All About Love Dolls

All About Love Dolls

A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan recently made headlines for marrying a hyper-realistic love doll named Margo. Yurii Tolochko is a self-described athlete, activist, and art worker, leading one to wonder if his grand ceremony, images of which Tolochko posted on social media, was a social experiment or some form of performance art, perhaps a symbolic protest meant to highlight the hypocrisy of Kazakhstan’s prohibitive legislation on same-sex marriage (Tolochko’s marriage to Margo was indeed legal.) Either way, he’s hardly the first.

As love dolls become increasingly refined and perfected by manufacturers, the topic has a source of intrigue for the media, with articles and podcasts in The Atlantic and NPR; and films like Lars and the Real Girl. On one hand, this could reflect the fact that purchasing and using a love doll is becoming more common; however, attitudes reflected in opinion pieces show that society still has a long way to go in destigmatizing sex toys for men.

There seems to be a reverse-double standard in public perceptions of the male use of toys. Dolls and male strokers are still too-often regarded as jokes, or unnecessary equipment; while the use of women’s use of vibrators and dildos is more widely accepted and celebrated. Perhaps this is due to some complacency with the orgasm gap - the fact that men are more likely to orgasm during sex than women - and the idea that women need supplementary tools to gain sexual fulfillment is accepted, whereas the same idea for men is viewed as questionable. Rapidly antiquating ideas about masculinity may also be to blame - there’s a fallacy that men shouldn’t rely on sex toys because they should be having satisfying sex with humans all the time. Well, all of that is totally baloney. Everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, deserves access to pleasure, and the ability to take control over their own orgasms. That means sex toys should be accessible, functional, and powerful, for everyone.

Love dolls have come a long way since the days of the plastic, tri-color, cartoonish-looking inflatable dolls you may buy today as bachelor party favors or decor. Now meticulously hand-crafted, the higher end models are so realistic that with enough imagination, anyone could fall in love. The tiniest details are considered, like perfectly manicured fingers and toenails, and the fine lines of the skin that make palm reading a possibility. They’re only continuing to evolve, too - the realism no longer ends with externalities. In the very near future, increasingly intelligent sex robots may become widely available to the masses, offering more than their bodies. They’ll be able to provide friendship, tell jokes, sing songs, and perhaps even something that looks a lot like love.

Skeptics are concerned with the ethical imperatives and dangers inherent in owning an artificially intelligent sex robot. Does it set impractical standards? Will it more deeply alienate folks who may be avoidant of social situations to begin with? Is it fair to subjugate intelligent, albeit artificially, beings to sexual servitude?

The critics are overlooking all the potential benefits, though - companionship for people who are isolated, education for people who are inexperienced with sex and relationships, and of course, the same benefits that any sex toys can provide - low risk of STI transmission, no risk of pregnancy, and a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

Hopefully you’re intrigued at this point. Ready to dip your toe into the world of sex dolls? Here are five varieties you can find at your local HUSTLER Hollywood store. You can find a full on realistic doll that’s an exact replica of a human body, or just find the parts you’re most interested for a more compact, portable experience. Full-service realistic robots aren’t yet available, but you can find a lovely, life-like companion for a much better price.

The Lina Doll - by Shots America

Lina is the Cadillac of love dolls, with movable joints, supple skin, plump, round breasts, a bubblicious booty, and long, silky brown hair you can gently brush. Her soft lips open to reveal deep throat potential, her long fingers and toes separate and can gently (or firmly) wrap around your member or interlace with your own hands, and of course spread her lips or round buns to reveal her penetrable, deeply lifelike pussy and ass.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Dude Masturbator

Sex dolls don’t have to be all about holes and penetration. They can give love just as readily as receive it. This macho man has chiseled pecs, broad shoulders, and rock hard abs to hold onto as you ride his massive eight inch cock. You can fondle the balls, practice your BJ skills, and fill up his tight, warm booty.  If you don’t need a full torso, the Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Hard Cock is an equally fulfilling and more mobile piece ever-ready member.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt Masturbator

If you’re an ass man, this masturbator may exceed your doggy-style dreams. Only the bold may be able to handle the juicy, round lumps of this butt, or the delicate folds of her realistic pussy. Weighing in at 32 pounds’ worth of supple flesh, that’s one thick booty for you to grab hold of.

Sweet Jasmine Blow Up Doll

If you’re more old-fashioned, or maybe aren’t looking for the kind of investment a full-on real doll entails, a blow up doll is a good place to start. These PVC toys are compatible with any type of lube, which is a pro, and we can’t recommend using a thick, slick gel-like lube enough. Jasmine can handle up to 200 pounds of weight, so if you’re over that you’ll have to try girl-on-top or get acrobatic with standing or even shower sex. Jasmine is a great pool and hot tub accessory but should not be used as a flotation device.

Love Botz Versa Fuk Machine

If the flesh and silicone model is a little too uncanny valley for you, try a sex machine that delivers all of the bang and less of the familiar face. The robotic arm with its interchangeable dildo attachments can deliver up to 300 thrusts per minute. Unrealistic standards? You bet. But love botz are not meant to replace, they’re meant to supplement. After all, isn’t that what human ingenuity and technology is all about? Making our lives easier, more interesting, and more pleasurable? We think so.