hit that sweet spot. Incorporating sex toys into your couples’ play can build intimacy in your relationship while bringing climax within reach.

Reaching climax is always an individual experience - what works for one person may not work for another, but with practice, patience and a bit of exploration, you can find your way to your own perfect orgasm.