Vitality Vitamins: Supplements to add some Swing to your Sex Life

Vitality Vitamins: Supplements to add some Swing to your Sex Life

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If you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, you might up your intake of Vitamin C. If you’re feeling fatigued, you might take more Vitamin B. And if you’re not finding it as easy as it once was to get into and stay in the mood for love, why not take a supplement?

They’re often jokingly referred to “boner pills,” which.. is an apt name. But their efficacy is quite serious. These natural supplements do help men get it up and keep it up, and help women stay excited and achieve orgasm. How do we know they work? We’ll take our customers’ word for it. Every day at HUSTLER Hollywood stores, curious men and women alike inquire about their potency and decide to purchase. And then we start to see these customers again, and again, sometimes weekly, or even more frequently than that, to re-purchase these supplements.

Made of all-natural ingredients, these supplements use “proprietary blends” of herbs and spices that you can easily buy on their own at the health food store. The manufacturer mixes these ingredients into magical potions that’ll increase sensitivity, endurance, and enjoyment. If you don’t love swallowing pills, many manufacturers also make shots you can swallow instead - or mix with your favorite flavor of La Croix!

If you try a supplement that doesn’t work for you the first time, don’t be alarmed. All bodies are not made alike, so try a few different brands, pay attention to the ingredients, and experiment to find out what works for you. It’s for science!

And a disclaimer - the science is still out on many of the claims that these supplements boast, but many of them have been used in alternative medicine for decades or even centuries. Evidence is largely empirical and anecdotal - but even if they don’t work, the placebo effect is real. Often alternative medicines and therapies work because we believe in them.

What ingredients work?

If you read the labels, you’ll begin to notice the same active ingredients listed over and over, although few products will have all, and the amounts will vary.

Some ingredients like vitamin B, ashwagandha, avena sativa, and ginseng simply improve your overall feeling of wellness by boosting your immune system, reducing stress, and giving you an extra dose of energy. The hope is that more energy will translate to more vigor in the bedroom.

Most ingredients you’ll find like niacin and l-arginine boost blood flow, which can mean increased sensitivity, faster arousal times, and more endurance in the bedroom.

The big guns you want to look for that may actually directly impact your sexuality are things like yohimbe, tongkat ali, saw palmetto, dong quai, horny goat weed, Tribulus terrestris, and maca root. They are typically unisex, althoug pills for him or her may respectively contain various proportions of these ingredients. Here’s what they do:


Extracted from tree bark, yohimbe has been used to treat erectile dysfunction for centuries. It increases blood flow to the genitals and can even improve nerve impulses in the penis or vagina. According to WebMD, it’s also used to counteract reductions in libido due to antidepressant use.

Tongkat ali

Extracted from a Southeast Asian shrub, studies have shown that tongkat ali may increase testosterone production, therefore increasing sex drive; and increase dopamine - that’s right, the feel good chemical! We’ll take two. It may also increase sperm count and motility, so if you’re trying to have a baby, you might want to mix some tongkat ali into your smoothies.

Saw Palmetto

Extract from the saw palmetto may promote testosterone production and supports prostate health. It may even work against prostate cancer and ease symptoms of other prostatic issues.

Dong Quai

Often used in traditional medicine to relieve menopausal grievances, dong quai stimulates production of sex hormones, which can in turn increase both libido and even fertility.

Horny Goat Weed

Used in traditional medicine as a treatment for erectile dysfunction for centuries, there is new evidence that the aspirational herb works well. One study found that the weed contains a compound that blocks the enzyme that restricts blood flow to the penis. Try it and you too may soon become a horny goat.
Tribulus terrestris

Researchers found that daily consumption over the course of two months raised the libido of men by 79%, and women by 67%. Treating erectile dysfunction was more of a mixed bag, but increased sexual enthusiasm isn’t anything to scoff at!

Maca root

One of the most common supplements used to increase libido, maca root naturally balances hormones and improves the sex drive. You can usually add it in as a booster at new age-y smoothie restaurants!.

I’m happy with my stamina and endurance, what else can supplements do for me?

If you’re satisfied with your performance but are looking to boost other aspects of your sex life, there are other types of supplements beyond boner pills that can enhance activity.

Swiss Navy’s EjacuMax increases the volume of your load, which can intensify and prolong orgasms. And if you’ve ever been concerned about the flavor of your secretions, their Sweet Sensations supplement is an easy alternative to chugging pineapple juice.

Are there side effects?

Again, all bodies are different and different people will react differently to different proprietary blends. Some users do report mild side effects after consuming some higher-strength supplements, like headaches and heightened anxiety. If you’re taking a new supplement for the first time, make sure you take it with a meal and drink plenty of water. Try breaking a pill in half first, then consume the other half if you feel fine. Depending on your size and metabolism, half a pill may be all you need to start feeling the benefits.

Users who take medications should consult their physician before taking supplements, to avoid counteracting any prescriptions. Because these products do promote blood flow, users with cardiovascular issues should also consult their physicians. Never fear, if you’re among these folks - there are plenty of topical agents you can use to get that dick feelin’ slick