Don’t Get Duped: Debunking Outrageous Vaginal Wellness Claims

Don’t Get Duped: Debunking Outrageous Vaginal Wellness Claims

Health and wellness trends are more profitable than ever, especially sexual health trends. However, in the past few years, celebrities and actors are the ones doling out advice and reaping the rewards. Some aspects of this are truly positive, like encouraging women to talk openly about their sex lives, more couples exploring their sexuality, and open-mindedness towards toys, potions, and other doo-dads. There are a few negatives though - some advice is best left to doctors, scientists and researchers. Great creative talent does not always equate to medical expertise.

Some of the vagina-centric advice and devices peddled by celebrities is good, some is bad, and some is just downright silly. Before you try performing a DIY beauty experiment on your most sensitive parts, read some advice from actual sex therapists, gynecologists, and medical practitioners. You may save yourself some bucks, and some pain.

Don’t: Sun Your Vagina

One famous vagina-owner shared the secret to her gorgeous glow - soaking up vitamin D directly through her vagine. The actor read the advice of an herbalist, and claimed that vitamin D will prevent yeast infections and “other genital issues.” She also promised that an hour of spreading your legs in the sun can give you a boost of energy and chase away the winter blues.

Do: Go Commando

First of all, this just isn’t necessary - associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh and researcher of women’s health and VItamin D, said that there’s no link between yeast infections and vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, an hour in the sun is a long time for any unshielded body part, imagine what it could do to the delicate skin of your vagine that (likely) rarely sees the light of day. They have yet to invent a safe sunscreen for your sensitive bits, so if you feel the need to absorb the D outdoors, keep your V in the shade and absorb some sun through your SPF-loaded arms or legs. If you feel like jamming out with your clam out, going commando from time to time actually does have benefits. It allows the vagina to “breathe,” which is important because some underwear can trap moisture which can lead to yeast infections. So if you hear the call of nature, think “gentle breeze,” rather than “sun.”

Don’t: Steam your vagina

While urogynecologist and OB-GYN Megan Sneed, MD reports that “vaginal steaming” has been practiced for centuries to ‘cleanse and revitalize’ the vulva, she also recommends vulva-owners don’t try it at home. Vaginal steaming has shot to popularity and very gradually fallen as a beauty treatment that encourages the pores of the vaginal, vulval, and reproductive organs to open and absorb the medicinal effects of the herbs added to the steaming liquid. Other claims include reducing bloating, menstrual cramps, and balancing hormones, which no scientific evidence supports.

Do: Take a shower. 

Clean your vagina when you shower by using gentle soap and water, or a cleansing wipe if you’re a gal on the go, ONLY on the outside - never in. Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. Products with strong chemicals, even those marketed as “hygiene products” can disrupt the delicate flora and fauna of your frontbum and result in unpleasant side effects. Additionally, this whole idea is the opposite of sunning your vagina - by adding moisture to the area, you can increase the likelihood of a yeast infection occurring. Or worse, you can incorrectly gauge the heat of the steam and burn your most sensitive areas - no thank you!! Even if you test the steam’s temperature with your fingers, your labia and vulva are so much more sensitive, why risk doing temporary or even permanent damage? Your uterus does not need to be cleaned, steam cannot alter your hormones - and it’s unlikely that steam could waft that far anyway. Save yourself the cash and get a deep-tissue massage instead. Or a new vibe!

Don’t: Put Gemstone Eggs in your Vagina

We love that celebs have embraced and promoted pelvic floor exercising. The more we talk about it, the less any weird stigma is erased. Pelvic exercises certainly have their benefits, such as preventing incontinence, greater control over one’s orgasms, and a “tighter” fit as the muscles swell with use. But that’s about where the benefits end - there are no mysterious healing properties that emanate from a crystal inside your vagine. Putting porous objects in your cooch - like those made from jade, quartz, stone, or any so-called “natural” materials can actually be really dangerous. Keep your crystals on your windowsill or around your neck, and only put gynecologist-approved devices in your love tunnel. If you want to “harness your feminine energy,” as some accompanying pamphlets suggest, put on some lipstick instead.

Kegel exercises are awesome and beneficial, but it’s paramount that vaginal fitness enthusiasts  use proper tools to practice Kegel exercises. OB-GYN and author of The Vagina Bible Jennifer Gunter, MD, warns that the gemstone eggs are porous and therefore unable to be cleaned between uses, which means germs and bacteria can breed and cause all sorts of issues that no amount of vaginal sunning will help. She also notes that some jade eggs come with the instruction to sleep with the egg, but warns that not even items designed for internal use, like tampons and menstrual cups should not be kept in for extended periods of time. Another possible nightmare scenario: the soft, porous surface can chipped and scratch the inside of the vagina. That is one egg you do not want to crack.

Do: Use medical-grade silicone eggs that are approved by gynecologists

You can still enjoy all of the fabulous upsides of pelvic muscle exercising by using products that are not just approved of but even promoted by sex therapists and medical professionals. Use Kegel exercisers made of non-porous, body-safe materials like medical grade silicone, borosilicate glass, or stainless steel. You also don’t need to wear your egg to bed - a few minutes once a day while you wash dishes or sit in traffic is all you need to start building strength.

Now you know the truth- many vaginal wellness trends are a big load of whoop!