How to Celebrate Husband Appreciation Weekend

How to Celebrate Husband Appreciation Weekend

April 17 is Husband Appreciation Day, and HUSTLER Hollywood is celebrating all weekend long.

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for—just ask any dad whose tool belt is overflowing. Hot on the heels of Steak and a Blowjob Day and recognizing that not every man subscribes to this stereotypical archetype of machismo centered around, well, carnivorous proclivities and penchants for receiving oral (although to be fair, we’ll probably include some BJ tips), we got creative to come up with some tips to make your man feel special. It can be a gift, it can be an experience, and well, you can’t really go wrong with physical affection. Any combination of the following activities is sure to let him know just how much he’s appreciated.

Relinquish the Remote

It’s a small but powerful gesture. For the day, let him decide on the media you consume, whether it’s relinquishing the aux cord in the car and sucking it up while you listen to several hours of sports podcasts or heading home where it’ll be all Marvel all day, compromise on compromising. It’s one day; you can get through it!

Go on a Mini-Break

A getaway is always welcome, this year more than ever. If you don’t have the time or ability to go on a full-fledged vacation, try and get away for the evening. You don’t have to go far—a staycation at a local boutique hotel can be just as revitalizing as a stay at a more remote location. Turn your devices off, get those robes on, order room service, and focus on relaxing and being together.

Give Him the Keys

Rent the vehicle of his dreams for a day and let him cruise around. It may not be a luxury sports car—rent a speedboat, a motorcycle, a dune buggy, or an ATV so he can try out a different sort of motor. If you’re going along for the ride, bring a helmet!

Buy Him a Lap Dance

If you’re comfortable with it, head to your favorite strip club with your dude and watch the dancers do their thing. Then find your favorite dancer and buy him a dance! Your confidence, trust, and comfort in offering him this indulgence while you look on will be a huge turn-on for him. If he doesn’t want a lap dance for himself, chances are he’ll love watching you get the lap dance. Watching you enjoy the presence of another beautiful person is sure to bring him joy and get his imagination going!

Buy Him Lingerie

Typically, we advise you to wear lingerie as a present to him. But who’s to say that he won’t enjoy the feeling of soft, silky material on his skin? Lingerie makes everyone feel special and sexy, regardless of gender. A pair of soft boxer briefs or a luxurious robe will give him something to slip into to get more comfortable in post-massage, and you’ll likely enjoy getting an eyeful of his bod. Men deserve to feel confident and well-dressed too, and they’ll love dressing up and being showered in compliments about how good they look.

Pamper Him with a Spa Day

Some men severely undervalue the necessity of self-care. You can go the gift certificate route and send him to the spa for the day, or you can build connection and intimacy by DIYing it. Set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting softly scented candles, and pouring a bath for your dude after he comes home from a long day.

Give Him an Erotic Massage

After letting him soak, bring him to the bedroom for a sensual, deep-tissue massage. Grab some NURU massage gel and use your entire body to turn this relaxing endeavor into a slippery, scintillating, sexy experience. Have him disrobe and close his eyes while you generously dig your hands into his muscles. Once he’s nice and loose, slip off your own clothes, flip him over, and give him a straddle. Then use the rest of your body parts to slide up and down his, all the while making eye contact. NURU is a seriously intense, emotionally bonding ritual that can be a prelude to sexy times or just an indulgent activity on its own to show him some serious physical affection.

Offer a Helping Hand

Pleasure enhancers of all sorts are always a wonderful gift. Some people may think it’s strange to gift their bedmate a masturbation aid, but it shouldn’t be. Even if you’re having sex with your partner on the daily, masturbation is another thing altogether—and on days you’re away or busy, they still deserve to enjoy themselves to the utmost. Similarly, a lot of men won’t buy masturbators for themselves, thinking that their hand is doing the job just fine. In that case, it’s up to you to convince them otherwise.

A male vibrator like the Satisfyer Suction Stroker will encase his shaft in a warm, tight grip. With a little lubricant, the toy’s mechanical suction motions will allow him to adjust the amount of sucking sensation to his exact preferences. It’s a small toy that adds a LOT of oomph to his regular masturbation sessions.

Take Care of Him — Inside and Out

Another great gift that he may be unlikely to buy for himself is a prostate toy. Medical research shows that prostate massage can indeed support prostate health, which should be a winning argument if he’s hesitant at first. The LELO Hugo makes a come-hither motion while he wears it that’ll have his toes curling in orgasmic bliss. This is an amazing opportunity to show him the pleasures of dual stimulation—if you give him a blowjob while he’s wearing the prostate toy, he’ll be in heaven.

If internal stimulation isn’t his thing, slip on a multi-use toy like Fun Factory’s Be One Finger Vibe. You can use it for all-over stimulation—his nipples, his scrotum, his perineum, and even the outside of his booty for some rimming-like simulation. Best of all, give it a quick clean and he can turn it around and use it on you too! Those are the best gifts of all.