Guide to nipple action

Nipple Play - Guide to Nipple Action

Nipple stimulation can be immensely pleasurable if you’re able to leverage it properly. How can you start with nipple play for yourself?

For many people, nipple stimulation is an extremely pleasurable feeling. You may have used it before, even if you weren’t using toys to supplement sex. However, when it comes to anything further than using your fingers in the heat of the moment, many people have a difficult time with nipple stimulation. Here’s everything you need to know about doing it by yourself or with a partner.

Pain Versus Pleasure

The first thing to think about is whether you want to introduce an element of pain into your nipple play. For many people, this is a defining characteristic of nipple play; it’s why nipple clamps are such a popular option.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to individualize the level of pain you’re looking to achieve. Look through HUSTLER® Hollywood’s variety of clamps and suckers to see which one you might like the most. These include vibrating options, options made of metal and silicone, and more.

If you’re brand new to nipple play, you might want to consider nipple suckers over clamps. Though they’ll still provide you with a little bit of an exciting sting, they’re much easier to adjust than clamps, and they’re less focused on pain.

If you are planning to showcase some BDSM elements next time you invite a partner into bed, you may want to look into other bondage toys as well. Even just a beginner bondage kit can give you the elements you need to make your next nighttime engagement something truly enthralling.

Nipple Stimulation By Itself

There are plenty of reasons you might want to focus mostly or even exclusively on nipple stimulation if you’re just starting out. You might want to get a gauge on how sensitive you are to nipple stimulation, or you might just want to be able to focus entirely on nipple stimulation to understand what you like and dislike.

Some people are sensitive enough to reach orgasm exclusively through nipple stimulation. For those people, nipple stimulation may be an intrinsic or at least important facet of sex. It may even increase to the level of a fetish, which can be a great excuse to treat yourself to some high-quality toys.

Talking to Your Partner About Nipple Stimulation

If you really love nipple play, you’re probably going to want to include it in sex. If your partner doesn’t typically lean toward nipple play during sex, that may mean sitting down and talking about what you like and how you’d like to include it in sex. After all, communication is the best way to make sure every session is consensual and exciting.

This is a great opportunity to play by yourself a bit and decide what you like before you talk to your partner. Grab yourself a vibrator so you can have some hands-off fun and give yourself the freedom to try out something new.

It’ll be easier for your partner to give you the nipple play you’re interested in if you’re able to guide them to it. Try out some different tricks, including using bullet vibrators, nipple clamps, and other kink toys, to see what you might want to bring to your partner.

Lingerie for Nipple Play

What if you want to make your lingerie really pull attention to the nipple play you’re interested in? There are lots of ways to do it.

Nipple pasties are, incidentally, a good way to both take attention away from and toward your nipples. If you let your partner know what you’re interested in, you can relish the sensation of removing the pasties once you’ve gotten down and dirty together.

Robes and loungewear bridge the gap between clothing and lingerie, making it a great option for anyone who wants to let their partner know they’re down for anything. Plus, nothing quite invites someone to lean in for a touch like gently opening your robe.

Of course, the right bra is perfect for nipple play. An open-cup design is perfect if you want something that you can keep on during nipple-heavy foreplay, and you can even tuck a Bluetooth vibrator into your bra if you want to hand the reins over to your partner for a bit.

The Right Toys for the Job

You can add nipple play into sex or masturbation whether you have toys or just your hands. After all, sometimes a pinch from your partner’s fingers does the job just right. However, toys definitely make things a little more fun.

From your very first vibrator to a sex machine that’ll satisfy you for years, HUSTLER® Hollywood has all the toys you need to make your sexiest dreams come true.