All Systems JO®:  System JO® Lubricants + Enhancement Products

All Systems JO®: System JO® Lubricants + Enhancement Products

System JO® offers high-quality lubricants, stimulants, and toy cleaners for all desires. Get different ingredients, flavors, and uses with System JO® products.
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In 1999, a group of gynecologists funded the development of JO® Premium Silicone Lubricant as a private endeavor, looking to create a higher grade lubricant for patients who were suffering from dryness. Premium was “silky smooth, never sticky or tacky and long lasting.” Soon, the lubricant gained a reputation among men and women, young and old, straight and gay, began using this product. Demand grew so high that System JO® was born in 2003 and has been #1 in the market since, thanks to their dedication to high quality and performance..

The FDA classifies System JO® lube as CLass II medical devices, and are 510(k) certified. A 510(k) certifies biocompatibility and compatibility with various condom materials. The brand uses premium pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Although the brand was born out of a medical need, System JO® products can be enjoyed by everyone, whether they’re using moisturizers to deal with a lack of moisture, or want to enhance their already-satisfying sexual experiences further with System JO®’s array of personal lubricants, arousal enhancements, liquid vitality elixirs, pheromone products and intimate hygiene.

Although System JO® boasts a massive array of products, here are just a few of our customer’s favorites.


Although JO® became known for their Premium Silicone Lubricant, their offering has expanded to include so many various consistencies and formulas. They offer Premium Jelly for a thick, smooth glide, perfect for anal; a Silicone-free Hybrid that uses coconut oil for a more natural alternative to a typical Classic Hybrid, and of course, classic H2O Water-based lube. But wait, there’s more!


JO® ProLonger Spray Maximum Strength temporarily desensitizes the nerves of the penis, helping delay ejaculation. Spray it on the head and underside of the shaft and allow it to fully dry to enhance endurance and deliver a pro-longed, unforgettable performance. There are two different formulas - one made with lidocaine, one made with benzocaine, per your preference. 


Stimulation cream

Warming, cooling, whatever your favorite sensation - JO® has a lubricant for that! Add extra oomph to your lovemaking session by generously adding lubricant with added heat or chill. You can even get the 2 to Tango Warming and Tingling Couples Pleasure Kit, a His ‘n’ Hers duo of warming and cooling lubes that can be used separately or together to double your fun.

Not really into temperature play? JO® 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant is for you. Unlike most stimulants, it doesn’t use menthol or clove oil to stimulate. Instead, it creates a unique buzzing sensation, almost turning you into a self-vibrating device! It is oil-based so it’s best to avoid using with condoms. Instead, use during foreplay or even solo, with your favorite toy!

For folks who enJO®y some intense nipple play, JO® Nipple Titillator gel comes in two amazing flavors - strawberry, and winter blitz. Apply generously, and in no time at all, the heavy-hitting combo of peppermint extract, menthol, and vanillyl will begin tingling and tantalizing. For that added punch, use in combo with nipple suckers or even nipple clamps, if you really want to go nuts!


Not everyone has a WAP, but it is possible! Vaginal dryness is extremely common, whether it’s due to age, pre-existing conditions, hormonal changes, or even certain medications. JO® Renew Vaginal Moisture is essentially a lotion for your insides. It’s a rich, silky cream formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera, and cucumber extracts meant for daily use to hydrate and encourage natural secretions to occur. It also defends against odors!

If your WAP feels like it could be a bit more... secure, never fear. Designed for both partners’ pleasure, the JO® Vaginal Tightening Serum tingles pleasantly and causes internal vaginal tissue to swell, temporarily providing a closer fit so that entrants feel cuddled up and cozy.


JO®’s Nuru Massage Gel isn’t your average massage glide! Nuru is a type of erotic full-body massage intended to induce intimacy and both emotional and physical closeness. The gel isn’t a slick oil, rather, it’s a slippery, viscous fluid that’s more similar to one’s own natural secretions..The gel doesn’t get sticky, rather, it enables you and your partner to glide across each other’s bodies without any friction. The coolest part? Unlike most massage gels, this gel is safe to be used internally! All-in-one, baby. It can also be reactivated by adding water, so it’ll stay moist while you play.



Miss us with that sticky, sugary flavored lube! JO® Gelato Flavored Lubricants are decadent treats for the most sophisticated of palates. Flavors like creme brulee, mint chocolate, and hazelnut espresso make whatever they top a delicious desert - be it a penis, a nipple, or anywhere else on your body. In the time Before, we even had tasting at in-store events in which attendees would top ice cream with different flavors to find their favorites. The sugar-free formula never gets sticky or tacky.

JO®’s Oral Delight Arousal Gel Water Based Flavored Stimulant is something different. Many stimulating creams and gels feel amazing but don’t taste great. This elixir does, in fact - choose a strawberry or vanilla honey-like gel that tastes delicious and delivers a cooling sensation to the place of application.


Did you know that most lubricants are hostile to conception? Now you do. One of JO®’s most unique offerings, their Actively Trying lubricant is the perfect product for couples who are actively trying to conceive. The water-based formula mimics the PH balance of semen and fertile cervical mucus, providing a healthy environment free of elements that may interfere with the meeting of his and her fluids. Couples can benefit from the silky extra moisture, and sperm will be encouraged to reach its final destination.


Sex toy cleaner

Not all Toy Cleaners are created equally. JO®’s Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner is easy to use and ensures that you don’t miss a spot when cleaning. You can also keep your jelly toy fresh with Revitalize Toy Powder to prolong the life of your fleshy toys and keep them dry and fresh. Free of triclosan and parabens, Toy Cleaners keep your body safe and easily wick away germs and bacteria.