Fun Factory: Love Yourself!

Fun Factory: Love Yourself!

Fun Factory offers a unique line of revolutionary adult toys practically guaranteed to blow the roof off your bedroom.

Founders Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl wanted to create an alternative to the veiny, flesh-colored, hyper-realistic jelly dildos, so they became one of the most innovative, revolutionary companies in the history of objets de plaisir.

The Bremen-based duo began their careers as electrical engineers, literally baking their first concept, a clay prototype of an all-silicone dildo in a dolphin shape, in a kitchen oven in 1996. Today, an all-silicone dildo seems like a given, but at the time, it was unheard of, showing how Fun Factory’s contributions raised the industry standard for quality and design.

They’ve clearly come a long way since then. Fun Factory is a pioneer in several factors. Not only were they the first to create toys with all body-safe materials, but they were also the first to make a waterproof and rechargeable toy. Their innovative “click and charge” technology, using magnets to prevent battery burnout, was revolutionary in preserving the lifespan of toys at a time when batteries were the norm. Playful shapes and bright colors add to their appeal.

Details clearly still matter at Fun Factory. Many toys are still cast by hand for quality control—dildos and butt plugs are expertly molded by a professional to ensure the silicone is smooth and free of air bubbles. The European medical-grade silicone is subject to rigorous testing to ensure it’s completely free of pores, meaning that the surface won’t trap harmful bacteria, and elevating it above cheaper silicone blends that may be made in countries with lower quality standards. Although it is non-porous, the surface is a bit more “draggy,” which adds friction (and more friction = more pleasure!) and prevents lubes from slipping right off. The silicone is also hand-mixed with body-safe dye at the Fun Factory HQ. Everything is made on-site to ensure that every step in the manufacturing process is up to the highest standard.

For the vibrators and pulsators, toys that require a control panel, the plastic is also medical-grade, and the design has prioritized a seamless finish where the materials change to prevent residue build-up. The chrome accents are coated to prevent chipping, and all buttons are the same on all toys. You won’t have to struggle to figure out how to change patterns or speeds, and they’re distinctly raised so you can quickly turn on and off as you need to, unlike other toys that make it hard to find or understand their switches.

Fun Factory went on to create many innovative, original toys in various shapes and designs and continue to lead the way. Their classic dildos, butt plugs and insertable vibrators are unique due to their high quality, non-phallic design that is more inclusive and appealing for all audiences. With design at the forefront, here are a few highlighted products whose function may be familiar, but brilliant design renders them near unrecognizable. These demonstrate Fun Factory’s sheer ingenuity.


Fun Factory didn’t invent the concept of the strapless strap-on, but they did perfect it. With an insertable bulb that can be held in place by the wearer’s pelvic floor muscles that actually massages the g-spot and a raised area that presses the clitoris with every thrust, the Sharevibe provides pleasure for users at either end. The gentle curve makes it perfect for stimulating the recipient partner’s g-spot or p-spot, and the powerful bullet can be removed to use on its own.

Be One

The Be-One finger vibe almost acts as another appendage—a vibrating one. It fits snugly and seamlessly between the fingers to be effortlessly incorporated into any position. Wrap your arms around your partner from behind to stimulate the clitoris and vulva, place your “finger” underneath your chin while going down to make your tongue and throat vibrate, trace along the nipples and scrotum, and basically use anywhere you’d like to tease.

Cobra Libre

Cobra Libre

The masculine, sleek-looking Cobra Libre was one of the first male vibrators. Unlike classic male masturbators that rely upon a stroking motion to emulate male masturbation, the Cobra Libre had users put the tip of their penis inside the toy (flaccid or hard) with a drop of lubricant, hammering the nerve endings abundant in the most sensitive part of the penis.


For the sensitive user, the soft petals of the Volta vibe flutter and tease the clitoris, labia, perineum, nips, bum, balls and anywhere else you want to imitate a soft but sturdy flickering sensation.


The many-function Manta is a clever male stroking device that can be used solo or with a partner to send delicious vibrations along the penis head and shaft and essentially turn the penis itself into a vibrator. A partner can hold it to your testicles or the base while they go down, and it can also be used as a sort of vibrating ring while you’re inside your partner, with a broader range of motion and versatility.

The Stronic Line

The Stronic Line

Perhaps the most incredible technology Fun Factory has come up with yet, the Stronic line consists of the world’s first-ever self-thrusting sex toy (called a Pulsator rather than a vibrator, to be technically exact and to use Fun Factory’s own terms). The revolutionary, patented technology uses the magic of magnets to cause the toy to move back and forth; at the toy’s debut, the Fun Factory team actually had them “race” across a table. The weight and pressure of the toy steadily massage your most sensitive erogenous zones, and a variety of Stronic toys in an array of shapes, with the addition of vibration or clitoral attachments, mean that there’s something for everyone.

On the day of the very first Stronic release, CEO Frederic Walme said in a statement, “There are thousands of vibrators to choose from on the global market today. One hundred percent of these vibrators use the same basic motor, and over 95% of them are manufactured in China. For the last 70 years, women shopping for a portable pleasure device have had two choices: a vibrator or a simple non-powered phallic shape.” For the first time, there was a new option. That’s the Fun Factory difference.