5 Tips For A Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Want the perfect Valentine’s Day with your lover? Of course you do! And don’t worry, it’s easy. All you need is a little love and these tips from the people who know romance the best.

1. Wear Lingerie

It may come off quickly but lingerie will leave a lasting impression! Find some sweet & sexy lingerie for all body types or for a wider selection, go to your nearest Hustler Hollywood store.



2. Set the Mood

Set the mood for an extra romantic evening that will show your Valentine just how much you care. Create a sultry ambiance with candles, rose petals, intoxicating scents or maybe even a bubble bath.


3. Massage One Another

Massage is a fantastic form of foreplay! Get some scented oils, gels and lotions or go in store and check out all of the different scents, flavors and gift sets we have.



4. Spice it Up!

Spice up the bedroom with some gifts for BOTH of you to enjoy. You can try a new toy or maybe even explore your kinky side!


5. Play a Game

Make it a sexy game night! There are tons of games for couples that will challenge you to be more adventurous or just make sure you are having a really fun night – check out some here or see an expanded selection in our stores.