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Erotic Spanking

So you’ve bent your naughty little submissive over your knee and you’ve been spanking them red raw—not once, not twice, but dozens of times. In fact, when it comes to ass-based punishment, you’re quite the expert. You can take your sub’s little tush from nice and comfortable to bruised and embarrassed in a matter of minutes, just before you cuddle them into your chest and tell them how much you love them.

In short, you’re an erotic spanking addict.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to talk about where to go next when your average spanking session just isn’t enough for you and your submissive.

Purists will point out that belting and paddling are not forms of spanking; like spanking, they’re forms of impact play. And they’d be right, so they’ll have to forgive me for the title of this article. Or maybe they can bend me over and give me a very deserved bit of punishment too…

Sorry, where was I?

Yes. Other forms of impact play.

Belts and paddles are all widely available and are very easy to use if you’re still getting your start in impact play. Belts are particularly accessible, given that you most likely have one or two sitting around your house already.

However, it’s not as easy as getting your submissive on all fours and belting or paddling in the same way you would spank them. While the activities share similar rules (such as never, ever hitting the collarbones, lower back, pelvis bones, backs of the ankles or backs of the knees) each one is a little different. So let’s take them one by one.


When it comes to belts, real leather is always better than synthetic materials—and softer leather is undoubtedly better for the tush. A wider belt will give you submissive a deep, delicious smack of pain, whereas a thinner belt will be more of a sting. If your sub has a preference, go with that. If not, get a range of different belt widths for your toy box and everyone’s a happy bunny.

If you’ve never belted anyone before, take a little while to practice before you go anywhere near a play partner. I would hope it would be obvious, but hold the buckle end—NEVER hit with the buckle. For ease, you can buckle the belt around your fist and grasp it tightly.

Using the force of your arm and the flick of your wrist, smack the belt into your open palm. Do it a few times, with varying degrees of force, to see just how much it hurts. Try it on your legs too, particularly the inner thighs. This will help you judge how much force you should be using. You can also bend the belt in half, using the bent end to hit with. This makes a gorgeously satisfying noise.

Use a pillow to practice hitting the same part with several blows, then move your hand in a smooth figure eight movement to hit the pillow with both sides of the belt. When you’re confident with that movement, you can bring in your sub.

As ever, you should warm up your sub’s mood, body and mind, and starting with a little gentle spanking can bring blood flow to the bottom and get your sub into the right mindset.

With the belt, start slow and steady, checking in with your sub regularly to check pain levels and comfort. For your first session, keep it light. You can always get more powerful, more devilish and more dastardly later on!


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While you can use many different household objects as paddles (wooden spoons in particular are great), it’s worth getting yourself a real paddle, designed for purpose. There are many different types so do a little research and find one designed for your needs. A large, heavy paddle will thud; a small, thin paddle will sting. Choose accordingly.

There are also a myriad of different paddle materials. I prefer leather, but rubber, silicone and bamboo are also fun and offer various degrees of pain for your sub. Wood is another popular choice.

However, it’s important that you NEVER use paddles made from porous materials with different partners. If your paddle is made from something porous, get a different one for each partner and write their name on each one. In the words of Oprah: You get a paddle! You get a paddle! Everyone gets a paddle!

As above, it’s worth practicing on a pillow before you practice on a real ass. Remember to never hit with the side of the paddle, and never hit the knees, ankles, elbows or any other joints. Avoid the tail bone, spine, neck and face, and don’t hit around the kidneys.

Stick to the ass and thighs, and be gentle with breasts. Because paddling is often more painful than spanking, subs often like to lie down to receive their paddle punishment. This is totally fine. Check your paddle regularly for cracks and splinters, and if you see any, replace straight away.


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Much like with spanking, the aftercare of belting and paddling is often the most important part. Arnica cream is great for tending to bruises or abrasions, and if there has been any bleeding or splitting of skin, you should give first aid where necessary—and in the event of anything more serious, seek medical attention if you need it.

Impact play often makes submissives feel vulnerable, and retreating from subspace can bring emotions to the fore. For this reason, you should cuddle and soothe your sub, tell him he’s beautiful and that you love him, and let him dictate just how much physical contact he needs. Feed him carby, sugary foods and stroke his skin where you’ve played with him. Allow yourselves to bask in the afterglow of your experience and feel connected. That, really, is what BDSM is all about.