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Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable rise of a new breed of guy. This new type of guy does not define his day with gym selfies. He does not have more product in his hair than you do in your bathroom cabinet. He does not roll around in a pick-up that has been lifted into the monster truck realms of douchery. He has probably never sent an unsolicited dick pic.

I’m talking about the guys that are intelligent, resourceful and clever. They may not be the sharpest dressers or the smoothest dudes out there, but they are approachable and passionate. They are the guys that our high school stereotypes have reinforced in our brains as nerds, and as a group, their dating stock is rising by the minute.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Jimmy Fallon to the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory, the idea of “nerds” as we once knew them is long gone. In their place are quirky, clever and downright adorkable individuals who are taking the world by storm without ever losing that charming down-to-earth appeal. Yes, there will always be the Ryan Gosling’s and Thor’s of the world, but can’t you just picture curling up next to Seth Meyers on a Friday night for a Monty Python marathon? Yeah, me too..

To me, this raises an interesting dating question: Are ladies everywhere missing out by overlooking the “geeks”?

Don’t get me wrong, that hot guy from the gym is nice to look at, but one can only discuss the benefits of protein powder for so long before your eyes start to glaze over. So I did a little research, talked to some friends, and asked around about the practical benefits of dating a geekier guy. In the end, I came up with some pretty good reasons to give that guy you once wrote off as “too bookish” a second glance..

1. Smart guys are great problem-solvers

If you have a problem, chances are the nerdy dude in your life will have a solution.  The best part: if he doesn’t have one of the top of his head, he will work overtime trying to find one. Also, these guys are generally super tech-savvy! If your laptop freezes, your iPod won’t update, or you can’t get the time to change the time on your car’s display, he’s going to be there to help. Not only that, he will probably enjoy being able to use his expertise to fix things for you and make your day better.

2. They have good jobs (and good heads on their shoulders)

Say what you will about nerdy dudes, but they are an enthusiastic and motivated bunch. Most smart guys are ‘smart’ for a reason: They’re well-educated, and actually want to put that education to good use! They have awesome ideas, goals and ambitions, which makes them less likely to end up as 45-year-old bartenders who live with their parents. This isn’t a money thing, it’s a future planning thing, as in, you want a guy who has one.

3. Nerdy guys don’t play games – Well, not mind games, at least…

True, he may have the high score on Call of Duty, but all those gaming skills don’t carry on past the Playstation controller. You don’t have to worry about getting played by your nerdy crush. They just don’t do that. The majority of nerds missed that whole “being mean to girls makes them like you” thing that most guys learn in high school. What you see is what you get with them. As a result, they are generally sincere and well-meaning.

4. Brainy dudes have so much to teach..

Smart guys know a lot about a wide variety of subjects, and love sharing their knowledge with those close to them. While they might not be tuned in to the latest Kardashian drama, they can certainly rap about current events, technology trends or any other topic that peaks their interest. This means that you and your nerd will never run out of interesting things to talk about. Hello, intelligent conversations!

5. Plus, they are are constantly learning (and learning how to please you)

Due to their instinctive thirst for knowledge, nerdy dudes are always trying to increase their scope of expertise. They pride themselves at being proficient with any activity that catches their fancy. This makes them especially motivated when it comes to intimate times . They are eager to please and happy to learn as much as they can to get the best results possible (i.e. multiple orgasms). Plus, they won’t be intimidated if you bust out a new toy or two – In fact, the more high-tech, the better!

6. Research shows that they are less selfish and more adventurous in bed

Back in 2009, researchers found that, in comparison to jocks, nerdy guys are way more concerned with their partner’s pleasure: An astonishing 4 out of 5 self-proclaimed IT nerds claimed that sex should be more about satisfying their partner than themselves! The study also found that overall, nerds were more adventurous in the sack, with about 80% reporting a willingness to use sex toys.

Bottom line:

No matter what your go-to “type is, you want a man in your life who will value you and treat you respectfully. Because they have a bit more going on under the hood, the nerdy intellectual type is much more likely to love and appreciate you for who you really are. They will care about  your thoughts, your feelings, your quirks and your goals. And hey, if you’re hot, I’m sure they’ll appreciate that too but it’s not the most important thing to them.

In essence, landing a nerdy guy might be the smartest decision you ever make. When you date a nerd, you are investing in a dude who is intelligent, interesting, laid-back and driven- not to mention attentive and wild in the sack! Sure you might have to dig a little deeper, but in my opinion, it will be 100% worth the effort.