Anal play the right way

Anal Play the Right Way: Everything You Need to Become a Derrière Extraordinaire

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The secret’s out about anal sex. Here’s what’s great about it - everyone has a b-hole, so everyone can use it! Anal sex and orgasms via the booty are the great equalizer. It defies gender and sexuality - and increasing internet search trends and skyrocketing sales of lube, anal kits, and tushy toys all confirm that posterior play’s popularity is on the rise.

Sure, getting started with fanny fun can seem a bit intimidating at first, particularly if you’ve never attempted any backdoor entry whatsoever. But with a little guidance, patience, and a LOT of lube, HUSTLER Hollywood is here to ease you in and back you up.

Step 1: Prepare

Unless you’re a porn star, preparation for tushy time doesn’t need to be a whole to-do. Some individuals find that they have an easier time getting into the mood if they use an enema beforehand - that way they can relax and be relieved of the fear of any, well, matter appearing during sex. However, most people find that as long as they go #2 earlier in the day and bathe properly, natural bodily functions don’t often make an appearance. If you ARE a porn star though, we got your back. We have quite a few enemas on hand to help you out.

clean stream  anal douche

Clean Stream Enema Douche


Step 2: Relax

The anus is a muscle, and an extremely strong one at that. If you’re tense, anticipating pain, or nervous, the sphincter muscle will naturally contract, making any insertion extremely difficult.

To prepare your body for any type of activity, first you need to relax. The principle of this exercise is pleasure, and whether you’re with a partner or attempting some auto-sphincter-stimulation, there’s no need to power through it.

Slow down, relax, and remember that this is supposed to be enjoyable. The second you start feeling discomfort, stop! Try some breathing exercises - a 4-second inhales followed by an 8-second inhale should begin to still your mind and calm your body.


Step 3: Lube Up

Without a doubt, lubricant is an absolutely vital part of any butt play whatsoever. The rectal cavity does not produce any of its own secretions (aside from the obvious) so lube is essential to prevent micro-tears and ensure utmost satisfaction is achieved.

There are many types of lube, so consider your activity. Apply a small amount with your finger, and be sure to get inside as well as around. Any water-based lubes that you're using with silicone toys will be absorbed into the body during play, so keep it keep close by and reapply as necessary.

Water Based Lubricant

if you’re using toys, you will want to use a thick, jelly-like water-based lubricant to ensure that the toy’s material isn’t compromised. The thicker viscosity will cling to the toy and absorb into the skin less quickly than traditional water-based lubes.

Silicone lubricant applied to silicone toys can eat away at the material, which will then create tiny holes in the surface that bacteria and microbes can hide in. That’s not a good thing at all when it comes to objects you put in your holes, so stick with water-based when in doubt!

wicked anal lubricant water-based jelle

Wicked Water-Based Jelle Anal Lubricant


Silicone Based Lubricant

If you’re only planning on engaging in skin-on-skin contact (e.g. using a finger or a penis to penetrate the booty,) silicone-based lube is by far the smoothest and silkiest. Unlike water-based lubricant, skin does not absorb silicone, so a little dab will last you quite a while.

Our favorite is Intimate Earth's Ease which features natural plant extracts that help your bum relax a bit, ensuring ease of entry.

intimate earth relaxing anal lubricant

Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide


Numbing Creams

Some topical analgesics (see what we did there?) like Anal-ese will help minimize any discomfort involved with the insertion process, but use sparingly as you still want to feel the pleasing sensations associated with the badonkadonk. Also, if you're too numb you won't feel whether or not you're relaxed enough to take it all in and may tear the skin unexpectedly.

Anal-ese is NOT a lube, so best practice is to use in conjunction with your favorite water-based or silicone lubricant.

crazy girl tush ease anal relaxant

Tush Ease Anal Relaxant


Step 4: Tease

Once you’re properly greased up, it’s time to play. If you’re exploring yourself, you may want to get comfortable and lay back on pillows with your knees bent and your feet flat on the bed. If you really want to get into it, you can even grab a hand mirror so you can properly see where you’re going.

Keep breathing and use your finger to gently stimulate the perimeter of the anus. Draw slow circles, rub back and forth, and just explore various motions and find out what you like! Maybe you stop there and that’s more than enough stimulation for you. Or maybe you continue and slowly, gently begin to insert a finger. Breathe! You’re doing great. Keep going and enjoy the novel sensations.

If you’re with a partner, you can stay on your back with your legs wide, or bend over on your hands and knees if you prefer a more submissive pose. Communication is essential here - tell your partner how it feels as they go, and don’t be afraid to tell them to slow down or speed up.

Guess what else is fun besides fingers? A tongue! Before you really get in there, a bit of a flickering french kiss down there will tickle you in a scintillating way and may have you begging for more. As long as you practice good hygiene there should be no issues with taste, but if you're hesitant try a flavored lubricant!

If you’re ready to be penetrated, it may be time for another dose of lubricant. Your partner should lubricate their phallus. If you’re using condoms with your partner, snap one on and lube that up also. Never enough lube! Keep breathing, talk to your partner a lot, and listen to them as well. Start slow, and get ready to be overcome.

Step 5: Use Toys

Most anal toys are designed with the intention to be inserted, but it isn’t a necessity. Try maneuvering different toys around the rectal rim, or inserting only the tip. Get creative and you might be surprised at what you like!

Tush toys come in many shapes and sizes. No matter what you decide to put in your bum, be sure that it has a wide, flared base. Otherwise, those ultra-buff backdoor muscles may get over-excited and you may have a hard time removing it. Here’s a quick overview of the basics - we recommend keeping at least one of each in your treasure trove!

Anal Plugs

This is a great toy for beginners, although butt plugs and probes do come in sizes we definitely don’t recommend you jump right onto. Many anal kits come with a few different sizes so you can start small and eventually graduate to the big leagues. Wearing a butt plug is a great way to prepare for butt sex too - it will loosen you up ever so slightly and get you excited to take on more. Not only are anal plugs functional and titillating, they’re also adorable accessories.

carbon fiber silicone anal plug

Carbon Fiber Silicone Anal Plug


Many manufacturers have begun bedazzling butt plugs - like the Doc Johnson Booty Bling. If you’ve ever seen porn, odds are you’ve seen a cutie with a booty showing off her extra-large rock located in her derrière. These plugs are a sassy way to flash a bit of ass.

bedazzled butt plug

Doc Johnson Booty Bling Butt Plug


Anal Beads

Gone are the days of loose, plastic pearls sliding around on a nylon cord. Anal beads have been upgraded and they’re better than ever. Tapered beads attached to seamless silicone or glass wands provide ripples of pleasure, and are more cost-effective as they can last a lifetime with proper care.

Slowly insert and gently remove at the moment or orgasm to create a toe-curling effect, or simply wear during intercourse with your front-genitals for a fulfilling, exciting new sensation. There’s a good reason that anal beads are considered a classic!

anal beads

HUSTLER® Playthings Anal Beads


Prostate Toys

If you’re lucky enough to have a prostate, you should DEFINITELY spend some time getting to know your prostate. The Helix Syn Probe from Aneros pivots back and forth with your body’s natural movements to massage and stimulate the sensitive area known as the “p-spot.” Designed to be hands-free, imagine what you could be doing with your hands instead while you enjoy the Helix’s gentle undulations.

Helix Syn Prostate Probe


The Lovense Edge 2 uses a “come-hither” motion to gently stroke and massage the prostate, while simultaneously caressing the perineum, culminating in a mind-blowing climax.

Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager

Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Massager


Anal Vibrators

Any category listed above (beads, plugs, and prostate toys also come in vibrating form! Be prepared, as anal play can already be incredibly intense and the vibration really turns it up to eleven!

The Nexus Ace Vibrating Butt Plug has a sleek and smooth appearance, and its powerful speeds and vibrating patterns can be controlled by a remote control. Imagine the possibilities - date night, at the movies, in the car - let your fantasies run wild!

Nexus Ace Vibrating Butt Plug

Nexus Ace Vibrating Butt Plug


B-Vibe’s Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads utilizes the sensational rippling pleasure of anal beads and high-powered intensity to create an explosive experience.

B-Vibe Vibrating Triple Anal Beads

B-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads


Simultaneously, their Rimming Butt Plug combines the best of both worlds - the comfortable, functional shape of the plug that fits securely inside you, as well as the deeply pleasurable sensation of rotating beads. This combination culminates in an experience that seriously feels like a rimjob - that is, a super strong, sexy tongue lasciviously lapping your insides in a full circle until you can’t take anymore!

B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug

B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug


A long-established favorite prostate toy, Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Prostate Massaging Wand is budget-friendly but packs quite the punch to the p-spot. Trust Dr. Joel - he is a doctor after all, and research shows that a good, regular p-spot massage has long-term medical benefits! That’s good enough reason to start stroking.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager


Step 6: Orgasm

Whether you have a vagina or a prostate, anal orgasms are a possibility for all genders. If you have a vagina, you may be able to orgasm as the g-spot usually resides just on the other side of that rectal wall. A 45-degree angle may help find this spot, and pressure will add to the ecstasy. Not everyone is able to orgasm this route but it sure feels good to try!

If you’re a proud prostate owner, you may be able to find a spongy, walnut-shaped gland about 3 inches inside of the anal cavity. If you gently massage this gland, you may very swiftly find yourself in the throes of pleasure. Many men report that prostate orgasms are unlike any other kind, and you can imagine how intense it is if you combine a prostate orgasm with penile stimulation. Wow!

In the end, you may find that anal play isn’t for you, but it’s awesome to try it. Life is short- open yourself up to all possible routes to pleasure, and check out the HUSTLER Hollywood’s blog page for more important info on all things anal!