What’s UP with the VUSH line: The vibrator line Cardi B. is championing

What’s UP with the VUSH line: The vibrator line Cardi B. is championing

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There are so many reasons to adore Cardi B. From her rejection of stereotypical expectations of femininity, her mission in redefining rap music, to her political outspokenness on issues of injustice, we love her controversial persona and the fact that she won’t let anyone tell her what to do. Of course, we also love that she’s become the symbol of female empowerment and sexuality, an emboldened, agentic sexual woman who is shocking the masses by simply stating that she enjoy sex.

Last week, we referenced “WAP,” one of Cardi’s most recent platinum records that is still causing a stir even a year after its release. The raw sexuality, the explicit statement made, and the refusal to be subtle or demure, as is typically expected of women and their sensuality, shocked audiences and, of course, sold over two million records.

In her latest smash hit, Cardi B skips basic anatomy and veers into straight-up swagger, telling the world that she’s hot - “face bomb, ass tight,” and refusing to let others cut her down. She uses humor, gushing exuberance, and unwavering confidence to drive the song over a simple beat.

The video begins with her Louboutin-encased foot upon a molded relief of a man atop a grave, the words upon the tombstone reading, “RIP 2020,” ambiguous whether or not the nameless man died then or if the figure symbolizes 2020 itself, and Cardi’s insistence that despite its harshest attempts, she still fought, conquered and came out on top of the year that hit everyone hard.

The remainder of the video displays Cardi in her full glory, adorned in plastic, flowing white, and even leather, with a troupe of friends dancing their WAPs off and writhing seductively. At about the minute mark, Cardi B and four other girls recline, siren-like, in a shell, encrusted in jewels and adorned with pearls. Her signature long talons then prominently display a - wait, is that a vibrator? Knowing Cardi, who once famously gave out vibes as party favors, of course it is.

The shot lingers long enough to see the name inscribed above the silver accent on the coral-pink vibe  - VUSH, it reads. So who are these mysterious vibe-makers and how did the queen Cardi B. come to choose this particular toy as her royal scepter?

VUSH is different from other toy manufacturers as it positions itself as aesthetically heavily influenced, and believes that buying a sex toy should feel as natural, normal and feel good as buying a beauty product would. Their overarching mission is to promote self love, body positivity, and the idea that seeking pleasure is a vital part of overall wellness. Similar to HUSTLER Hollywood’s own core value of erasing the shame, VUSH believes in breaking the stigma around sexuality - they view exploring, discussing, and educating as the route to doing so. Aside from making toys that aid in this mission, they’re also seeking to create a community.

VUSH’s Self Love Nation is a family of influencers hand-picked by the VUSH staff who are all equally enthusiastic about self love, breaking down barriers, and having open and honest conversations about sexual health and sexuality. Members of the community can submit questions to self-love experts, read advice on everything from dating app tips to emergency contraception, take quizzes, and submit their own advice or self-love inspo.

VUSH is also all about the “post-O glow,” citing scientific facts that orgasms do indeed give you a temporary blush and a rush of hormones that can lead to better skin, a boosted immune system, deeper sleep, and of course, an improved mood and sense of contentedness. They view sexual wellness as integral to self care and health, and are eager to encourage dialog around female pleasure, empowerment, and fulfillment.

So, are you sold yet? The brand will largely be available in beauty stores but will soon be available at HUSTLER Hollywood.

Created by an all-female design team down under in Australia, each VUSH toy is made with soft, non-porous, medical-grade silicone, meaning that clean-up is a breeze with soap and water or toy cleaner. They’re 100% waterproof and submersible so you can take it anywhere - the bathtub, shower, hot tub, or under the sea like Cardi B. Fully rechargeable via a magnetic USB charger, these toys are ideal for the eco-conscious self love enthusiast.

The Rose 2 is a precision bullet vibrator. The pretty petal pink and botanical sculpted surface are extra adorable, but that isn’t the only thing that makes this clitoral vibe stand out. Deep, rumbly vibrations emanate from the tungsten motor and offer over 25(!!!) combinations of speeds and vibration patterns. The flexible shaft moves with your body, and can be used for all-over stimulation, or use the point for acute, intense vibration that’ll drive you wild. The Rose 2 is best used as a clitoral stimulator but there are no rules - avoid anal use but if it strikes your fancy to insert the pretty bulb for some internal stimulation, by all means! The toy is yours to explore and experiment with.

The Majesty 2 is the exact VUSH model seen in Cardi B’s “Up” video. The peachy pink wand offers 5 speeds and 10 patterns to take you over the edge. The wand has an ergonomic curve for easy handling, and the intense, deep vibrations are optimal for massaging everything from your nether region to aching back and shoulder muscles. Tease and arouse with its lower settings, or jack up the speed for powerful, world-rocking orgasms.

Even if you’re not quite yet at Cardi’s level of standing atop a car and singing at the top of your lungs about your Wet Ass Pussy, you may soon be singing the praises of this vibrator line - and by joining VUSH’s Self Love Nation, who knows? You may be the next member of the family to pose artfully with your new VUSH toy next to your smiling face, showing off your Post-O Glow.