HUSTLER’s Top 10 Best-Selling Kink Products

HUSTLER’s Top 10 Best-Selling Kink Products

 HUSTLER offers an incredible variety of kink products guaranteed to spice things up for you and your partner. Let’s go over our best sellers.

Let’s face it: This quarantine has been long. If you’ve been locked up with a partner, you may be feeling a little itchy. If you think you’ve exhausted every trick in the book, it’s time to get kinky. Here are HUSTLER Hollywood’s best-selling products that people use to kick things up from simmering to smokin’.

Fetish Lingerie 

Before even getting into toys and tools, you’d be amazed how simply dressing the part can get your engine revving. For the wearer of lingerie, the ritual of bathing, adorning yourself, and getting dressed up is itself a form of foreplay and even self-care. As you apply lotion and perfume and gaze at yourself in the mirror, you’re already beginning the process of arousal and seduction. If you’re wearing your lingerie for yourself, enjoy feeling emboldened and powerful in your dominatrix wear. You may even want to snap a few sultry selfies for posterity. And if you’re partnered, they’ll soon be powerless in your presence.


Dressing up isn’t just for her! Make your member look and feel quite in character with the Spartacus Leather Cock Ring. Adjustable snaps make it fit easily around the base of the shaft, whatever your size. The light, snug fit allows the wearer to maintain an erection for longer and traps blood in the penis, increasing sensation. Whether you need a boost to your stamina or simply want to adorn your penis and show it off in kinky style, leather’s always in fashion.


Handcuffs are a great starter toy for beginning kinksters. They may seem like an obvious choice, but that’s because they’re highly effective and fun. Fur-lined cuffs like these ones from Sex & Mischief are comfortable and won’t chafe or abrade the skin while still restricting the movement of the cuffed one, leaving them supple and willing to bend to your whims. 


The Tantus Silicone Wham Bam Paddle is the perfect tool because it can grow with you as you become more practiced in your impact play. Because of its lightweight material, you can deliver blows as gentle or as harsh as you desire. The medical-grade, body-safe material means the paddle can be completely sterilized between uses and delivers a satisfying smack to the subject, especially when used on the backs of their thighs or derrière.

Under-the-Bed Restraints

Far and away our most in-demand restraint kit, the HUSTLER Bed Spreader kit is an easy-to-assemble bondage system that stows away easily when not in use and will captivate your lover, rendering them splayed and vulnerable when you strap them into a variety of positions. To set up, just slide the adjustable straps under any size mattress, and use the resistance to positively torture your lover with pleasure.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

A little pain, a lot of pleasure—that’s what kink play is all about! Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps perfectly encompass this idea. The clamps can be adjusted to exert as much or as little pressure as desired. Simply press the button to turn on the vibration and pump up the volume. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can use these clips in other places, too—try clamping various body parts like your lover’s labia, clit, scrotum or inner thighs.

Pussy Pump

Of all HUSTLER Hollywood’s various pumping systems, the Pumped Rose Gold Pussy Pump is flying off the shelves. It could be because it’s just so dang pretty, but we suspect it’s because it works so well. This pussy pump is an amazing toy for both foreplay and masturbation. Use it to surround the vulva and stimulate blood flow to the area, increasing sensitivity prior to lovemaking, or keep pumping to simulate the sensation of receiving oral sex. Use a little water-based lubricant, and add clitoral arousal gels for extra excitement!


Every kinkster’s favorite unconventional tool, even by S&M standards, is Kinklab’s Neon Wand. Electroplay, also known as e-stim or electric stimulation, is a unique, fascinating way to walk the fine line between exquisite pain and pleasure. The wand comes with several attachments that conduct electricity and apply to the surface of the skin in various ways. The lowest setting tickles and tingles, while the higher settings shock and awe. Use the comb attachment to apply broad strokes of sensation all over the skin or the mushroom or pinpoint attachments to deliver precise, deliberate shocks wherever you please. Use a water-based lubricant to evenly transmit the electric shocks, and try out supplementary attachments to electrify even more. The KinkLab Electro-Whip takes impact play even further with this high-voltage flogger that will kick your whip up a notch. The KinkLab Flex Capacitor further intensifies electro-play with a unique shape that can be used to surround and stroke the vulva, nipples, the penis shaft, and the scrotum—if you dare!

Sex Swing

If you have the room in your house, consider setting up a delightfully adventurous and satisfying sex swing like the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing. This swing bolts to your ceiling securely and allows the swinger to spin around in a 360-degree circle, allowing a full range of mobility and movement so you may experience the acrobatic positions of your wildest fantasies. Defy gravity and the laws of physics while obeying your master’s commands when they strap you in and twirl you as they wish. The swing is fully adjustable and especially great for assisting partners of disparate heights so you can take them from behind or experience standing sex where it wasn’t once possible.

Sex Furniture

The Liberator Wedge/Ramp is the Cadillac of position aids. Covered in velvety lining that removes easily for laundering, the Liberator allows you to comfortably settle into all sorts of positions that would ordinarily be difficult or painful. You can use the parts together or separately to allow your partner to penetrate more deeply, whether it’s doggy, a side-straddle, or any possible angle that supports your movements that you’d ordinarily think were only possible after years of yoga.