Sex Class Is In Session

Sex Class Is In Session

Whether you’re male, female, single, gay or straight, you all have one thing in common.. You want to have mind-blowing sex. You want to please and be pleased. And while you may have had the birds and the bees talk, no one ever sat down and taught you the “oooh’s” and the “aahh’s”, if you catch my drift.

So let’s not just talk about sex. Let’s talk pleasure. Let’s talk the bare-naked basics of having an amazing sex life. Yes there will be homework, but I can promise you one thing: It definitely won’t feel like work, if you’re doing it correctly!

Course Content

I.  Intro to Masturbation

Required Materials: Your Hands

This particular course is directed more toward women than men, because let’s face it, most guys have been comfortable touching themselves since the age of 6. However, it is a course that BOTH men and women can benefit from. Once a woman has the formula for what makes her feel good, she can share that knowledge with a partner, ensuring a more sexually satisfying experience for all!

In any relationship, sexual or otherwise, you need to be able to know and love yourself before another can do the same. This is why masturbation is so important. It helps you figure out what you like and where you like it, which is the first step in cultivating an amazing sex life. So take some time for yourself, light some candles, turn on that sensual playlist (Santana, huh? No judgement..) and do a little self-exploration. First stop.. The clitoris!

II.  Cliteracy 101

Required Materials: Magic Bullet or the We-Vibe Tango

In your journey to orgasm, you’re definitely going to want to set up camp at the clitoris for a little while. Let me tell you why: The clitoris is the only human organ that exists for the sole purpose of pleasure. That’s it, that’s all it does! The clitoris is the proud sponsor for 8,000 nerve endings (twice as many as the head of the penis!), and for up to 75% of women, is the sole provider of orgasms.

You’ll find this pleasure button directly above the vaginal opening, cloaked in mystery by a flap of skin known as the clitoral hood. Test it’s magic by taking your pointer and middle finger and placing them on the clitoris and clitoral hood. Start moving slowly in circular motion to see how it feels, and go from there!

The Magic Bullet vibrator is the perfect clitoral vibe for your sex toy starter kit. It is handheld, discreet, and has multiple speed settings to help you explore the area without overpowering it. That way, when you graduate to the tiny, yet oh-so-powerful, Tango by We-Vibe, you’ll already know just what do!

tango by we vibe

III.  Finding Your G-Spot

Required Materials: Je Joue FiFi

If you want to talk mystery, look no further than the G-Spot! Some people consider it the holy grail of female sexual pleasure, while others question its very existence, but as those who have experienced the elusive G-Spot orgasm will tell you.. It is well worth the search! The G-Spot is located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside of the vagina wall, and is actually easier to locate when you’re already aroused. The size and location vary for each women, but you will know it by it’s bumpy walnut-like texture.

To stimulate the G-Spot, have your partner insert two fingers with palms facing up and make a come hither motion, massaging it with their fingertips. It’s a little harder to reach when you’re exploring solo, which is where the darling FiFi by Je Joue comes in! The soft velvety shaft is perfectly contoured to stimulate the G-Spot, while the two bunny ear-like prongs hug your clitoris for double the vibrating pleasure.

je joue fifi

Course Objectives:           

Masturbation is the sexual foundation on which mind-blowing intercourse is built. Once you are able to give yourself multiple orgasms, you increase the likelihood that another will be able to do the same. You also guarantee that no matter who is around and available, your next great orgasm is right around the corner.. Or stashed in a box underneath your bed (Hey, FiFi!)

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