Sizzling Hot Summer Sex Tips

Sizzling Hot Summer Sex Tips

There’s just something about summertime that gets us all hot and bothered! Well, having hotter sex in the summer is not a fantasy — it’s physiology! Studies show that people have MORE SEX in the summertime than any other season. Check out these sizzling hot sex tips that you can try this summer…


As temperatures rise, our bodies respond by slowing down movements, breathing, and will relax the muscles. In turn, this heightens our senses (especially skin touch!) and makes us more open to sexy thoughts and pleasure. Not only that but the heat will release more pheromones, which trigger sexual urges and desires!

Slo-mo your foreplay sessions and build arousal by teasing your lover with tingling touches and soft strokes. Enhance the experience with a finger or bullet vibe and glide gently all over their body hitting every erogenous zone.

Give your 'signature scent' a boost with a pheromone enhancing body or bath product.


A cooling gel or minty lube can provide an unusual but invigorating sensation. Give your nerves an extra rush with every lusty thrust!

If you’re more advanced, temperature-play toys can be an amazing way to cool down, especially when touch sensitivity is at a high! Run a glass or steel wand under cold water or pop in the freezer for a big chill. The shock of cold against steamy skin will send a pleasureful chill down your spine and throughout your body. Try aiming for nerve-packed areas that have a more intense response, like inner thighs, back of neck, nipples, or behind the knees.


A classic skinny-dipping session can be exciting and seriously sexy! Tease them in a teeny bikini to slip out of before diving in.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself privately poolside, why not add a water-friendly toy and let the motion of the ocean for a truly wet & wild experience.

You don’t need a body of water to show off your bangin body. Light up their libido with a slinky wet t-shirt that will cling to all of your curves. Men are more responsive to visual stimulation and the sight of your breasts through a see-through top will drive him crazy.


Planning a summer vacay? A few simple essentials will help you live out your fantasies of doing the wild in the wild. A bullet or panty vibe is an amazing way to engage in discreet sexy fun wherever you go. If you’re going analog, there are tons of one-time, disposable, or travel sized toys, lube, and personal products that make it super easy to orgasm on the go!