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4 Ways To Have Eco-Friendly Orgasms

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Spring time is finally upon us! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and there is something wonderful in the air.. No, not pollen! I’m referring to  the sweet smell of fresh starts and sexy new beginnings wafting through your window. It’s no surprise that everyone starts to feel a little frisky this time of year.

And who could blame them, what with the sexiest holiday of the year fast-approaching – That’s right, I’m talking about the oh-so-erotic Earth Day!

Okay, okay, maybe Earth Day doesn’t have the same sex appeal as the Fourth of July or New Years, but there is something very hot about being socially and environmentally conscious. Long gone are the days of gratuitous hour-long shower sex and landfills full of latex.

As a society, we are slowly but surely evolving into humans who recycle and conserve and care about the Earth. And to top it off, sex toys and products are evolving right along with us!

So in honor of Earth Day, it’s time to give your goodie drawer an eco-friendly makeover! Don’t worry, no pleasure will be sacrificed for the good of the planet.

4 Ways to Honor Mother Earth with some Eco-Friendly orgasms…

  1. Eco Friendly Lube

Lately we have been so concerned with the quality and ingredients of the food we put in our mouth that we that we have forgotten to more carefully scrutinize the substances we ingest through other activities.

Much like chemically-processed foods, many lubricants on the market are loaded with chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to your body! Instead, opt for a lubricant that is all-natural, organic and paraben-free, like Sliquid Organics! Their line of lubricants are hypoallergenic, free of all sugar derivatives and actually help you maintain down-there health. If you won’t do it for the environment, do it for your genitals!

  1. Guilt-Free Pleasure On-The-Go

Battery-powered vibrators were handy to have in our early years, when sex toys had to be stashed under mattresses and used sneakily after lights-out. But now that you’ve grown into the independent, Earth-loving gal that you are, it’s time to find a vibrator that you can feel good about using (and, you know, feel GREAT while using).

The Tango by We-Vibe is rechargeable (meaning no batteries necessary), waterproof, and 100% body safe! At only 3 inches long, it is discreet and extremely travel-friendly, Plus this bullet delivers some seriously powerful vibrations that will rock your world.

  1. All-Natural Arousal

Earthly Body is well-known for their high-quality hemp-based skin and body products (which are produced in a solar-powered facility in California, by the way). But for something so natural and chemical-free, their Love Button Arousal Balm sure packs a punch!

This sensual blend leaves tantalizing tingles everywhere it touches, and can be used to enhance pleasure for both men and women. Apply it to the clitoris or frenulum (the triangle area where the head of the penis meets the shaft) to increase blood flow and experience explosive cruelty-free orgasms!

  1. Socially Conscious Condoms

It’s been beaten into our heads since high school sex-ed that condoms are our savior – They’re pretty much the definition of sexual responsibility. However, some condoms are created more safe than others.

For example, Glyde condoms are glycerin and paraben-free, are entirely vegan and are made with a blend of premium sustainably harvested rubber latex and thistle extract. Even their packaging is 100% eco-friendly! On top of their environmental and ethical benefits, Glyde condoms also fit like a dream and feel more natural.