Lovin' During Lockdown:  Getting through another quarantine

Lovin' During Lockdown: Getting through another quarantine

A quarantine can pose many threats to one’s love life, whether you’re isolating with a partner or by yourself.
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Although some parts of the world are back to normal, other regions are seeing rates of COVID-19 spike, forcing many people to continue staying home and staying away from other folks. A quarantine can pose many threats to one’s love life, whether you’re isolating with a partner or by yourself. After nine months of seeing your partner every day, in various states of moodiness and unkemptness, it may be hard to get excited about getting in the sack with them again. Or if you’re single, dating and hooking up is riskier than ever. Never before did you so quickly have to ask a potential partner if they’re seeing other people! 

Whatever your status, feeling hope and excitement may seem impossible during such a long, stressful time of isolation from the rest of the world. But have faith - you will soon be able to leave the house, meet friends, enjoy life, and find new excitement with your current or a future partner. But for the immediate future, prepare yourself. This winter is bound to be long. Stock up on supplies that’ll help keep the fire burning.

Suit up

Let’s be real - you’ve probably been living in sweats for the better part of this year. Get out of your track pants, and into something slightly sultrier - you’ll find that it’ll do wonders for your mental health. Even if the only special occasion you’re dressing up for is to watch TV upstairs instead of downstairs, you’ll immediately feel better and the night can suddenly take on a festive air. You don’t have to get into anything fancy - elevated loungewear and lavish robes can help you feel like a rich, luxurious 1950s heiress. 

If you do want to make a night of it, get into character. Surprise your partner with a full-on dominatrix outfit, whips and chains optional. Or instead of passing the time by baking more bread, instead spend your evening setting up a sexy photo shoot. Point a few lamps towards your bed, do your hair and makeup, don your favorite corset, and use your phone’s self-timer function to document this moment in your life. When you look back one day on what you did during the pandemic, your memories will be much more interesting than most! 

Study Up

Did you pick up a new hobby this year? Many folks began playing instruments, learning new languages via Duolingo, binging documentaries, or just cuddling up and reading. The early evenings and chilly nights are prime time to cuddle up with a good book and learn something new. Why not make it erotic? Learn all about bondage, domination, sadism and masochism with an intro book, or practice some (mental) gymnastics and pick up a book of sex positions for some future inspiration. Even if you aren’t interested in putting what you learn into practice, it’s absolutely fascinating to learn about the fantasies and habits of others. 

Ante Up

Board games are another great wintertime activity. Once you get tired of Scrabble, or put the kids to bed after another five-hour round of Monopoly, put the games back in the dusty drawer they belong in and break out the Win My Pussy dice game! That’ll get you out of any sexual slump brought on by months of quarantining. Or heat up a game of Truth or Dare with Cosmo’s well-loved edition. Even if you’ve been with your partner for decades, you might be surprised at what new things you uncover about one another.

Warm Up

Many people are working hard throughout the pandemic, with few or no options or space to decompress and relax. Or, they’re not able to work and are preoccupied with worry about getting through the holidays. Everyone’s stress levels are through the roof, so self-care, and caring for one another, is paramount. After a long, hard day, pour yourself a warm bath, add a luxuriant bath bomb, and light some candles. Show your partner you care by offering them a lingering, deep-tissue massage. Use a warming massage glide that heats up with friction or your breath to enhance the experience - and if things get even more heated while you rub, the glide easily doubles as a lubricant. Or use a soy-based, edible massage candle first to set the mood, then pour on skin and lick away for a delightful treat to both partner’s senses.

Lube Up

If you weren’t using lube regularly before, now’s the time to try something new. It’ll make insertion an absolute breeze, especially if the winter blues have made getting wet a bit more challenging. Customer favorite UberLube is silky smooth and lasts a long time, a little goes a long way! Plus, it doubles as a hair product. Smooth away winter frizz with a little dollop - it has similar ingredients to many straightening serums, and can even help prevent split ends. Love a double-duty beauty product!

Saddle Up

You deserve a new toy. Especially if you’re hanging out solo- but trust us, a new toy can go a long way in revivifying your sex life. If you’re in a position to splurge, cowgirl up with a sex machine; or find some companionship with a love doll. It’s time to erase the stigma around more fanciful sex toys, especially for men. 

If you’re not ready to spend over $1000 spoiling yourself, there are plenty of options for new toys that are essential during a lockdown. If you haven’t tried a We-Vibe yet, now’s the time! There’s a good reason that this couples’ vibrator has been winning awards for nearly a decade. Add some buzz back into the bedroom with the wearable device that stimulates both users when worn during intercourse. Or rock it solo to experience dual stimulation on the go. Best of all, the toy is controllable by an app, so if you’re locked away from your lover, or find yourself sexting with someone on the other side of the world, you can give them the code to total control over your pleasure. Now that’s hot.