10 Surprising Ideas for Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party

10 Surprising Ideas for Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party

There’s a lot more to being the chief bridesmaid than glittery sashes and mimosas. As Maid of Honor, you’re there for every dress fitting (and meltdown), you’re in charge of assembling the bridal squad, and planning a most perfect bachelorette party. But this is Hustler, so we’ll pass on the prissy Pinterest-worthy soiree. Celebrate your bride with bachelorette party ideas that are a little wild, a little wacky, but all far from the typical.

Cyndi Lauper said it best: girls just wanna have fun (and maybe get a little inappropriate). It’s time to bring on bring on the bachelorette shenanigans! Leave pomp and circumstance at the door, grab a sex toy, and hold on tight for these 10 surprising ideas for your bestie’s bachelorette party.

Pole Dancing Lessons

Every bride has a little stripper in them. Give them an outlet (and some extra moves for their wedding night) with a private pole dancing lesson. Bring the pole to the party with this portable dance pole and have an instructor come to you, or go to a local pole dance fitness class for a fun bonding session that doubles as a legitimate workout. Nothing like sweatin’ before the weddin’ right?

All-Night Drinking Game

What’s better than a drinking game? A wedding-themed one of course! Pick a certain word or phrase (wedding related, duh) that’s off limits. If the bride or guests speak those words, they have to drink! Some examples we’ve seen:

  • Make the bride say “I do” and every time she does, make her drink (ex. You: “You don’t go pole dancing do you?” Her: “Yeah, I do!”
  • If anyone says the groom’s name
  • If anyone mentions their own significant other  

Depending on how turnt you’re ready to get, you may want to start this game later in the evening as to avoid a “The Hangover” situation (whose baby is this?!).

Have a Before/After Photo Booth

We highly recommend this paired with the aforementioned drinking game. At the beginning of the bachelorette party, have a dedicated area or photographer taking pictures of the bride and her guests. When the festivities are nearly over, take a picture to commemorate how drunk, disheveled, and disorderly your attendees became. The more drastic the difference, the more hilarious the picture! You can even get creative and use VR backgrounds or Instant Film to take polaroids and give as fun gifts for your party guests.

10 Surprising Ideas for Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party - Celebrate the Bride

Sex Position Twister

Turn an innocent game of Twister into a delightfully un-wholesome game. Before the party, print out a bunch of the wildest sex positions you can find and put them into a bowl. Using the original Twister mat and spinner, have each player draw a sex position and re-create it on the mat. Use the spinner to determine what colors their hands have to be on.


Who has two thumbs and likes embarrassing their bride? This Maid of Honor does! This version of charades involves using the brides ex-lovers as the subject matter. Teams act out the inevitable cringe-worthy antics of the bride’s past partners. Keep the mood light by avoiding any past relationships that ended on rocky terms - or if the entire subject is touchy, you might want to skip this party game altogether. But if you’re confident your bride can handle the teasing, poking fun at old beaus will only reaffirm how happy she is with her fiance.

Paint a Nude Male Model

Painting parties aren’t anything new, but bringing naked men is a growing bachelorette trend that we are highly in favor of. As if the prosecco didn’t already have the bride and her guests giggling like school girls, staring at a naked man in your living room is sure to do it.

Go On Museum Hack Tour

If you’ve got a bridal party full of nerds, they’ll love a museum hack! It’s a special VIP, behind the scene tour of popular museums. Get special access, insider info, and a view of the museum that most never get to see. Right now, these unique tours are offered at a limited number of locations. Check out the list to see if there’s a Museum Hack Tour near you!

Hire a Psychic

Strippers for bachelorette parties? Been there, done that. If you want to shake things up, invite a palm reader or tarot card reader to give you all something to giggle about. Bonus if the psychic is also a stripper.

Have a Scent Party

No kink here! A scent party is where guests craft their own perfumes. An up-and-coming event trend for bridal showers and bachelorette parties, you can you create your bridal party’s own signature scent. Fragrance bars provide the materials for partygoers to mix and match scents to craft their own unique perfume.

Create a Custom Snapchat Filter

Commemorate the special occasion by creating a custom snapchat filter for as little as $5! With Snapchat’s no-brainer guides, you can easily create your own custom lens, frame, or camera effect. This makes for a sweet surprise for the bride and gives the guests plenty of excuses to snap some selfies. If you don’t think you’re creative enough to design one, you can buy designs from freelance artists that specialize in these!

10 Surprising Ideas for Your Bestie's Bachelorette Party - Scent Party

There are many marks of a great Maid of Honor, and throwing a kick-ass bachelorette is one of them. Your bride deserves more than ‘boring’. We hope you find these ideas for your besties bachelorette party as fun as we did. If you’re looking for the best bachelorette party gifts, check out our selection of the certified hottest selection of sex toys, lingerie, and party favors.