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Top 5 High-Tech Vibrators & How to Use Them

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Vibrators have come a long way from their historic counterparts. The vibrator, as you may know, was invented by a doctor in the late 1800s who needed a break from using his hands to manually induce “hysterical paroxysms.” Yes, that’s right – women suffering from “hysteria,” a mysterious diagnosis that lumped in such symptoms as “gregariousness,” “sexual desire,” and “emotionality” to indicate that almost any existence for women outside of traditional stereotypical characteristics was pathological.

Greek medics coined the term “hysteria” as they believed a wandering uterus was the source of these feminine complaints. European doctors in the 18th century believed that pelvic massage could induce a “paroxysm” causing the uterus to snap back into place and providing temporary relief to the woman from her symptoms.

This is quite laughable today, of course, however back then, the idea of women experiencing sexual pleasure through any route outside of direct intercourse was implausible. Women lined up at the doctor’s office every few weeks to get their medicine. Dr. Joseph Granville came up with a steam-powered vibrating sphere, which later evolved into a handheld device sold in Sears Roebuck catalogs so women could cure their symptoms at home on their own.

Between then and now, most vibrators have not altered much from the classic wand design made ultra-popular in the 1960s. Bullet-shaped vibrators and palm-shaped stimulators rose in popularity, but aside from updates to the power source and variety of functions, little had been done to upgrade the most popular sex toys in the world. However, recently innovative companies have combined technology and pleasure to update classic shapes that have proved to be tried and true orgasm enhancers.

Using Bluetooth technology and smartphone APIs, many toy companies have worked with software developers and engineers to take pleasure one step further. Today, you and your partner can take your pleasure into your own hands, from anywhere in the world. “Teledildonics” have been in the works for many decades, but only in the last few years have companies succeeded in creating toys that can be easily accessed safely from anywhere in the world.

Why would one need to control their vibrator with an app?

Well, the possibilities are truly endless. The app provides discretion and allows you to entertain each other while you’re in public. Imagine the excitement of using an app-controlled sex toy when you’re on a dinner date. Over candlelight at your favorite restaurant, the waiter may think your date is being rude if they’re on your phone, but you’ll know the truth! They can use smartphone apps to give you a gentle buzz – enjoy cellular intercourse while you make your way through the main course.

Or perhaps you enjoy using a toy while you’re on an airplane. Although most toys are rather quiet, the drone of the engine will surely drown out any noise, as well as muffle your moans. Give the mile-high club new meaning, and avoid those icky, tiny restrooms. Avoid the risk of seeing a boring movie by bringing your remote control toy – or sneak it in to a smutty film theater for a bit of an exhibitionist thrill!

App-controlled toys are also absolutely revolutionary for those in long-distance relationships. Success rates of LDRs are skyrocketing with the help of technology. Increased communication and visibility capabilities are mostly to thank, and we certainly think that the latest technological sex toys are included in that category!

You no longer have to wait weeks, months, or even longer to indulge your fantasies with your far-flung lover. It’s easier than ever to stay- and feel- in-touch with the help of technology. Integrate your digitally operated sex toys into your normal keeping in touch routines. You can video chat and allow your lover to indulge their voyeuristic fantasies while they order you to use a toy exactly where they long to touch you.

You can use the app during phone sex to enhance sensation and imagine your lover caressing you all over. You can wear a vibrating panty during your everyday routines while your lover sends you a love-buzz every hour or so to let you know they’re thinking of you, and that they can’t wait to see you again and strip you down and run their hands all over you.

You can even use synchronizing toys to feel each other’s strokes in real time! New technology sex toys are truly changing the game and allowing long-distance partners to truly stay connected.

Whether or not you’re super-savvy when it comes to technology, you don’t have to be an IT professional to get these apps up and running. If you’re still a bit intimidated, let us break down our top five favorite high-tech toys and how they work.

Lovense Hush Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

If you’re an anal kinda guy or gal, this plug has everything. Sculpted from medical-grade silicone, the ergonomically designed plug is comfortable, firm but soft in texture, and easy to insert. The base has a slight curve for perineum stimulation, and has ridges on the neck that hold lubricant and make removal and insertion extra smooth.

The easy-to-navigate Lovense app, as well as the variety of extremely powerful vibrations and modes, make this toy one of the best Bluetooth anal vibrators available! You can send a control-link to anyone- making it the perfect toy for use with your long term partner, or adding even more excitement to spontaneous trysts.

Lovense Hush Remote Vibrating Butt Plug - Medium


Kiiroo Onyx2 Masturbator & Pearl2 G-Spot Massager Couples Set

There’s truly NOTHING else like the Onyx and Pearl set. These two utopian toys are amazing used separately, but they’re so much more than the sum of their parts. These toys can be synchronized so that when one user inserts the g-spot toy, the user with the stroker can feel the strokes at the very same time. Whether you’re watching each other in the same room, or on your smartphone screen, synchronize your rhythms and thrust together, to get as close as you can to IRL s-e-x. On top of the novelty and amazing capabilities of this never-before-seen technology, the toys feel amazing.

The pearl2 is truly one of the best Bluetooth G-spot vibrators on the market, and you can’t go wrong with the intricate swirls and whorls adorning the realistic-feeling material inside the tantalizing Onyx2 stroker. These toys are a match made in heaven, and will waste no time in bringing you and your lover there as well.

Kiiroo Onyx2 Masturbator and Pearl 2 G-Spot Massager Couples Set

Kiiroo Onyx2 Masturbator + Pearl 2 G-Spot Massager Couples Set


Lovense Lush 2 Bluetooth G-Spot Vibrator

In case you’re looking to improve your masturbating sessions with new and revolutionary technology, the Lush 2 is an excellent choice! This Bluetooth-enabled vibrator offers a plethora of amazing features, including long-range control, close-range control, unlimited vibration patterns, sound-activated vibrations, and it can even work in sync with the music of your choice!

The best thing about the Lush 2 is that it can be worn discreetly in public! Therefore, if you’re an avid enthusiast, don’t hesitate to let your partner take over control while you’re fighting against the urge to moan as you’ve never moaned before.

The motor is reliable, powerful, and essentially silent with the highest sound level of around 45dB. It’s wireless, waterproof, and boasts a battery that offers up to 3 hours of use.

Lovense Lush 2 Bluetooth Vibrator

Lovense Lush 2 Bluetooth

We-Vibe Wish Clitoral Vibrator

The Wish is certainly one of the best Bluetooth clitoral vibrators, but it also does so much more. The medical-grade silicon toy fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and is squishy and moldable, allowing you to caress the Wish along various body parts for a lighter touch, or press hard for more concentrated pressure in the spots you want it in. It’s the perfect toy for any part of the body you wish to stimulate. Massage the inner thighs, the nipples, the testicles, run up and down the shaft of a penis, or hold it between you and your partner during sex.

The We-Vibe We-Connect app allows users to create custom vibration patterns, and is fully submergible for use in the bath, hot tub, or shower. Think of it as your new rubber ducky. Whatever your desire, the Wish is at your command.

We-Vibe wish clit vibrator

We-Vibe Wish Clit Vibrator


OhMiBod Blue Motion Nex 1 2nd Generation Bluetooth Clitoral Vibrator

The first version of this vibrator was one of the first of its kind to incorporate Bluetooth technology. Before anyone else was attempting innovation of this level, OhMiBod originally created this computer-mouse shaped panty-vibe to wear to the club and pulse in time with your favorite song. The updated version of the OhMiBod does all this and more. The toy comes with an adorable blue lace thong with a pocket sewn into the crotch that secures the toy so it doesn’t slip out of place while you’re out grooving on the dance floor.

There are plenty of other options for vibrating panties, but the OhMiBod is truly one of the best Bluetooth wearable vibrators that will deliver a wild night of pleasure and fun for both the wearer and the lucky person controlling it.

OhMiBud blue motion bluetooth panty vibrator

OhMiBod Blue Motion Bluetooth Panty Vibrator


The Cowgirl

And as an extra in this top 5, one of the best Bluetooth adjustable vibrators and sex machines, the Cowgirl will help you and your partner giddy up. You’ll both be screaming “yee-haw” as you ride away into an orgasmic sunset.

Brought to you by technological pleasure genius Alicia Sinclair (the mastermind behind B-Vibe, LeWand, and many other beloved brands,) the Cowgirl offers interchangeable attachments for various degrees of penetration. Ridges stimulate the clitoris as the rider grinds against the saddle. Their lover can control the motions and settings of the machine, much like a mechanical bull – what could be sexier? See how long you can handle the bucks and sways before you collapse on the ground, shivering in orgasmic ecstasy.

The Cowgirl premium sex machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine