Sexy Summer Bucket List: Six Places to Do It Outdoors

Sexy Summer Bucket List: Six Places to Do It Outdoors

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Summer’s here, and things are about to heat up! As the days become longer and shorts get shorter, everyone’s feeling frisky - especially after a year spent at home.

A common fantasy for many folks is to get it on in the great outdoors. Having sex outside can be exhilarating and liberating, but there is an art to it! Depending on where you are, getting nude certainly comes with risks -  from poison oak to indecent exposure tickets. The number one rule? Don’t get caught! Although there is certainly a thrill that comes with the possibility of getting caught, you could get into serious legal trouble and traumatize the poor person who sees you for life.

Avoid areas where children may cross your path at all costs, and seek out private opportunities. Taking your time in a beautiful forest is much more enjoyable when you’re also concealed inside a tent. Getting intimate in a sparkling private pool at a vacation rental is probably going to be a lot sexier than trying to sneak in a session at your local public swimming hole. 

Once you’ve reduced the possibility of being seen, bring out your inner Scout and Be Prepared. Inspect your location to remove any physical impediments like poisonous plants, animal homes, animal droppings, and trash. Maximize your pleasure and make clean-up easy by bringing a small bottle of lubricant, disposable sex toys, and intimate wipes. And of course, respect Mother Nature by leaving no trace - pack up your trash and dispose of it responsibly. Then you can return to the wilderness whenever nature calls.

  • Camping

The exhilaration of getting away from it all and becoming one with nature is a surefire turn-on. Getting it on while camping is a great way to experience getting fresh in the fresh air while minimizing the risk of getting caught. If you’re in a truly remote area, your possibilities expand. Get things going by enjoying an outdoor solar shower together, then slip into your tent and leave the flap unzipped so you can keep an eye out for bears while you take turns going down on each other or spoon away. If you’re truly glamping, an RV may provide all the comforts of your own home with the music of bird song and evergreen vistas to stimulate you visually.

  • At the beach

Aside from the risk of getting caught by a watchful lifeguard or another beachgoer, be careful to avoid getting sand in sensitive areas! The best time to be a reverse-cowgirl in the sand is at night, on a quiet beach with no one around. Bring lots of towels and blankets to lay down and to cover yourselves. Missionary positions work well here, whether you’re doing P-in-V, P-in-A, or Tribbing, as does going down on your partner under the covers of beach blankets. If your partner has a penis and you’re feeling extremely bold, set up a beach chair, sit on their lap, and grind away. Or go with the more discreet method of simply using your hands to stimulate your partner manually while you splash away in the surf together. 

  • In your backyard

For the most risk-averse, doing it on your own property may be the safest way to do it - unless all your neighbors can see into your yard! If you don’t have a privacy fence to shield your tryst from your neighbor’s view, wait until nightfall or set up some privacy screens so you can feel the breeze on your boobs or the sun on your sack. Heck, you can kill two birds with one stone and pitch a tent in your backyard! You may find that doing the dirty in the dirt is a huge turn-on, or you may prefer to use your patio furniture to make the experience more comfortable. 

  • In the pool

Nothing better than getting wet on a sultry summer day. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway at a private AirBnB with a pool or languishing on lounge chairs in your backyard, you can recreate the infamous Showgirls pool scene with a little lube and some props. Although you may be submerged in water, it can actually be hard to insert toys or body parts because chlorinated water can wick away your natural bodily secretions. Use a silicone-based lube to moisturize and ensure slippery, smooth pool-time play (and a condom if you’re having penetrative sex - pregnancy and STIs are still a risk underwater.) Use fun noodles to aid with flotation to master a variety of positions. More acrobatic positions are more accessible underwater, so try standing up and holding your partner, entering them from behind, or even an underwater 69 - either standing up or floating.

  • On a rooftop

This one could be extremely risky, especially if you’re in a city and have neighbors in taller buildings. A best practice is, find the tallest building you can. Make it fast, hot, and dirty. If it isn’t your own personal and private rooftop, there is a possibility that you could be found at any second. Wear a skirt or button fly for quick, easy access. Do it at night to cloak yourselves in darkness. Do it standing up in a corner, or kneel and go down on your partner while they keep an eye out for possible interruptions. If you have the luxury of complete privacy, bring a few toys - like a cock ring if your partner has a penis or a finger vibe to stimulate your partner’s clitoris or perineum while they stare into the clouds. Watch out for helicopters!

  • On a boat

To add even more thrill, take a trip to pound town while you set sail on the high seas. Whether you’ve commissioned a luxury charter yacht or feel like getting frisky on a ferry, the gentle rocking motions of a boat can fuel your passion and add an element of surprise. Try standing up while holding onto the railing (only if you’re on a bigger boat- don’t try this one on a canoe) or get creative in the captain’s quarters with your hands and mouth while your lover steers - they’ll feel like the king or queen of the world.