How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in 2021

How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in 2021

With vaccines rolling out and restrictions on gatherings lifting as the COVID-19 pandemic seems to gradually (and hopefully) subside, maids of honor may want to err on the side of caution while still doing their best to throw a small gathering to celebrate love and friendship. While trips to strip clubs or voyages to Nashville and Vegas may not yet be realistic, you can still throw a small intimate party that your bride-to-be will never forget. 

Some of these ideas are naughty and some are nice, but don’t forget that it’s not all about penis crowns and throwing dollars at a hot, greasy, muscled body. It’s about being together and creating memories. Best of all, you may even find that you save a few dollars by going overboard at home, and everyone will be able to participate fully. Almost all activities can easily be made virtual with a little forethought; you can mail guests party kits with everything they’ll need to do it themselves at home. Just set up a Zoom room and have everyone tune in to celebrate digitally.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should throw a gathering, keep CDC guidelines for gathering in mind, and keep it as safe as possible. Stay outside, keep masks on, and keep your distance. Set up party pods for attendees to get settled in on; draw circles on your lawn, have guests bring their own chairs and umbrellas or even pop-up tents if they have them, and set up party kits to distribute every six feet or so. If you’re fortunate enough to have a bridal party of fully vaccinated individuals, lucky you! If not, it may be worth the wait to be able to get together safely in person, or you can always connect online if time is of the essence. Here’s a list of ideas that you can participate in together at a distance, online, or if the time is right, fully together.

Curate a Cocktail Menu

Refreshments are the most important part of any bachelorette party. Mix a few batches of ready-made drinks like margaritas and cosmopolitans and serve each guest their own pitcher. Hand out personal shot glasses and make a game out of it; take a shot every time someone mentions the groom’s name!

Decorate Accordingly

Turn your home into a nightclub! Go all out with string lights, streamers, confetti and add a personal touch by placing plenty of framed photos of the bride-to-be with other party members. Install a light-up dance pole in the center of the room.

Turn Every Attendee into a Photographer

If social distancing means you have to skip the photo booth, hand out disposable cameras to all the partygoers to capture more memories throughout the evening. Incentivize it—the last one to finish their camera roll has to take a shot!


Emulate the British and set up cake-decorating stations for each attendee, complete with frosting, cake decorations, and personal penis cakes! Assign a few categories: Most Realistic, Most Creative, and of course, One You’d Most Like to… Eat.

Have a Dance Party

If you’re worried about getting your friends out of their seats and grooving, maybe they need a little challenge. Download the Just Dance Now video game on your game console or PC and have a dance contest. After every song is over, the winner has to take a shot.

Take a Striptease Lesson via Zoom

Now that everyone’s loosened up from dancing to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, it’s time to put that dance pole to work. Find a pole dance instructor online. You can find a local fitness instructor who may be willing to offer virtual lessons, or better yet, contact a real dancer who may already have turned their business virtual due to the pandemic. Use your favorite video chat platform ad connect to your big screen and have everyone follow along. Take turns working the pole and make sure to disinfect between turns. Do it as sexily as possible, and make sure to take a shot in between!

Play Dueling Dickies

Mask up and strap-on because this game requires getting up in each other’s grills—but not too close because you have to knock cocks until one or both of you loses yours! Play outside for maximum ventilation so you can scream and let out all your competitive frustration!

Play What The?

This card game effectively doubles as both a drinking game and a prompt for your drunken dirty texts you’re going to send later and wake up in the morning. String along a series of cards to turn into a silly, sexy text message. The dirtiest mind wins!

Play Never Have I Ever

Take turns going around the room and confessing your dirtiest secrets. Shock and delight your friends by revealing all the things you have and haven’t done. Take a shot every time a guest reveals an action they have done that you haven’t.

Set Up a Spa

Set up personal spa stations by providing each guest with a bucket they can fill with warm water and a basket filled with bath salts, face masks, body scrub, lotion and nail polish. Hand each guest a robe so they can slip into something silky that’ll make them feel truly luxuriant. This may be a great activity to start the day with or save it for the morning after when no one’s in the mood to move around too much. In that case, add some aspirin, Vitamin C mix, and maybe a Bloody Mary or Mimosa to the basket. Your guests will thank you.

Give out Party Favors!

Don’t let your guests go home empty-handed. Make gift bags filled with edible undies, finger vibes, vibrating cock rings, penis candy necklaces, BJ Blast candy, and more. Your guests will be so grateful, and with treats like these, it’ll soon be time to start planning their bachelorette parties.