morning sex tips and tricks

Morning Sex Makes Your Day Better

Seriously, it does. If you don’t believe us, then you haven’t had the right kind of morning sex yet.

We’re talking about the slightly sweaty and toe-curling AM orgasm kind. The hair pulling and everything exposed in the sunlight kind. The no coffee just pure desire kind. The showing your partner just how much you want them first thing in the morning kind.

Sound good? We thought so.

Keep reading to learn the top reasons to have morning sex, the attractive health benefits it offers, and some Hustler Hollywood-approved morning sex tips (like hopping out of the bed and onto some uniquely designed sex furniture!).

Reasons to Have Sex in the Morning

The number one reason to have sex in the morning is that it’s sex in the morning! Is there a better way to start off your day? We don’t think so. We have you covered if you need a few more reasons to start off your day with a bang (or three).

Testosterone & Estrogen Levels Peak in the Morning

You probably don’t feel your sexiest in the morning (ladies, slip into a babydoll and you will), but your body is 100% at its sexiest in the morning. Estrogen is at its peak in the morning. So is testosterone.

These hormones control sexual desire and pleasure. So, even if it’s difficult to get started, your body will respond once you do. Isn’t science awesome?

You’ll Start Off Your Day the Right Way

Not only is your body primed for morning sex, but your brain is too. We’ll explore this in-depth below, but for now it’s enough to know that a sunrise session helps:

  •      Release endorphins & oxytocin
  •      Reduce stress hormones throughout your brain and body
  •      Boost your immune system
  •      And more!

Need we say more? Okay, okay, here’s one more reason to have sex in the morning.

You Won’t Have to Go to the Gym Later

Want to skip going to the gym after work? Then have sex in the morning. According to The Cut, you can expect to burn a decent amount of calories in different positions, including:  

  • Missionary – burns 143 calories for men & 44 calories for women. It’s also great as an ab workout
  • Doggystyle – burns 151 calories for men & 98 to 118 for women, though you can up those numbers if you go faster
  • Cowgirl – burns zero calories for men & 122 to 172 for women. Squatting on your partner’s you-know-what gives women the maximum calorie burning experience (and feels pretty amazing, too!)

Now that you have NO excuse not to get it on in the morning, let’s look at some of the surprising health benefits of morning sex.

reasons to have morning sex

Some Surprising Health Benefits

Say Hello to Stress Relief

Remember all the great hormonal points we mentioned above? Well, it’s time to get all nerdy on them now.

Morning sex helps to decrease stress hormones in your body. In fact, any type of pleasurable behavior helps to decrease stress hormones and increase your general sense of wellbeing. The way a morning quickie does this, though, is particularly cool.

Sex acts as a way to decrease something called the plasma corticosterone response, which is basically your brain releasing stress hormones into your blood and your body responding to them. This means that you’re less likely to be stressed after sex even if your brain continues to release stress hormones.

Add into the equation the fact that you’re going to have some good morning sex and you get what we in the business like to call a win-win.

You’re Helping Out Your Immune System

A study from 2015 found that having sex boosted women’s immune systems thanks to something called immunoglobulins. This is just a fancy name for antibodies and having morning sex helps increase them!

The study found that sex, in general, helps your immune system fight off bacteria and viruses thanks to this increase in antibodies.

You’ll Look Younger

Having morning sex offers a bunch of benefits for your skin. One study found that sex decreases inflammation, which is an all-around key to looking younger, and staying healthy. Another found that vigorous sex can help you look up to seven years younger.

While scientists aren’t agreed on the exact reason that sex helps you look younger, they all agree that it does.

Alright, science time is over. We’re glad you stayed with us through the health benefits of morning sex and, to say thanks, it’s time to give you some industry insider morning sex tips!

Morning Sex Tips & Tricks

Worried about morning breath? Fear not intrepid morning sexers, we have you covered.

Start by Masturbating Together

It can take a few minutes to get into the morning sex kind of mood. Feeling rushed to hop in the shower, get the kids breakfast, and everything else you need to get to before work doesn’t always make for great sexy time.

So, take things slow! Take a moment to breath, reach down, and touch yourself. Then pull your partner close and touch them too. You already know mutual masturbation is seriously fun, so why not use it as a way to start off your morning romp?

Bonus tip: add a couple’s vibrator into the mix to heat things up.

Worried About Your Breath?

Morning sex tip number two is all about avoiding morning breath. One of the worst parts of waking up, morning breath can kill the mood quicker than almost anything else. It can make having passionate, deep kissing, romantic sex difficult.

The solution? Switch sex in the morning into oral sex in the morning. Get your mouth on your partner’s most intimate parts and bypass morning breath altogether.

Plus, if you do want to give them a kiss during or after, they’ll be so turned on tasting themselves on your lips and tongue (#HOT) that they won’t even be thinking about morning breath.

Bonus tip: try out some flavored lube before going downtown.

health benefits of having morning sex

Try Out New Positions

Sure, cowgirl burns up to 172 calories for women, but what about the brute? Well, we have no idea how many calories you’ll burn, but it looks like A LOT of fun.

Morning sex tip number three is to try out some new positions. Not only does this keep things fresh and spicy in the bedroom (or bathroom, kitchen, living room, wherever), but you can use this to avoid morning breath too! Spooning sex and ‘X marks the spot’ are good choices. So is doggystyle.

Whichever position you pick, you’re sure to have a good time.

Bonus tip: struggle sex.

Congratulations! You’ve officially graduated from Hustler Hollywood’s crash course on sunrise sex. From the top reasons to have morning sex to morning sex health benefits all the way to tricks of the trade, you have all the knowledge you need to get yourself and your partner off before heading to the office.  

With great power comes great responsibility (and with great responsibility cums great orgasms). Hustler’s been helping you embrace your sexuality for decades and now we’re here to help you make sure your sheets are thoroughly drenched. So, make sure you’re well prepared for your morning session before starting. Enjoy!