Celebrate Spouse's Day: Top 8 Couples’ Toys

Celebrate Spouse's Day: Top 8 Couples’ Toys

Whether you’ve been with your spouse for a few weeks or a few decades, here’s how you can celebrate International Spouse’s Day on January 26th this year.

“International Spouse’s Day is on January 26th this year. Whether you’ve been with your spouse for a few weeks or a few decades, 1/26 offers you yet another day to celebrate your love. In addition to birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day, you should never miss an opportunity to make an occasion out of things, get dressed up (or undressed), and express how much you mean to one another. Even if you’re not legally bound, why not use the day to celebrate your love? These days, we need to make our own magic.

Chances are, your loved one may not even know about this holiday, so here’s your chance to surprise them. Here are some ideas for toys that make perfect gifts to show your appreciation and celebrate your life together.

Lovense Ferri

The term “vibrating panties” may induce some giggles - but this powerful panty vibe is seriously awesome. Unlike other panty vibes that may slip and slide out of place as you go about your business, a magnetic clip keeps the Ferri in place. What makes all Lovense products stand out is that they’re controllable via Bluetooth, making it the perfect toy for star-crossed lovers who may not be able to celebrate the holiday together in-person. A perfect gift for date nights, IRL, or URL!

Pegging Thigh Harness

Love an equal opportunity toy! This strap-on can be worn by anyone with a thigh and used on anyone with a hole. It’s fairly self-explanatory - simply strap the adjustable harness to your thigh, and invite your partner to come to sit on your lap and take a ride. The slender, angled dildo is perfect for beginners who’ve never been entered by the strap-on, in the front or the back; however, the O-ring has a snap design so you can opt for a dildo of your choice instead of the one that’s included. Don’t forget the toy lube! Lap dances will never be the same after this.

Fun Factory Sharevibe

No straps, no problem! Enjoy seamless skin-to-skin contact with this innovative, mutually-fulfilling harness-free strap-on. The gentle curve of the vibe’s shaft easily reaches the g-spot or p-spot, meaning that folks of any type of anatomy can enjoy, while the wearer’s pelvic muscles hold the bulb in place and raised ridges offer clitoral stimulation. Penis-owners can also insert the bulb anally to offer their partner an unforgettable double-penetration experience. The powerful bullet that makes the medical-grade silicone toy buzz can be removed as well if you’re after some non-penetrative play.

Doc Johnson Tryst

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a...vibrator? This Omni-toy does it all: wear it around the base of the penis during sex for a little extra buzz. Use it to stroke the shaft or tickle his scrotum, or put the arms around the clitoris to give it an exciting embrace. Use it on the nipples, the labia, heck, even squeeze the prongs together and put it the booty. The possibilities are truly endless!

We-Vibe Chorus

Why mess with perfection? When We-Vibe entered the market over a decade ago now, it revolutionized sex and sex toys forever. They’ve continued to improve upon the design, making slight adjustments to make it more comfortable, more adjustable, and more powerful; but on the whole, the concept and shape are one-of-a-kind and can’t really get any better. We-Vibe toys, anecdotally, also have one of the most powerful motors available. Their products are amazing for couples or solo play, with their wide variety of options for wearable devices. The We-Vibe has two motors at either end, one side is worn internally and the other sits externally to stimulate the vulva. It’s also not just for vaginas - people can use it anally while the end traditionally positioned to stimulate the clitoris can stimulate the perineum. For folks not into penetration, simply flip it around and use one side as a handle, or use it to stroke a penis or even stimulate nipples.

Fun Factory Manta Stroker

Many folks may label and dismiss this as a toy just for men, but oh how wrong they are! Sure, people with penises can use the toy to stimulate the testicles (try it while also engaging in oral sex to really knock your socks off!,) or stroke the shaft with, but that’s not all they do! He can hold it around the base of his penis during sex to turn his member into a human vibrator! It can also be used to stimulate the nipples or vulva. Just add a little lube that the ridges of the Manta’s wings keep in place, and go to town. Because it’s medical-grade silicone, it can be shared between partners so everyone can join in on the fun!

Jo 2 to Tango Lubricant

When you get a new toy, don’t go in dry. Any type of water-based lubricant is essential for maximizing pleasure and reducing friction. Kick things up a notch with a set of complementary lubes that can be used together or separately to increase sensation. Jo’s set comes with a tingly lube “for her” and a spicy warming lube “for him.” Of course, they can be used by anyone no matter your anatomy or gender.

Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath

This super macho cocksheath has many uses. Filled with soft ridges for extra friction, he can use the sleeve on his own to masturbate with; or he can slip it over his member during sex to add more fleshy fullness for his partner. Having a bit extra length and girth never hurt anyone- 2+ inches, in this particular case. The soft, comfortable TPR sleeve also provides erection support and is ultra-stretchy to give you the perfect fit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A tip - don’t buy this for your partner without their knowledge. It’s the kind of thing they should buy when they’re the ones who will be wearing it. Trust us on this.

Link Up Pinnacle Cockring

It looks like your standard vibrating cock ring - which is a classic for good reason. But it’s different! Instead of simply vibrating, it uses innovative “precision rolling ball stimulation” technology to stimulate both the wearer and the person they’re grinding it against - think of the difference between sitting on a washing machine, and sitting on a washing machine with a tongue. It’s also a smart vibrator - it has a unique memory chip to “remember” the last function used. It also offers all the same erectile support that any other cockring does, increasing the wearer’s endurance and stamina and ensuring both partners experience mind blowing orgasms.