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Top 5 Toys for Back Door Fun

May is Masturbation Month, and today, we’re focusing on that equal opportunity orifice, everyone’s favorite source of intrigue, the delightfully taboo tushy. If you like it in the derrière, or you’re simply curious about giving rear entry a go, these are a few tools you need to have in your arsenal and a few simple rules to remember to have the most effective, safe, and fun anal play.

Proper use and care of your anal toys will ensure that you can continue enjoying anal masturbation benefits for a long time. Only use non-porous toys that can be fully sterilized in between uses. If it goes in your rectum, it should only be made of glass, stainless steel, or medical-grade silicone. Never, ever swap orifices—if it goes in the behind, it stays there. Using a toy vaginally after anal insertion can introduce bacteria to the delicate flora of the vulva and cause infections, so use toy cleaner often and generously.

Always use toys that are designed specifically for anal play. For example, slimline vibrators or ben wa balls have no place in the butt. Without a flared base or a retrieval string, these items can get lost when the powerful sphincter muscle contracts and pulls the toy inside. So keep your slimline vibes and scrotum-less realistic dildos outta there!

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the anal lube. The best lubes for anal play are the more viscous, gel-like lubricants that provide extra cushion for the pushin’. If you’re only using lube for skin-on-skin contact, any type of lubricant will do, and silicone or oil-based lubes may last longer. But if you’re using condoms, skip the oil-based kind, as it can break down rubber quite quickly. If you’re using toys, a water-based lube will maintain the quality and prolong the life of your toy, and you can still find a thick, squishy water-based lube that will cling to your toy and allow for seamless insertion. Check out the all-natural vegan, cruelty-free Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle for a perfect anal toy lube.

Anal masturbation is awesome because it’s accessible to almost everyone. Whatever your gender or sexuality, you can enjoy the thrills and delights of some booty tickling. Whether you have a prostate and are looking for a toy that can hit all the right angles to bring about a toe-curling P-spot orgasm, or you’re a beginner and just want a little rimming-type external stimulation, this list is for you!

1.B-Vibe Petite Rimming Plug

Recommended Experience Level: Novice

This is the perfect plug for someone, as advertised, who is new to anal insertion and is looking for a toy that won’t overwhelm. The Petite measures 1.4 inches around at its widest point and has 3.9 inches of insertable length, making it just about the same size as your middle finger. With a bit of water-based lubricant and some deep breathing, the toy will slide in easily and comfortably. The other reason plugs are great for beginners is because once they’re in, you’re done. You turn it on, use the controls to get to the level you want, and then you’re using the toy hands-free while you stimulate yourself in other ways—like masturbating your genitals, your nipples, or even entertaining a partner. Or you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the powerful sensations as they ripple inside you. The other amazing feature the B-Vibe Petite boasts is the rotating beads that mimic rimming, so you can feel the delights of internal stimulation while your rectum is gently massaged.

2. HUSTLER® Playthings Vibrating Silicone Booty Beads

Recommended Experience Level: Novice

These booty beads are great for beginners because they’re soft, smooth, and flexible. A three-speed bullet makes the beads rumble inside. Users can use lube generously to slowly insert the beads one at a time. Then as they play, and they’re ready to orgasm, they can either let the vibration carry them through blissful waves to arrive at O-town; they can slide the beads in and out for additional stimulation; or they can pull them out quickly and entirely for a powerful, rapid rush of sensation. We recommend these silicon bead “wand” toys any day over the old-fashioned traditional “pearls on a string” model. Silicon can be completely sanitized, and there are no secret hiding places that can harbor bacteria. 

3. Aneros MGX Syn Trident P-Spot Stimulator

Recommended Experience Level: Mid-Level

This ergonomically-shaped, tapered prostate massager with 4.9 insertable inches was meticulously designed to add sensation and pleasure at every angle—while inserting, while removing, and while rocking back and forth with the body’s natural motions. The Aneros is a hands-free device that provides generous prostate and perineum stimulation and can be worn and used in addition to penile stimulation or sex. The Aneros is designed for P-spot massage, so if the user doesn’t have a prostate, they may still enjoy the insertable part but may enjoy an anal plug or vibrator more. The Aneros brand is recommended by medical professionals to stimulate the prostate to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, so enjoy often and take pleasure knowing that it’s for your health!

4. Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator

Recommended Experience Level: Advanced

The Claw may look intimidating, and such a name may cause wincing, but it’s really more of a gentle flower. The 4.5-inch plug is held together manually by the user, and after insertion, it will gently blossom and fill the spaces wherever the rectal cavity allows it to. The claw provides an intense sensation of fulfillment, and the soft, flexible material won’t force its way open. It’s much more forgiving than it appears, and the enjoyment that comes from a bit of edgeplay knows no bounds.

5.  Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Double Ended Dildo

Recommended Experience Level: Advanced

The stainless steel Le Wand Hoop is a must-have for every pleasure object connoisseur. The opportunities for use are endless. Dip it in warm or ice-cold water for sensation play, use it in any orifice you choose, use both ends simultaneously with a partner, use any type of lube, and stick it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. One side has a one-inch diameter head, and the other has a slightly thicker 1.5-inch. When inserted anally or vaginally, the additional weight of the toy adds the right angle and the perfect amount of pressure necessary to achieve a G-spot or P-spot orgasm.