The Hustler Hollywood Guide of Sex Positive Influencers to Follow on Instagram

You're Going to Want to Follow These Sex Positive Profiles on Instagram...Yesterday

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It’s the middle of 2018 and to say that sex positivity is trending is a bit of an understatement. Everywhere we look – from New York Times’ headlines to sex bloggers of all stripes to the queer takeover of social media – the radical idea that sexuality is something to be embraced and celebrated is IN. We couldn’t be prouder of our badass, sexually-liberated brothers, sisters, and nonbinary friends! Hustler’s founder, Larry Flynt, helped kickstart the sexual revolution decades ago and to watch it take shape in popular culture today is nothing short of amazing. We’re here today to give you the Hustler Hollywood list of five sex positive influencers to follow on Instagram.

Of course, this focus on sexuality of all kinds means there are A LOT of options out there to get your daily dose of sex-positive content. It’s kind of like the best buffet ever, a nonstop feed of bold, fearless, and unapologetic individuals living their lives with the world watching (and sometimes doing a lot more than just watching!). It can be hard to sift through all your choices and find only a few profiles to follow, though. Thankfully, this guide to sexual positivity on Instagram will help you do just that.

Keep reading for our list of sex-positive profiles to follow on Instagram and, once you’re feeling inspired enough to grab your partner and try out some of the naughty ideas you’ve learned, check out our most popular couples’ toys!


labia positivity

We’re starting this list off strong by talking about our personal favorite sex-positive IG profile to follow – labia.positivity. Boasting a mere 8,000+ followers (let’s raise that number, okay?), this account mixes sexual positivity with body positivity in the best possible way.

labia.positivity features uncompromising vagina-based art. We’re not talking about a porn director’s X-rated crotch shots, but rather beautiful, surprising, and always inspiring images designed to make women of all shapes, sizes, and colors feel more comfortable about their vaginas. In fact, let’s just quote their bio: “It’s time for us to stop being afraid of and ignorant about our own vulvas.”

Give them a follow, you won’t regret it.   


Kiara Delacroix gets the award for the best IG name ever. Seriously. Not only is her Instagram nom de plume eating.boys funny, smart, and memorable, but it gets at her digital mission to empower women through taking control of their bodies.

While many of her posts are her looking doe-eyed at the camera and showing off her cleavage, they hint at a deeper truth – she’s the one taking them and she’s the one in control of how everyone else is viewing her. Like she said in a recent interview with Glamour (conducted by sex-positive powerhouse Lena Dunham, no less), “I’m submissive, but only because I’m allowing you to treat me submissively.”

That’s something we embrace 110% at Hustler Hollywood.


IG sex positive profiles planned parenthood

Of course we’re going to include the big double-P in our list of sex-positive influencers to follow on Instagram! Their feed is a non-stop scrolling treasure trove of sexually empowering images. From sexual health posts that actually make you stop and want to do something (let’s all jam with a dental dam, anyone?) to custom-curated masturbation playlists (yaaaaas), you’ll definitely find something that speaks directly to you.  

Plus, Planned Parenthood gets a whole heaping of bonus points for having one of the funniest bios on the ‘gram – “Hi! We’re America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care, and we think we look pretty good for over 100 years old.” Let’s make sure they’re around in 100 more years, alright?


karley slutever sex positive women on instagram

Is it any surprise that Karley Sciortino is on our list of sex-positive Instagram influencers to follow? Let’s list her accomplishments really quick. She has her own show on Vice (Slutever), writes for Vogue, inspires people across the globe to embrace their sexuality in all its beautiful, varied forms, and helps promote sex worker acceptance through speaking candidly about her past as a dominatrix. She is, in other words, one powerful and bad b***h.

Karley’s IG is filled with sex-positive pictures and videos. From teaser clips of upcoming Slutever episodes to sex workers’ rights posts to feminist-inspired “slut covens” to interviews with adult performers like Stoya to so much more, you’re going to want to follow Karley.


hello elvie

The Instagram branch of the most popular Kegel training device in the world, hello.elvie is one sex-positive account that you simply can’t afford not to be following. Rather than simply post pictures of their products, Elvie’s decided to do something a bit worthier of celebration. Their feed is a combination of body positivity, inspiring quotes, and real-life pics of what it’s like to be a woman.

As a brand that’s all about being #Unapologetic, we’re also huge supporters of Elvie’s mission statement as laid out in their bio – “smarter tech for women, by women #femtech Unapologetically shoving taboos the door.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Elvie. Keep up the good work!

Honorable Mentions

To say it was difficult to put together this list of five sex positive influencers to follow on Instagram is a bit of an understatement. There are so many amazing people out there who use IG as their own personal fist in the face of outdated sexual morals. We want to give all of them a high five! So, we’ve put together a bunch of honorable mention profiles that are definitely worth checking out and following for your dose of all things sexual.

  • torraine – want an unfiltered glimpse into one of the country’s most outspoken & striking trans models? Then you’re going to want to follow Torraine Futurum
  • oloni – this is the personal profile of Oloni, founder of Simply Oloni. Speaking of which…
  • simplyoloni – their bio says it all: “award winning women’s platform for sex & relationship features.”
  • killerandasweetthang – this profile belongs to Eileen Kelly. One part Dear Sugar & one part true confessional, this is the profile you want to be following for practical sex tips and sexual health advice
  • ethicalstripper – this is the official IG of the East London Strippers Collective, whose mission is to help spread sex worker awareness & empowerment. Go on with your bad selves, girls!
  • shanboody – this is the personal profile of Shannon Boodram, world-renowned sexologist & sexual advice extraordinaire
  • sh24_nhs – this sex-positive IG account is all about promoting sexual & reproductive health through STI testing, confidential advice, & contraception. They’re also part of the UK’s National Health Service, so it’s super rad to see a government organization take such a forward-thinking approach!
  • ryanoconn – this is the personal profile of Ryan O’Connell, the founder of Thought Catalog & one hell of a sex-positive writer

Now that you’ve gotten the full Hustler Hollywood list of sex positive influencers to follow on Instagram – with honorable mentions – it’s time for you to check them out and get inspired. Remember, you’re a powerful, sexual being. Embrace your sexuality with vibrators, dildos, and anal toys (oh my!).


All images via their respective owner's Instagrams.