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9 Best Sex Toy Review Bloggers to Follow Now

HUSTLER® Hollywood has a truly incredible selection of sex toys available for you to buy and enjoy. However, sex toys are also a deeply personal decision, and the toy that works for one person might not work for another. How do you know what toys are best for you? The best way is to check out sex toy reviews. Whether you’re actively searching for a review for a toy you’re interested in or you just want to keep an eye on your potential next purchase, here are a few sex toy review bloggers to stay in touch with.

Miss Ruby Reviews -

Ruby has been reviewing sex toys since 2015, meaning she has seven years of experience under her belt. She openly notes that she prefers strong, rumbly vibrators, which means if you’re looking for a strong vibrator to enjoy, she can absolutely point you in the right direction.

Hey Epiphora -

Epiphora, or Piph as she tends to refer to herself, has been writing snarky reviews and crafting helpful guides for over a decade. Her writing style has made her a legend in the sex toy community. Although she doesn’t post as often as she once did, she has over 900 sex toys, and she’s cataloged a significant number of them on her website already.

Kinkazoid -

Kinkazoid is sort of the Wikipedia of sex toys. Since 2013, they’ve been writing helpful, thoughtful reviews for a variety of sex toys and writing articles about the finer points of using them. You can browse by type of toy or look for specific toys. The simplicity and friendliness of these articles also makes it easier to understand whatever you’ve been looking at.

Cara Sutra -

Cara Sutra has won a variety of awards for her sex toy review content, and she’s been doing this for a long time. With a wide array of categories, including reviews for sex machines, BDSM gear, vibrators, and more, you’re likely to find the newest and most luxurious toys in the Latest Reviews section.

LetsTalkSex -

LetsTalkSex is an incredibly bare-bones website that’s catered toward men. The website is focused exclusively on the content, making it easy to navigate. They offer both solo sex toy reviews and roundups of the best toys in a specific category, like prostate vibrators and sex dolls. Plus, they’re regularly updating their articles with new information.

Sex Toy Collective -

As the name suggests, Sex Toy Collective is a group of five individuals who all work together to bring you this reservoir of information. Whether you’re looking for a specific recommendation or you’re trying to find a review for a specific toy, you can find in-depth information about whatever sex toys you’re looking for.

Merry Frolics -

Since 2015, Merry Frolics has been publishing Fleshlight® and other male masturbator information, and that has culminated in over 100 sex toy reviews. This site especially focuses on helping you find the absolute right Fleshlight® for your needs, making it a great place to start out.

Phallophile Reviews -

Felicity from Phallophile Reviews focuses on platinum silicone, mostly dildos and similar thrusting toys. Plus, she’s very open about being extremely sensitive and preferring less-intense vibrators whenever possible. If you’re looking for information on body-safe silicone toys, especially for penetration, this is a great resource to hunt for those reviews.

My Sex Toy Guide -

My Sex Toy Guide is run by a husband-and-wife team as well as a few other writers who help them create as large of a backlog as possible when it comes to sex toy reviews, sex guides, and more. Whether you want help finding the right sex toy for your needs or you want to learn more about unique sexual experiences, My Sex Toy Guide can help.


The best way to find great sex toys is to look for a few different reviews. If you’re looking for a sex toy that will work well for you, check out HUSTLER® Hollywood’s collection of sex toys. Gather up a few designs that you like, then head to one of these websites to check out reviews on that toy and determine which one will be perfect for your needs.