your personal guide to going down on women

Your Personal Guide to Going Down on Women

Giving your girl oral shouldn't be rocket science, which is why we made this simple guide. Memorize it & you'll never have another unhappy partner!

Let’s talk about eating your partner out. We’re talking about licking her mango, eating her box, going downtown...and about 1,000 other nicknames. Whatever you call it, you’d be surprised just how many people have no idea what they’re doing once they pull their partner’s underwear off and get started.

Let’s change that, okay?

Your girlfriend, hookup, one-night stand, or fling-thing knows exactly what they’re doing. Isn’t it time you matched their passion and expertise? Thankfully, you have Hustler Hollywood on your side. Welcome to your personal guide to going down on women.

Keep reading for some expert tips on how to make sure your partner has a mind-blowing orgasm. Oh and don’t forget to pick up some couple’s DVDs to set the mood! 

What NOT to Do

Don’t use your teeth. Just don’t. Forget whatever you’ve seen in porn. Using your teeth, especially when it comes to the clit, is NEVER a good idea.We’re going to start out our guide to cunnilingus with a few don’ts. These should be common sense, but it’s definitely worth taking a minute or two to highlight what you want to stay away from when eating your lady friend out.

Sure, a little sucking and maybe even a nibble is alright. Make sure to talk to your partner beforehand about what she likes. Don’t bite and don’t pull under any circumstances, though. This is an easy way to cause your partner pain and kill the moment.

Instead of biting, try using a clit vibrator. She’ll thank us for that suggestion later!

Don’t start eating your partner out at her vagina. We know, this sounds counterintuitive, but trust us. Work up to going down on her. Start by kissing and nibbling on her ears, her neck, and her breasts. Take some time to tease her nipples. Kiss them and suck on them. Then, slowly, move down her chest to her stomach and hips. Stop for a minute at her vagina, but then keep on going to her thighs and legs. Kiss them and massage them. Show some TLC to all parts of her body.

After you’ve worked her up, move back to her vagina and start eating her out. Now’s a good time to get to our expert tips on how to give your partner the best oral of her life.

Warning: these WILL drive her wild and have her gossiping to all her friends. Ready? Let’s go. 

Communication is Key

You know the largest erogenous zone on a woman’s body? Her brain. We’re not just saying that either! It’s backed up by SCIENCE. So, make sure to communicate with her before getting started.

This communication looks different for everyone, but it usually touches on the following areas:

  • What she likes & what she doesn’t
  • What she’s comfortable with & what she isn’t
  • Sharing fantasies & turn ons
  • Foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay
  • What toys she uses (or wants to use!)

That’s just the beginning. Make sure to lay out boundaries and that she’s comfortable with being eaten out in the first place. Some women aren’t. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll definitely want to know before you move downtown. 

Tease & Get Her Worked Up

We touched on this above (pun intended!), but it’s worth coming back to. Just because you’re performing oral on her doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace foreplay. It’s actually just the opposite. Tease her, work her up, and get her to the point where she’s literally begging you to eat her out.

There are a million different ways to have eyes-rolling-back-into-the-back-of-her-head foreplay. You’ll figure out what she likes by talking to her beforehand and through old-fashioned fooling around. We’re big fans of getting wild (#unapologetic af baby!), so we suggest trying out:

Don’t worry if your foreplay involves none of these (or all of them!). Focus on whatever gets both of you going. Leave the rest at the door. 

What You Need to Know About the Clit

doggystyle oral doesn't work for all womenThere are around 8,000 nerve endings in the clit. This means it isn’t just sensitive – it’s incredibly Go easy down there, boys.Every woman’s clit is different. Some women LOVE clit stimulation from your fingers, tongue, and wand. Some don’t. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to work her clit, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Most women need clit stimulation to orgasm. That doesn’t mean you should focus all your attention on the clit. Make it part of the rest of your oral routine.
  • We mentioned it before but are going to repeat it here – don’t bite, don’t pull, don’t make your tongue super stiff, and don’t suck too hard (unless she’s into that last one). Instead, focus on kissing, massaging, and doing whatever else gets her moaning.
  • Some oral positions are better for clit stimulation than others. Giving your partner doggystyle oral, for example, usually doesn’t result in a lot of clit action. Having them sit on your face does. Find the positions that work for both of you!

The number one way to figure out what she likes when it comes to her clit? Experiment. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Toys

A lot of men don’t want to use toys when they’re eating their partner out. There isn’t a single reason for this, but rather a lot of societal baggage about needing toys to get her off. Repeat after us: this is nonsense.

Embrace toys! This includes rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, couple’s vibrators, and a lot more. It includes wand attachments. It includes finger toys for her clit and her G-Spot. It includes everything that isn’t attached to your body.

Embrace toys and you’ll find yourself with a happy partner. It’s that simple. 

Work the G-Spot

We have an entire guide devoted to finding and stimulating her G-Spot, so we won’t get into the details here. Instead, we’ll just say that any oral that leaves her G-Spot out isn’t the type of oral you should be doing. End of story. 

Communication is Key (Take Two)

You already know the importance of talking beforehand. Now it’s time to focus on communicating with her body.

Is she moaning and gasping for breath? Then keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing.

Is she pushing her hips and vagina into your face? Then keep on doing what it is you’re doing.

Is she pulling away? Then cut it out.

Learn to read her body language. Learn to tell the difference in her moans. Learn to tell right when she’s about to finish and then stop (and make her beg to be able to finish!). Once you know what her body’s saying, you’re well on the way to becoming an oral master.

There you have it – your personal, Hustler Hollywood-approved guide to going down on women. Give it a quick read, then pick up some toys she’ll love, and blow your partner’s mind. Shhh, we won’t tell her where you learned it.