Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know (But Been Too Afraid to Ask) About Sex Dolls

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know (But Been Too Afraid to Ask) About Sex Dolls

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Sex dolls: you’ve definitely heard of them, you’ve probably giggled at them, and maybe you have even used them. No shaming here – you like what you like, and you gotta do what you gotta do to whet your sexual appetite (consensually and safely, of course). Although sex dolls are more commonplace with men, everyone is familiar with what they are. Not only have they have been shown in movies and pop culture, but they can offer companionship, and have even been preferred to humans in brothels.

So, what’s caused this popularity with sex dolls? Maybe it’s their human-like features sans the actual human. Maybe it’s their simple ability to spice up your sex life. Maybe it’s the peace of mind knowing it can’t get pregnant or give you an STD. Maybe it’s their status as a sort of mega-masturbator.

Whatever it is, there’s definitely a stigma surrounding sex dolls, but there’s something about them that keeps people coming back. That’s what we’re here to explore today. Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know (but have been too afraid to ask) about sex dolls below.

Sex Dolls Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Not all sex dolls are created equally. Some are cheap, inflatable and life-sized. Some have a different colored head than its body. Some are less realistic than...intimidating. It’s questionable how people actually buy and use beach ball-esque sex dolls. These types of sex dolls are totally meant as a gag gift for some good ol’ debauchery at bachelor parties. When there are so many quality sex dolls that exist, why settle for the worst?

Some of these masturbator toys can costs thousands thanks to being made of quality material. They can either be life-sized, complete with oral, vaginal and anal access, or of a torso spread out for your pleasure, but allowing only vaginal intercourse and breast play. No matter what you decide you want, each person’s ideal sex doll is definitely out there. We’re here to make sure of that!

There are Sex Dolls for Those Who Enjoy Penetrating Men

sex dolls for gay or bi men

There are a number of more male-centric sex dolls on the market, such as HUSTLER Hollywood’s own Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Cock XL Masturbator that simulates having sex with a man’s...well, you get the idea. The erect penis is realistically-shaped and easy-to-reach, and it can definitely be used at your own leisure if you’re tired of being a top and are in a bottoming mood. This is also ideal for men who are curious about what it would be like to hook up with another guy, but don’t necessarily want to experience it in real life just yet.

Another great toy for those interested is Pipedream Extreme’s more realistic sibling: the Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Hard Cock Mega Masturbator. Hold onto the torso while you either get it on with the toy, or while you ride its massive manhood into the sunset. Both are solid options, and you’re definitely going to go for more than one round with this bad boy.

Learn & Explore Exactly What You Like




This point builds on the one above. Sex dolls are an incredible way to learn what you like and then explore these areas to their full orgasmic potential. This is especially true if you’re new to sex or haven’t had very many partners.

Look, sex can be overwhelming and frightening. We’re experts in all things sexual and we still get freaked out sometimes! This is completely natural and, in fact, part of reaching your sexual maturity. Thankfully, you don’t have to take this journey alone. You can do it in the company of Carmen or KittySex dolls offer a safe alternative to discovering what positions you like and which you’d rather avoid. They’re also a great way to get a sense of the different moving parts involved in sex. This will then help you feel more confident when you find yourself in bed with your preferred gender. Trust us, learning about sex or practicing on a sex doll is a win-win.

Bring Another Person into the Bedroom

Having group sex is one of the most adventurous sexual activities you can do. Despite this (or probably because of it!), many people are hesitant to invite someone else into their bedroom. This could be because they’re not sure what their partner will think, they’re worried about embarrassing themselves, or any of 100 other reasons. Whatever the reason, sex dolls offer a simple way to start.

Sex dolls can help you and your partner explore new fantasies. We know, you probably think of sex dolls as a solo thing, but they can be as much about bringing you and your partner to new heights of passion as they can be about getting caught up in your own solo fantasy. 

Bring Another Person into the Bedroom

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched your partner play with the Pipedream Extreme Gape Her Anal Masturbator. You really haven’t lived until you’ve joined in with them! Imagine, a threesome without the trouble of an actual person. Sign us up! Whether you are a sex doll advocate or if you prefer the traditional route of human relationships, it’s always good to be open-minded about safe and consensual sexual acts. If a sex doll helps makes your voyage through life more tolerable and fun - do you!

In the meantime, if this has piqued your interest with sex dolls and you’d like to see more, definitely stop by HUSTLER Hollywood’s sex doll collection and see all we have to offer. If you’d rather stick to the basics, we got you covered, too. HUSTLER Hollywood has an extensive variety of sex toys available for every gender to try. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to always find exactly what you desire.