Pick up people for casual sex

Best Places to Pick Up People for Casual Sex

It’s not as difficult as you might think it would be to find someone for casual sex. What’s the best way to find someone new for a casual hookup?
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Many adults have casual sex every day, from people who don’t know each other at all to friends with benefits. If you’re interested in meeting someone explicitly for casual sex, there are a few things you’ll want to know before you start.

1. How to Find Someone in Person

Finding someone is often the most difficult part of casual sex. If you’re not interested in having casual sex with someone you already know, here’s how you can find a consenting adult exclusively for the purposes of casual sex.


This is an old standby. It’s common for people to find both hookups and lasting relationships in bars. It’s usually pretty obvious if someone’s interested in a hookup; when you start flirting, the other person will either flirt back or be a bit cold, and if it’s the latter, you’ve hit a dead end.

A good “in” is to buy a drink for the other person and ask the bartender to tell the other person you’ve purchased it. However, don’t give the drink directly to that person or accept a drink from anyone other than the bartender. This makes sure the drink isn’t spiked. Remember that you also shouldn’t have sex with someone who’s drunk, because they can’t give full informed consent.


In the same way as bars, clubs are also a pretty good place to find hookups. It’s very common to meet people who get a bit touchy-feely on the dance floor at a club, and if you’re interested, just dance right back at them. They’ll get the idea pretty quickly.

As with bars, make sure you’re careful not to have sex with someone you don’t know while either of you are under the influence of drugs. It can definitely be a very unique sensation, but you can’t give consent while you’re under the influence, so it’s best to not take any chances.

2. Online Hookup Options

Finding someone in person can lead to a very spontaneous and exciting hookup experience, but what if you want to plan things out in advance? That’s where these online hookup options come in.

Hookup Apps

These apps exist all over the place, and they’re great for finding other people who also just want a no-strings-attached hookup experience. Plus, you can talk about the experience beforehand and learn a little more about the other person before you have sex, which can make the experience even more enjoyable.

You may also be able to find a hookup on a dating app. Just make sure you put in your profile that you’re mostly or entirely interested in hookups, so you don’t attract someone who’s interested in a long-term relationship instead of a hookup.


Some people interested in casual sex will host meetups to find other people also interested. The best way to find these meetups is to look online. Here, you can find information about these groups of people and learn more about what you’ll need to do if you want to join.

This can be a very useful way to find people who are interested in casual sex just like you are. With meetups, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re overstepping someone’s boundaries, because you’re all there to find someone for casual sex.

3. Staying Safe

It’s extremely important that you stay safe while you’re hooking up with someone new. Keep these tips in mind so you can have your hookup in a safe and exciting environment.

Ask for ID

It sounds like a cliché, but there’s genuinely nothing wrong with asking the other person for ID to make sure they’re also an adult. Remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that extends to making sure you’re only having sex with people who can genuinely consent.

Keep a Number of Condoms

Condoms are all-important when it comes to a hookup. You don’t know the other person, and that means you don’t know if that person has an STI. It’s never a bad idea to keep some condoms in your purse, bag, wallet, or car, just in case the other person doesn’t have any.

Use New Toys

If you want to use sex toys during a hookup, it’s not a good idea to use the same sex toys you have at home. Instead, buy a few new sex toys, maybe even the same style you already love from home. Then, you can toss the toys after your one-night stand with no worries.

Retain Your Favorites and a Few Standbys

A hookup is the perfect time to try out some things you’ve never tried before with no fear of judgement. Whether that means some sexy lingerie or fun fetish toys, don’t be afraid to use HUSTLER® Hollywood to enhance your hookup.