blow your lover away with sexy valentine's day gifts for couples

This Valentine's Day, Blow Them Away with the Best Sexy Gifts For Couples

Not sure what to get the girl or guy who has everything? This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you give them a night they’ll never forget? Treat your lover to a sumptuous home-cooked meal, play some naughty games together, let them unwrap their gifts one at a time and then try them all out.

Here are our favorite steamy romantic gift ideas including the best sex toys, lingerie, and naughty games - for him, for her, and definitely for the both of you.

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Give them a night they'll never forget this Valentine's Day
Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts for Couples to Use Together
Top Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples
Sexiest Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples

Not sure what to get the girl or guy who has everything? This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you give them a night they’ll never forget? Treat your lover to a sumptuous home-cooked meal, play some naughty games together, let them unwrap their gifts one at a time and then try them all out.

Here are our favorite steamy romantic gift ideas including the best sex toys, lingerie, and naughty games - for him, for her, and definitely for the both of you.

Gifts for Setting the Mood

Start the night off right by creating an air of romance. Dim the lights, turn off your phones and put on your sexiest playlist. Here's what you'll need:


Greet your lover at the door wearing a sexy little thing. A gorgeous, strappy teddy or satin shorts will make them feel oh so special, or you can even use exotic wear to roleplay a bit. Play the part of a sweet, demure sexy little thing in a lacy babydoll; or don the wet look and the latex for a formidable dominatrix look. What’s your partner’s deepest fantasy? HUSTLER Hollywood surely has a look that will help bring it to life.


Naughty Bath Bombs

Take a luxurious soak together. Add a Sexplosion Bath Bomb to give your bathwater an alluring hue. Slowly soap each other up, then rub each other down before it’s time to get wet again.

fizzing bath tints


It’s always handy to have a bottle of lubricant nearby, whether you’re planning a night of skin-on-skin contact, or you’re bringing a toy box full of goodies. Good lube will ensure that everything goes smoothly. We recommend a water-based lubricant that’s great for all types of play, such as staff favorite  Sliquid H2O.

sliquid h20 

Massage candle

Light a few candles around the tub, then bring a massage candle into the bedroom with your love. Have them lie back for a delicious massage- Earthly Body makes our favorite in all kinds of amazing flavors and scents. The soy-based wax melts into a soft and silky warming massage oil perfect for giving a sensual massage- and as an added bonus, they’re totally lickable. Imagine the possibilities!

Massage candle

Naughty Games

A great way to get a little creative is by bringing a steamy card game or sex dice into the mix. Naughty games will give you suggestions and ideas for new positions, activities, and rewards for you and your lover. There’s even a bondage game if you’re truly looking to up the ante. Roll the dice and let the chips fall where they may!


Toys for Her

Maybe she has a few sex toys in her drawer, but we’re willing to bet it’s time for an upgrade. Whether it’s a new innovative technology, or an updated spin on an old classic, doesn’t she deserve to be a little spoiled?

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager

Wands are the most iconic and widely loved clitoral vibrators. There’s a good reason that the Hitachi is one of the most beloved and best-selling toys of all time. Hitachi has upgraded this classic design and done it one better - they made it rechargeable and cordless so you can bring it anywhere in your house or even take it with you on an overnight romantic adventure. You can leave it in one place or make slow, broad circles around the vulva, slowly zeroing in on the clitoris.  It also makes an amazing back massager and there are a variety of attachments available so that you and your partner can both have a turn!

magic wand 

Sensuelle Rolling Ball G-Spot Massager

The Sensuelle brand has long been a favorite among HUSTLER Hollywood employees due to the sheer intensity of its power. The motor is incredibly strong and rumbly, delivering gradually building, deep, explosive orgasms. To the delight of those who prefer internal stimulation, they have recently released a brand new g-spot toy. The Sensuelle Rolling Ball G-Spot Massager features a curve designed to hit the g-spot, and in a unique twist on classic g-spot toys, has a rolling ball located in the tip. Use a rocking “up-and-down” motion to massage the g-spot while providing additional stimulation the the clitoris; or simply thrust in and out and enjoy the ride. You’ll be rocking and rolling in no time. 

g spot massager

Toys For Him

Adding toys to sexy times with a person with a penis can jazz things up, whether involving a blow job, hand job, or just good ol’ fashioned boning. More common and popular toys for penile pleasure usually involve masturbators or sleeves that simply envelop the penis and are used to add a more interesting texture and material to ordinary hand play. But fewer friends with phalluses have discovered the pleasures of vibration. Check out this brand new high-tech gear that will absolutely blow their minds.

Fun Factory Manta

This brand is bold and innovative when it comes to making toys for men. Fun Factory started the penis-vibrator revolution when it introduced the Cobra Libre a few years ago. The brand new Fun Factory Manta is designed for everyone’s pleasure. It can be used in a plethora of ways, from solo action to couples’ play. The wings are flexible so that all girths can fit easily, and it offers six speeds and six vibration patterns.

During intercourse, the Manta can fit between bodies and be held around the shaft of the penis to turn it into a vibrator! It works in a multitude of positions and ensures that both partners’ orgasms are that much stronger. It can also be used as a fantastic blow-job aid. The toy has ridges that hold lube for a realistic, moist glide and will act as an extension of the mouth, delivering a deep throat sensation during oral sex.

It can also be used for solo play- stroke it along the shaft as you would a hand, hold it with your non-dominant hand against the testicles while stroking the penis with the other hand, or focus it on the glans until you reach utter ecstasy.

fun factory manta 

Wand Essentials Hummingbird Attachment

If you’re already an owner or considering bringing home a Hitachi this attachment may push you over the edge. Combining stroking sensations with the Magic Wand’s immense power, the Penis loop envelops the shaft of the penis and drives the user into unimaginable bliss. Simply add a few drops of water-based lube to the inside of the hummingbird, fit the attachment over the head of the Wand, place the tip of the penis inside the loop and press “on.” You can stroke up and down for an extremely intense handjob, or focus on one area of the penis to drive your partner over the edge.

Wand Essentials Hummingbird Attachment

Toys For Couples

Although all the toys we’ve mentioned can be used during sex with a partner, the following items were specifically designed with couples in mind, to be used together or on both partners. These would all make amazing gifts for someone you want to please, and they’ll return the favor almost immediately. These sexy gift sets are an amazing all-in-one gift - featuring some of our absolute favorite couples’ sex toys.

We Vibe Gift Set

We-Vibe Discover Gift Box

HUSTLER Hollywood’s best-selling toy is constantly being improved upon.  For this Valentine’s Day, We-Vibe has released an incredible, limited edition ten-piece gift set (that’s right, TEN!) that contains all the very best sex toys and accessories. Some items can be purchased separately but many are exclusively created for this set making it a truly special gift for your loved one.

The We-Vibe Discovery Gift Box includes:

1. Special edition We-Vibe

Originally designed to be worn during penile-vaginal intercourse, the We-Vibe sits like a clip along the vulva with one end inserted to stimulate the g-spot, while the other end stimulates the clitoris. A penis fits in easily under the g-spot stimulator, providing added sensation to both partners during sex.

It can also be worn for solo play, or used as a very high-tech, advanced version of the vibrating panty. Paired with a Bluetooth-powered app remote control on your phone, it’s the perfect dinner date accessory. Additionally, it can be worn by one partner with a vulva while a second partner with a vulva grinds against the external part of the toy.

It can be used as a stroker around a penis, and if this is used in conjunction with a blowjob, your partner will feel like they’ve reached the next plane of existence. It can be worn around the base of the penis like a vibrating cock ring, or used to tantalize the nipples. This toy is truly limitless, and can be used in dozens of creative ways.

2. Womanizer Starlet

The Womanizer, like the We-Vibe, is one of the most innovative toys of its time. Until recently, almost all clitoral stimulators relied on vibration to stimulate the clitoris. The Womanizer is the first of its kind to use suction to deliver intense, fast, hard-hitting orgasms.

The soft, silicone head must be placed directly around the clitoris. The suction sensation mimics cunnilingus and the intense climax achieved is different from those you’d feel with a vibrator. Users report that it happens much faster without as much build-up, but with a much more acute, extreme sensation. Words fail to exactly capture the feeling, but it’s been flying off the shelf since its release. You can also use the suction to stimulate the nipples or even the glans of the penis!

3. Tango X by We-Vibe

A supremely powerful, small lipstick-shaped clitoral vibe. The Tango X by We-Vibe is a tried and true classic vibe that everyone loves. Not only for clitoral stimulation, use it on all the erogenous zones, including under his balls during oral sex.

4. Vector by We-Vibe

A silicone prostate massager that can be controlled via app or independently. The Vector is the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day sex session.

5. We-Vibe Lubricant by Pjur

The premier lubricant manufacturer, We-Vibe Lubricant is a silky glide is water-based and specifically designed for use with silicone toys.

6. Sexy Dice

A fun way to get creative with your boudoir play, roll the dice to perform various actions on all different body parts.

7. Tickler

A feather tickler is a great teasing mechanism. Run it all over your partner’s body during foreplay to give them goosebumps and arouse their erogenous zones.

8. Kegel ball

A weighted bead on a string meant to be worn in the vagina to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, which will result in stronger orgasms over time.

9. Massage Candle

A great alternative to hot wax, massage candles have lower burning points so a few drops result in a warm, sensual, silky oil to rub all over your partner's body.

10. Silky Sash

Use this sexy, silky restraint to blindfold your partner or tie their hands behind their back, leaving them entirely under your power.

Tease and Please Collection

If you want a gorgeous gift box without all the added frills, check out the Tease and Please collection. It includes a We-Vibe Match, the Womanizer Starlet, and a bottle of We-Vibe lube by Pjur. One for you, one for them, all for us.

tease and please

Check out our collection of sexy gifts for couples for other incredible Valentine’s day grab-and-go sets!

Booty Business - Truly Toys for Everyone

Anal sex isn’t for everyone, but it is truly a great equalizer when it comes to pleasure - anyone with a bootyhole can engage, and everyone has the potential to find it pleasurable! If you and your partner are already adept at anal play, or ready to delve in, there are a few essential items to keep in your bedside drawer:

Anal Lubricant

A thick, viscous lube developed specifically for anal play will add to your pleasure immensely. Unlike other orifices, the bum does not self-lubricate. Whether using toys, a finger, or a phallus, apply lubricant generously and often! Wicked Anal Jelle is a great gel-like water-based lubricant great for all types of anal activity.

wicked jelle water based anal lubricant

Butt Plug

The perfect accessory, butt plugs come in several adorable styles - from fur-laden to jewel-encrusted. A butt plug can be used in a myriad of ways - it can be worn all day for a constant, steady stream of stimulation; worn during a blow-job for added pleasure, or during vaginal intercourse for a sensation of fullness that many find divine.

doc johnson booty bling black plug

Anal Beads

There’s something indescribable about the feeling of inserting anal beads and then very slowly pulling them out just as you’re ready to climax. Fun Factory’s Flexi Felix are a fantastic option - made of medical grade silicone, they’re easy to clean and the soft texture and firm shape will truly push you over the edge, perhaps screaming.

flexi felix

Prostate Massager

If you have a prostate, you’re in luck. Whatever your sexuality, anyone can enjoy a good prostate massage. Many report that prostate orgasms are even more intense than penile orgasms - and just imagine what could happen if you combine the two!

You can use a prostate massager like the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager by yourself, or you can use it with your partner for an unbeatable orgasm unlike any other.

lelo blue

Kinky Gifts

If you and your partner need something with a little more edge, perhaps it’s time to get into a little kink. Whether you’re an accomplished BDSM extraordinaire, or just starting to explore your boundaries and push the envelope on pain and pleasure, your partner is going to love a gift intended to spice up your sex life.


Fastening your partner’s hands behind their back or over their head is an incredible instrument for teasing. We love these fur lined handcuffs for an extra sensual touch. 

Watch them writhe in pleasure while you run your hands along their body. They’ll be dying to touch you back, but the frustration of not being able to will make the moment you finally grant them mercy and release them that much sweeter. 

fur cuffs

Nipple Clamps

For those who enjoy having their nipples teased and pinched, clamps apply a constant pressure to keep those nips perky and ultra-sensitive when they’re brushed against. A tiny bit of pain, and a loooooot of pleasure.

nipple clamps


A rubber or leather paddle is obviously meant for spanking, but it can also provide pleasant sensations as well. Running a luxurious padded crop along your lover’s loins will leave them quivering in anticipation, unsure if they’re about to receive punishment from their master or mistress. Give them a light smack on the buttocks if they don’t hold still enough, then continue to run the paddle between their thighs. Soon they’ll be begging for more.


For more ideas, check out HUSTLER Hollywood’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. We have something for every body, every budget, and every couple.