Top 10 Sex Toys For the Modern Man

Top 10 Sex Toys for the Modern Man

In the past, sex toys for men were simple and straightforward. Pocket pussies, cock rings, and penis pumps were the only options - and the latter two were more functional than fun.

The ladies seemed to be having all the fun, with a plethora of options such as clit suckers, thrusting vibes, sex machines, and other fun tools that were designed with women in mind. However, in the last few years alone, sex toy manufacturers have been working tirelessly on creating high-tech, state-of-the-art sex toys just for men.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you may have already seen our extensive post all about Fleshlights, by far the most popular sex toy for men. Every guy should keep a few of those in their arsenal, but why let the girls have all the fun with their wide array of gadgets?

From blowjob machines to prostate toys, here are a few other high-tech male adult toys you should keep in your toolbox that go far beyond your average pocket pussy.

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

Take your Fleshlight to the next level with the Kiiroo Fleshlight launch. This toy provides so many options for play- use it for a hands-free solo session, integrate it with your favorite VR porn video, or let your partner take control from anywhere in the world. Mount your favorite Fleshlight into the launch and select “manual” or “interactive” mode.

The manual mode will prompt the Fleshlight to pulse and throb around your cock- use the touch button to control the speed and receive up to 180 loving strokes per minute.

The interactive mode will sync with both VR and 2D videos, delivering the most realistic simulation you’ve ever felt. You won’t believe it’s only virtual reality!

Best of all, if your lover is afar, buy them another Kiiroo toy and connect via the Kiiroo app. While the two of you chat on the phone or give each other a show via FaceTime, you’ll be able to feel every stroke and thrust at the same time as they do. It’s never been such a great time to be long-distance lovers.

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launcher

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch


Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

German adult toy manufacturer Fun Factory is always on the cutting edge of design, quality, and innovation. A few years ago, they debuted the world’s first massager for men, the Cobra Libre 2.

Rather than relying on a fake pussy or stroking motions to stimulate the penis like most male toys, the user adds a drop of water-based lubricant and then inserts their penis into the toy.

The soft silicone opening gradually becomes smaller and exposes the tip of the penis, and dual motors on either end offer eleven different vibration patterns that will hammer away at the nerve endings surrounding the head and the glans, or the most sensitive areas of the penis.

You can gently rock the toy back and forth and let the velvety “mouth” stroke your penis, but for best results simply use the touch buttons on top to scroll through the different modes and let the massager rumble around you until you give way to a moan-inducing climax. There’s truly nothing like it!

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2


Apollo by Cal Exotics Alpha Stroker

A snug, soft, scintillating opening; an ergonomic and easy to hold handle; and thirty- yes, thirty!- modes of vibration set this penile stroker apart from the rest.

The Apollo Alpha stroker is perfect for someone who’s tried a standard pocket pussy and wants something a bit more advanced. Squeeze pads line the toy so you can customize and increase tightness manually along your most sensitive spots to mimic the feel of a real blowjob.

A memory chip will resume play on your favorite vibration pattern once you find your favorite. The toy is longer than most at 7.5 insertable inches so you can penetrate fully and deeply, and it recharges via USB port. The sleeve is removable for easy cleaning and a cap will prevent dust and particles from landing on the lips when not in use.

Apollo Vibrating Stroker

Apollo Alpha Vibrating Stroker


Strobe Stroker

This is the most innovative stroker on the market yet. The LoveBotz Strobe Stroker features a tight, patterned entry point that gives way to a textured inner chamber lined with rubber fingers to stroke, swirl, and thrust you into oblivion and it feels just like a real blow job.

An easy button controller allows you to switch modes while the toy automatically strokes and sucks up and down your shaft. To add a touch of ambience, lights inside the toy will guide you all the way home. With 6 insertable inches and a tight seal that prevents leakage, this is the perfect toy for men of all sizes.

LoveBotz Strobe Stroker

LoveBotz Strobe Stroker


Apollo Automatic Power Pump

Penis pumps have long been used to improve men’s penile performance. And believe it or not, they really do work! They help men facing erectile dysfunction achieve an erection, keep it up, and make it all the way to home base.

They also improve blood flow to the penis which increases sensitivity and gives the penis a thicker, veinier appearance. What’s not to love about some studly extra stamina? But the Apollo Automatic Power Pump doesn’t stop there. The ultra-tight suction paired with automatic pressure control will blow you away- and the oversized, see-through cylinder allows you or a voyeur to watch the action while you pump away.

Apollo Automatic Power Penis Pump

Apollo Automatic Power Penis Pump


Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

The Lelo brand has long been synonymous with luxury. Like all their other toys, sleek, flawless design, quiet motors, and innovative technology are the hallmarks of the Hugo Prostate Massager.

Made of soft medical-grade silicone, the Hugo buzzes through six different modes while one motor in the base stimulates the perineum, and the other located in the tip stimulates the prostate. Use the remote control for a hands-free experience, or manually rock the toy in a “come-hither” motion to apply pressure and deliver the most long-lasting, intense orgasm of your life.

lelo hugo silicone prostate massager

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager


Autoblow 2

At first glance, the intense motion and suction of the Autoblow 2 can be intimidating. But this oral sex simulator is bound to be your new best friend. This oral sex simulator began as a crowdfunded project on IndieGoGo- the people spoke!

The Autoblow features spring-loaded beads encased in a realistic flesh-like material that snugly encase the penis and roll up and down to massage and stimulate every sensitive nerve along the shaft. Simply add a few drops of lubricant, plug into the wall, and insert yourself. The Autoblow 2 does all the rest!

Autoblow 2 Men's Masturbator

Autoblow 2 Men's Masturbator


Fun Factory Manta

Those famously technologically-inclined Germans are at it again! The Fun Factory Manta is a powerful men’s vibrator with many uses. The flexible wings of the manta wrap around the shaft of the penis and with a drop of lubricant, provide an array of various pleasure options.

Switch between vibrating patterns and stroke the manta up and down your shaft; or you can cup it around the head while you stroke the shaft with your free hand. You can use the wings to cup the balls- which feels incredible solo, during intercourse, or even while a partner gives you a blowjob. You can also hold the manta at the base of the penis during intercourse to make your penis vibrate and entice both you and your lover. The Manta will kick any type of pleasure play up to the next notch.

Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker

Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker


Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Guybrator

Yes, it’s a GUY-brator. Vibrate your guy! Add a few drops of lube to the Pocket Pulse Guybrator and let the flexible arm wrap around your member to enhance your solo stroking session. This flexible but firm male masturbator will is one of the few toys for men that can be used on a flaccid penis - although once you press the “on” button and feel that vroom, you won’t be flaccid for long! Two motors will make your member jump to attention as the dual motors race to bring you to the finish line.

Hot Octopuss Guybrator

Hot Octopuss Guybrator


Optimale by Doc Johnson Rechargeable Cockring

Like our friend the penis pump, the cock ring has been used by dudes throughout millenia to improve stamina. The snug ring traps blood in the penis to achieve and prolong rock hard erections so you can go all night long.

The Optimale Rechargeable Cockring by Doc Johnson does all the hard work, and more. This one vibrates, bringing rumbling ecstasy to both you and your partner.

The soft silicone is super easy to clean, and it recharges easily with a USB cable. Textured nubs on the bottom of the ring provide extra stimulation and the strategically placed bullet ensures constant contact with your partner as they slide up and down your shaft while seven vibration patterns deliver powerful orgasms to you both again and again.


Optimale by Doc Johnson Rechargeable Cockring


Gentlemen, it’s your time to play. Start your engines because these toys will have you crossing the finish line in no time at all!